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Rodeo bull

Rodeo bull 1
Rodeo bull 2
Rodeo bull 3
Rodeo bull 4
Rodeo bull 5
Rodeo bull 6
Rodeo bull 7
Rodeo bull 8
Rodeo bull 9
Rodeo bull 10
Rodeo bull 11
Rodeo bull 12
Rodeo bull 13
Rodeo bull 14
Rodeo bull 15
Rodeo bull 16
Rodeo bull 17
Rodeo bull 18
Rodeo bull 19
Rodeo bull 20
Rodeo bull 21
Rodeo bull 22
Rodeo bull 23

Today, 5R had a wild time on the rodeo bull as a hook for our new topic ‘Is Spain just for the holidays?’ 

Creepy critters!

Creepy critters! 1
Creepy critters! 2
Creepy critters! 3
Creepy critters! 4
Creepy critters! 5
Creepy critters! 6
Creepy critters! 7
Creepy critters! 8
Creepy critters! 9
Creepy critters! 10
Creepy critters! 11

As a hook for our new topic, 5R spent their morning around some creepy crawlers! They observed the behaviours of locusts, grasshoppers, beetles, worms and crickets and completed observational drawings. This links in to our new topic ‘Evolution and Inheritance’. 

Invasion games - PE

Invasion games - PE 1
Invasion games - PE 2

In PE, 5R have been working on their throwing and catching skills to play invasion games in teams. They have been practising their chest pass, shoulder pass and bounce pass skills to get the ball to their team mates. 

Easter garden winner!

Easter garden winner! 1

The winner of the Easter garden competition is......


Mrs Mitchell noticed how much hard work and effort Josh put into his garden and I think you’ll agree that the outcome was fantastic.

The standard was incredibly high so well done to everybody who entered.

Easter egg design winner!

Easter egg design winner! 1

The winner of the Easter egg design competition was........


She took the time to carefully decorate her egg in beautiful colours.


Thank you to everybody who entered and contributed £1 to school funding.

Science circus!

Science circus! 1
Science circus! 2
Science circus! 3
Science circus! 4
Science circus! 5
Science circus! 6
Science circus! 7
Science circus! 8
Science circus! 9
Science circus! 10
Science circus! 11
Science circus! 12
Science circus! 13
Science circus! 14
Science circus! 15
Science circus! 16

Today, the children had a visit from the science circus!

They watched some excellent tricks involving balancing, riding a unicycle, fire eating, juggling and many more. They learned about the forces involved in each of these tricks and what it takes to be a good scientist; fair and repeat testing, creating a hypothesis, observations etc.

The children had a go at balancing a peacock feather on various parts of their body and balancing spinning plates. 


Spaceport! 1
Spaceport! 2
Spaceport! 3
Spaceport! 4
Spaceport! 5
Spaceport! 6
Spaceport! 7

The children in 5R visited Spaceport where they experienced life beyond the stars. They whizzed through space on an interactive simulator ride and became fully immersed in other planets through a space dome show. 

Thank you to everybody who contributed to this trip for making this possible.

Papier-mâché masks!

Papier-mâché masks! 1
Papier-mâché masks! 2
Papier-mâché masks! 3
Papier-mâché masks! 4
Papier-mâché masks! 5

This week, 5R have been creating papier-mâché masks of different characters from their Theseus and the Minotaur playscript. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

5R became scientists!

5R became scientists! 1
5R became scientists! 2
5R became scientists! 3
5R became scientists! 4
5R became scientists! 5
5R became scientists! 6
5R became scientists! 7
5R became scientists! 8
5R became scientists! 9
5R became scientists! 10
5R became scientists! 11
5R became scientists! 12
5R became scientists! 13
5R became scientists! 14
5R became scientists! 15
5R became scientists! 16
5R became scientists! 17
5R became scientists! 18
5R became scientists! 19

Today, the children in 5R became scientists in Co-op Academy North Manchester. They used a lots of scientific apparatus and methods to separate rock, sand and salt. The children behaved so well and were incredibly safe during the session - well done everyone!

Mythical beast creation!

Mythical beast creation! 1
Mythical beast creation! 2
Mythical beast creation! 3
Mythical beast creation! 4
Mythical beast creation! 5
Mythical beast creation! 6
Mythical beast creation! 7
Mythical beast creation! 8
Mythical beast creation! 9
Mythical beast creation! 10
Mythical beast creation! 11
Mythical beast creation! 12
Mythical beast creation! 13
Mythical beast creation! 14

In year 5, the children are learning about Greek myths and legends. After reading a variety of myths, the children were given their opportunity today to create their own mythical beast as a villain in their writing. They labelled their beast’s strengths and weaknesses and gave it a name. Please see the above pictures. 

Tea and hot chocolate for the HEROs

Tea and hot chocolate for the HEROs 1
Tea and hot chocolate for the HEROs 2

Today, 5R received a reward from Mrs Sayle for a massive improvement in attendance and punctuality - we were the best in the whole school! They were treated to toast and hot chocolate in the morning.