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This week's certificate winners

Well done to Gaurvi, Mia, Llewellyn, Erin, Isla, Yoyo, Emily and Rosy who are all homework heroes this week. 

Thank you for doing your homework. 

Our maths superstar this week was Elton. Great job Elton!

Yoyo, Llewellyn and Isla have worked hard on Reading Eggs this week!

Alana and Rosy have certificates for always trying their best.

Everyone in Sycamore always tries their best-it's so hard to choose each week. So well done everyone in Sycamore for a great week's learning. 


How does Pippa stay healthy?

For our Science topic we have been focusing on how pets stay healthy. Ms Maynard brought Pippa into class so we could ask her questions on how she looks after Pippa and what Pippa needs.

Meeting the ducklings 🐣

Reception have had ducklings which have hatched from their eggs. 

We have been lucky and been to see them today. 

Some of us held them and some of us stroked them. 


Attendance Award Winners

These children have got 100% attendance for the Spring first half term. 

They are Emily, Esia, Ivy, Ella and Erin on the photo as well as David and Tyler. 

Well done to you all. 

It is so important that we are all HEROs ( Here Everyday Ready Ontime). 


Well done to this week’s certificate winners. 

Ivy for always making good choices, Mia for trying hard to improve her handwriting and Hannah for great use of standard measurements in maths this week. 

Farah, Erin and Hannah have also spent time improving their reading skills on Reading Eggs this week. 

World Book Day

All the children dressed as a character from a book for World Book Day. There were some fabulous outfits! 

Our parents/careers joined us at the end of the day and read books with us. 

Knowledge Organiser Spring 2

This knowledge organiser will give you information on what your child will be learning in their next History based block of learning which is titled: "How have Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela helped to make the world a better place?"

You can also see the books they will be reading linked to this and may want to read these with your child at home.

Spring 2 Homework Grid

Below is the Homework Grid for Spring 2 for your child. 

All the instructions and expectations are on the grid.

I can't wait to see what everyone does :)

Hello Yellow Day

Today we could all wear yellow to school to think about Mental Health Awareness. 

As a class we thought about effective strategies to self soothe and self regulate.

We did some yoga together. 

We also enjoyed trying out some different breathing techniques and created a "Hand of Help" on which we wrote ideas that we could use to help ourselves to stay calm and regulated. 


Design and Technology-Polar Scenes

The children have been working really hard on their sewing skills. 

First they designed what their own polar scene would look like after studying what a polar landscape looks like.

They then had a background to which they added sky, water and animals mostly using running stitch. 

It wasn't easy and we needed all of our resilience skills and lots of patience!

The results are good though-have a look at our photos below. 

Weather reporters in Sycamore

We have been learning about the season s in Science. 

To help us remember facts about Summer, the children in Sycamore pretended they were weather reporters and reported about Summer. 

Have a look at our videos.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Music in Sycamore

The children have really mastered keeping in time with the rhythm using a variety of instruments. 

Have a listen! 



Still image for this video

Reading Eggs Champions!

We have looked at the Reading Eggs App together in class this week and these children have all gone home and spent time improving their reading by using the app.

Good job!

Hopefully more of you will use it too. Have fun!

Be a Reading Egg Champion like Praise, Ella, YoYo, Ivy, Isla, Erin, Farah, Gaurvi, Marnie and Mumin.

This week's certificates

Well done to:

Esia who won the handwriting award this week.

Emily who won the teacher's award for hard work giving change.

Rosy for being a reading champion.

Tyler the champion mathematician for great money work.


Also to our homework heroes-Ivy, Erin, Praise, Isla, Rosy, Hannah and Gaurvi.

Are you taller or shorter than an Emperor Penguin?

We have been learning facts about Emperor penguins. 

A male penguin is 1.3 meters tall. 

We measured ourselves against the penguin and decided if we were taller or shorter.

RE-what it is like to worship in a Synagogue

Today we had a visitor in school to talk to us about worshipping in a Synagogue as part of our R.E. learning. 

We looked at items used to help Jewish people carry out their worship in a Synagogue. 

Bagel Girls!

Today we start having Bagels available for our children every morning. 

The kitchen staff are preparing them and they will be ready and waiting for the children in their classes as they arrive.

We hope the children will enjoy the new start to the day.

Happy Monday! :)


This week we have started our learning about E Books in Computing. 

We have logged onto Purple Mash and used the tool 2 Create a Story to draw a character and write about the character. 

Everyone did a great job and you can look at some pictures of them here. 

You could also practice this at home using your Purple Mash password in your Reading Record.

A BIG thanks to our Digital Leaders who helped to put out all the laptops and our passwords and put them away. It made our lesson run much more smoothly. 

Certificate Winners

Well done to Marnie for great handwriting, Yoyo for fantastic money learning, Gaurvi for a big improvement in her reading and Esther for brilliant homework about penguins. 

It's been a fantastic week all round in Sycamore. I am proud of you all!


Certificate Winners!

Well done to Mumin who earnt the Class Teacher certificate this week for joining in much more in lessons and getting involved in his learning. 

Also to Isla who is our champion mathematician and has shown great understanding in our shape learning this week. 

Well done everyone in Sycamore on a great first week back. 

Happy New Year everyone!

100% Attendance

WOW! These children have managed to come to school every day from the start of Year 2 in September up to Christmas holidays. 

Fantastic! Well done!

Tyler, Kunle and Marnie have also been 100% attenders. Well done everyone.


Christmas Jumper Day

Today we have all worn our Christmas Jumpers. 

We all looked great! Very festive and all ready for Christmas! 

Party time!

Today Father Christmas came to visit and made the children's day by giving them all a present!

It was a very special visit :)

Thank you Father Christmas. Sycamore class have been good all year!


The Inn-Spectors Nativity


This year our nativity was based on a story that centered around some inspectors who were inspecting inns to see if they could find one fit for a king. 


The children were all absolute stars and performed incredibly well over the 5 performances. 


Here are some of the performers in their roles.

Design and Technology-Designing a moving teddy

Over the past weeks, the children have been working really hard on their Design and Technology project. 

To link with our History learning on toys, they have made a moving teddy. 

First of all they looked at a variety of teddies so they knew what was needed.

Then they looked at how to create a moving part with levers and pulleys. 

Then the teddy was designed and finally the making began!

The children are really proud of their end product and were able to evaluate the process. 

Reading morning with parents and carers in Sycamore


It was a lovely start to the week to see so many adults supporting the children in Sycamore class with their reading. 


The children definitely enjoyed it and there were lots of happy adults too. 


Thank you for joining us in Sycamore! :)


This week's certificate winners were William for improved handriting. 

Also Alana for reading, Mumin for maths and Lottie for always making good choices. 

Well done everyone!

I am proud of you.


This afternoon, Sycamore were searching the Internet in our Computing lesson. 

The children are great at logging on now and could successfully use Google to search for facts about dinosaurs. 

Great job Sycamore! :)

Children in Need Day!

Parent's Reading Morning

What a great start to a Monday morning!

Today our parents came in to read with us. It was lovely to see so many parents enjoying reading with their child and others. 

Thank you for joining us. We look forward to the next time. :)

This week certificate winners

Well done to Rosy, Ella, Praise and Elton for being this week's certificate winners. 

Have a great half term everyone and see you in a week ready for more learning and fun together!

Show Racism the Red Card!

Today we all dressed in red to "Show racism the red card".

In Sycamore we talked through some situations that might happen and how we would react and try to make the situation better.

Tudor Houses

In design and technology we have made Tudor houses. First of all we looked at the designs of a variety of Tudor houses, we then designed our own house and made it out of clay. 

We left the clay to dry and we have been excited to paint them this week. The final stage in the process is to evaluate our design. 

We have really enjoyed making these and are very proud of them. 

They will be coming home soon!

Painting our Tudor houses

Music in Sycamore

Today we looked at a picture of the Great Fire of London.

We used our bodies and musical instruments to show the tempo of the way the characters would move or to represent their feelings and emotions. 

Have a listen!

The rat scampering.

The old man walking slowly.

The fire flickering.

The sad little girl.

Baking a number line!

Instead of drawing a number line for her homework, Erin made gingerbread heart biscuits and wrote the numbers on in edible ink.

She gave them out to the children in the class and we made a number line form the biscuits. 

They tasted great too!

Fantastic homework

Ella made a model of the houses on fire in the Great Fire of London.

Erin made a picture of the Great Fire of London.

Super home learning! They both went in the proud book! 

Well done! 

This week's certificate winners

Well done to Llewellyn, Esia, Emily and Farah for being worthy of our certificates this week. 

The Great Fire of London

This is what we want to know about the Great Fire of London.

I know we will learn lots of facts and have fun learning them!

This week's certificate winners.

This week we gave out our certificates for reading, maths, handwriting and a superstar. 

Today's winners were Elton, Marnie, Farah and Luna. 

Well done to you all. 

Maybe it will be you next week.

Vocabulary Role Play

The children were remembering the new vocabulary from our book Vlad by acting out the words.

Isla covered her mouth to remember that the plague was contagious and Esia ran quickly to remember the meaning of scampered.

This week’s certificate winners

Well done Mia, Yo Yo, Saif and Isla for getting our certificates this week. 

This week’s certificate winners

Well done to the four children who have really settled in well to Year 2. Erin, Elton, Hannah and Rebecca.

But it’s been a great first week back for everyone!

Well done Sycamore πŸ‘πŸ˜€

Archive 2021-2022

Making ice creams

To finish our topic about the seaside, we invited parents in to make ice creams with us. 

We got to choose our sprinkles and the sauce we wanted.

And we got to eat our ice creams! 

Yum πŸ˜‹!


The children had great fun at the disco. 
Dancing, hot dogs, tuck shop and fun with friends! 

Carnival Day

Today was a day to remember! 
Bouncy castles, inflatable slides, inflatable football darts. 

Popcorn, candy floss, ice cream and slush. 
Children’s entertainer and an airbrush tattoo. 

“The best day ever!” That was what the children thought. Have a look at the photos, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Ice cream or slush? Great on a hot day!

The Entertainer!

Popcorn or candy floss?

Spanish Day πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

Today was Spanish Day. 

The children dressed in red and yellow. 

They did an art activity drawing a face in the style of Picasso- a Spanish artist. 

They also listened to a variety of music, then decided which of the Spanish music they preferred- Sin Rencor or Flamenco. 

They also learnt how to dance the Macarena this afternoon with Senora Craven. 

Picasso Artwork

Music appreciation

Dancing the Macarena 

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

This week we have learning all about The Queen and what a Platinum Jubilee is. 

We made a card for the Queen, had a special lunch and then a tea party where we dressed as royalty or in red, white and blue. 

The children and staff worked hard to make the school look fantastic! 

It was a day to remember. 

Parent’s Celebration 😁

To finish our topic about dinosaurs, we invited our parents and carers in to help us paint the fossils we had made using salt dough. 

We enjoyed the topic and shared our learning by talking to our adults. 

Fossil Workshop

The children all got the chance to be paleontologists today when they learnt the careful skills needed to uncover fossils.

They worked together with the bigger fossils.

The day the dinosaurs visited!

Then we got to meet "real" dinosaurs! 

It was great fun!

The day the dinosaurs came to New Moston!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Rainbow Day

Today we celebrated International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. 

We dressed up in all the colours of the rainbow 

We also did some work around using the term gay in a derogatory way. 

In Sycamore we made rainbow bracelets, made a rainbow and wrote thinking about difference, being proud and what made us happy. 

This week's certificate winners

Well done these children:

Jackson-mathematician certificate

Deborah-reading certificate

Rebeca-class teacher's certificate


But everyone has worked well this week. So well done Sycamore!

I am proud of all of you :)

Mrs Waddell

Visiting the chicks!


This afternoon we went to Reception to see the chicks that have hatched. 

We were able to hold them. 

Look how excited the children are!

It was great!

This week’s Certificate Winners


This week’s proud certificate winners are:

Isla Brooke- reading

Rory- Maths

Phoebe- class certificate

Angela and Sarah- handwriting

Well done to you all!


I wonder who will get the postcard home?

Keep an watch on your post!  


Well done to Rory who achieved his Yellow Belt in martial arts over the Easter holidays!

A great achievement Rory!

We are proud of you.

Parents reading in Sycamore


Thank you to all the parents who joined us to read this afternoon. 


The children love love having you in! 


Parent’s Reading Fairy Tales in Sycamore


We invited our parents in to our class to read Fairy Tales with us as a celebration of our topic: Who was afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. 

We loved reading the fairy tales. 

This week’s certificate winners.

Harry, Isla Brooke and Lachlan are the certificate winners for this week. 

Will you be the lucky one to get the postcard in the post? 


Rock Kidz

Rock Kidz visited our school today. 

They focused on the theme of “Nobody Like Me” and YASBA- You’re Awesome So Be Awesome! 

There was lots of singing and dancing and a dance off between staff. 

A great time was had by all! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

World Maths Day activities in Sycamore


We had fun playing maths games, making shape pictures in the style of Paul Klee, playing “Play Your Cards Right”, going on Times Table Rock Stars in our school competition and writing our own stories in the style of The Hungry Caterpillar. 

It’s been a great day! 

World Maths Day 23/3/22


Today is World Maths Day. 

Below are some ideas of activities you can do at home with your child. 

We hope you enjoy doing some of them.

Inventor Day in Sycamore


As part of out Topic learning we are learning about famous inventors. 

Here are some of the inventors and what they did. 

Reading with parents.

This afternoon parents came into read with their children. 

It was lovely to have parents in and the children really enjoyed it. 

Thank you for coming in. 

World Book Day


Today we dressed as adjectives. 

Take a look at our photos. 

Can you guess which adjective we are?

Homework Grid Spring 2


Hi Sycamore,


I have attached your new homework grid below. 

I really enjoy looking at the homework you do and send to me on Google Classroom. It always makes me smile :)

Thank you for all the hard work you do at home and thank you to your parents for supporting you with homework.

Remember, you choose what you would like to do from the homework grid. We ask that you complete at least 1 task per week, but you can do more if you want. 

I am looking forward to seeing some more fantastic homework!


Mrs Waddell

Year 2 maths knowledge organiser


Please have a look at the attached knowledge organiser for maths to help you with your child's maths learning. 

We will also be sending one of these home for you. 

Making Fruit Kebabs


We did some Design and Technology this week as a final part to our topic learning. 

We thought about fruits from Africa and the UK and decided which fruits we would want to use to make our kebabs. 

We planned our design and at the end evaluated the finished product. 

The children learnt how to use knives properly and the hygiene when using food.

Have a look at our photos. 

African Sunsets


This week we have worked patiently to weave paper in the colours of a sunset and put a silhouette of an African animal on it to create our own African sunset pictures. 

African Drums


Yesterday, Rome came to school to do an African drumming workshop with us.

He showed us different instruments and talked about what they were made off and where they what country they originated from.

We practised singing first and then used these songs to help us play the rhythms on the drums. 

It was a great day and we enjoyed doing “rumble” where we all played the drums loudly together and “rain” where we played the drums quietly.

Have a look at the photos and videos to see how great we were at African drumming.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Continents Coat Hangers


As part of our topic we have been learning about the continents, what the climate is like there and facts about the continents. 


The children loved doing doing this and were very proud of their finished result. 

Fantastic Homework!

This is a piece of fantastic homework done by Esmae this week. 

We always ask you to produce your best learning when you are doing your homework. 

This is definitely a quality piece of homework. 

Great facts about England, Manchester and New Moston linking to our topic learning.

Homework Grid Spring 1


Hi Sycamore,


I have attached your new homework grid below. 

I really enjoy looking at the homework you do and send to me on Google Classroom. It always makes me smile :)

Thank you for all the hard work you do at home and thank you to your parents for supporting you with homework.

Remember, you choose what you would like to do from the homework grid. We ask that you complete at least 1 task per week, but you can do more if you want. 

I am looking forward to seeing some more fantastic homework!


Mrs Waddell


Today we talked about the meanings of the different parts of a Christingle. 

We made one each and then we lit them, being very careful! 

Christmas Party Day- Father Christmas!



The owl man came in to show us some of his owls and to talk about how special owls are. 

The children loved watching them fly!

Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.


This afternoon we were science investigators. 

We were studying animal poo!

We looked inside the poo to find out what the animals ate. 


A carnivore eats meat, other animals mainly. 

A herbivore eats just plants. 

An omnivore eats plants and meat\animals. 


Have a a look at our photos and what we found in the poo! We had great fun  πŸ˜

Reading with parents and carers. 


Today our parents/careers came in to read with us. 

It was so nice to have parents in. It’s been a long time!

we look forward to the next time you can join us. 

Mary Seacole

We have been learning about Mary Seacole.

Today we practiced making herbal remedies as a potion like she did. 

They smelt strange and we decided we wouldn’t want to drink them! 


Google Classroom


We are now putting homework on Google Classroom for the children to complete. 

There would also be learning put onto Google Classroom if the school had to shut due to unforeseen circumstances.

There has been an invitation sent for them to accept and join the classroom. 

Every child has their e mail address and password which they will need to access the classroom in their reading record book. 

I am also attaching a guide to using Google Classroom which will hopefully help you if you are new to this!

If you need any support with this, please contact your child's teacher or me (Mrs Waddell) and one of us can go through this with you. 

There are also useful Read, Write, Inc videos for the children to watch to support their learning in school. 


Remember: we are here to help! 

Mrs Waddell



A helpful guide to Google Classroom

Fantastic Homework!

Super hero mask


They used feathers so their superhero could fly.

They used eyeballs so their superhero could see everywhere. 

They used glitter so their superhero would sparkle.

They used stars so their superhero could reach the stars.


What a lovely piece of homework that I could share with you all :)


Real life heroes


This week we have had a visit from some real life heroes. 

They were: 

John and Lisa our PCSOs

Mrs Waddell our teacher

Sergeant Dickinson a police officer

Vicky and her guide dog Albie 


The children wrote questions to ask our heroes and we all really enjoyed having them in and finding out more about them. 

Super hero biscuits


We designed our Super hero logo and decorated a biscuit with our logo using icing. 

Then we evaluated it and decided what we liked about the design and whether there was anything we would change if we did it again. 

Have a look at our designs. 



Today we did an experiment to show how germs are spread. 

We used glitter and touched each other’s hands. 

The glitter ( germs) spread very quickly! 

It taught us to wash our hands often.