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Fantastic Homework!

This is a piece of fantastic homework done by Esmae this week. 

We always ask you to produce your best learning when you are doing your homework. 

This is definitely a quality piece of homework. 

Great facts about England, Manchester and New Moston linking to our topic learning.

Homework Grid Spring 1


Hi Sycamore,


I have attached your new homework grid below. 

I really enjoy looking at the homework you do and send to me on Google Classroom. It always makes me smile :)

Thank you for all the hard work you do at home and thank you to your parents for supporting you with homework.

Remember, you choose what you would like to do from the homework grid. We ask that you complete at least 1 task per week, but you can do more if you want. 

I am looking forward to seeing some more fantastic homework!


Mrs Waddell


Today we talked about the meanings of the different parts of a Christingle. 

We made one each and then we lit them, being very careful! 

Christmas Party Day- Father Christmas!

The owl man came in to show us some of his owls and to talk about how special owls are. 

The children loved watching them fly!

Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.


This afternoon we were science investigators. 

We were studying animal poo!

We looked inside the poo to find out what the animals ate. 


A carnivore eats meat, other animals mainly. 

A herbivore eats just plants. 

An omnivore eats plants and meat\animals. 


Have a a look at our photos and what we found in the poo! We had great fun  😁

Reading with parents and carers. 


Today our parents/careers came in to read with us. 

It was so nice to have parents in. It’s been a long time!

we look forward to the next time you can join us. 

Mary Seacole

We have been learning about Mary Seacole.

Today we practiced making herbal remedies as a potion like she did. 

They smelt strange and we decided we wouldn’t want to drink them! 


Google Classroom


We are now putting homework on Google Classroom for the children to complete. 

There would also be learning put onto Google Classroom if the school had to shut due to unforeseen circumstances.

There has been an invitation sent for them to accept and join the classroom. 

Every child has their e mail address and password which they will need to access the classroom in their reading record book. 

I am also attaching a guide to using Google Classroom which will hopefully help you if you are new to this!

If you need any support with this, please contact your child's teacher or me (Mrs Waddell) and one of us can go through this with you. 

There are also useful Read, Write, Inc videos for the children to watch to support their learning in school. 


Remember: we are here to help! 

Mrs Waddell



A helpful guide to Google Classroom

Fantastic Homework!

Super hero mask


They used feathers so their superhero could fly.

They used eyeballs so their superhero could see everywhere. 

They used glitter so their superhero would sparkle.

They used stars so their superhero could reach the stars.


What a lovely piece of homework that I could share with you all :)


Real life heroes


This week we have had a visit from some real life heroes. 

They were: 

John and Lisa our PCSOs

Mrs Waddell our teacher

Sergeant Dickinson a police officer

Vicky and her guide dog Albie 


The children wrote questions to ask our heroes and we all really enjoyed having them in and finding out more about them. 

Super hero biscuits


We designed our Super hero logo and decorated a biscuit with our logo using icing. 

Then we evaluated it and decided what we liked about the design and whether there was anything we would change if we did it again. 

Have a look at our designs. 



Today we did an experiment to show how germs are spread. 

We used glitter and touched each other’s hands. 

The glitter ( germs) spread very quickly! 

It taught us to wash our hands often. 

Welcome back Sycamore Class!


We have had a great first week getting to know each other and our new classroom. 


We have focused much of our learning around the book "Ruby's Worry".

Ruby had a worry that kept getting bigger until... she met a little boy who had a worry. He talked to Ruby about his worry and it got smaller!


We have talked about our worries and that we should always talk to someone if we are worried. 

Here is a link to the story on You Tube, in case you would like to watch it again.


I am looking forward to next week with you and getting to know you even more!


Mrs Waddell :)