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Sycamore Class

Super hero biscuits


We designed our Super hero logo and decorated a biscuit with our logo using icing. 

Then we evaluated it and decided what we liked about the design and whether there was anything we would change if we did it again. 

Have a look at our designs. 



Today we did an experiment to show how germs are spread. 

We used glitter and touched each other’s hands. 

The glitter ( germs) spread very quickly! 

It taught us to wash our hands often. 

Welcome back Sycamore Class!


We have had a great first week getting to know each other and our new classroom. 


We have focused much of our learning around the book "Ruby's Worry".

Ruby had a worry that kept getting bigger until... she met a little boy who had a worry. He talked to Ruby about his worry and it got smaller!


We have talked about our worries and that we should always talk to someone if we are worried. 

Here is a link to the story on You Tube, in case you would like to watch it again.


I am looking forward to next week with you and getting to know you even more!


Mrs Waddell :)