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Good morning!  


Today we would like you to complete your letter for your new teacher, edit it and send it to us via email please.  We will then forward this on to your new teacher.


In art today we would like you to work through the PowerPoint and then attempt your own art work in the same style.  Think carefully about the pose of each figure and the bright colours which you plan to use.


As always we would love to see your work!


Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch

Good morning Year 5.


Today we would like you to write a letter to your new teacher.  remember you need to write an introduction saying what you are called and which class you are currently in.  Then in each paragraph include information on the following:

- What subjects you like and why

- Which subjects you find tricky and how your adults can support you

- Hobbies and interests outside of school

- Any worries which you have about Year 6

- Any additional information

Remember how to end your letter too.

You may wish to include pictures, photographs - you choose!


If you email your completed letters to us, we will forward them onto your new teacher.


We have also attached an outer and inner self portrait for you to complete.  On the outer self draw your face, on the inner self draw your interests.  Make it colourful.  Look at the example one to help you!


Looking forward to seeing your work!


Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch

Today we want you to use your plan from yesterday and the Wagoll to write your own report on your elf.  Focus on using a good range of adjectives, noun phrases, different conjunctions and a variety of sentence openers.  If you wish to type your work then this is fine.


In Topic today you will be looking at the artist known as Banksy.  His style is very different to other artists and he is very mysterious.  We then want you to create your own art work focusing on thanking key workers.  


Looking forward to seeing your work as always.


Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch

Welcome to your last week in Year 5 - we can't believe it!  In Literacy today you need to use your work from Thursday and Friday to plan your elf report.  Then have a go at writing your introduction.  Use the wagoll texts from last week to help you get started!  


There is a numeracy test for you to work through and mark yourself! 


In Topic we are looking at the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  Look at the PowerPoint first and then use the second PowerPoint to draw a portrait of her.  Think carefully about your proportion.  Enjoy!!


Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch xx

Happy Friday!!


Today in Literacy you will design your elf and draw it in the box.  Using the second description, highlight words which you wish to magpie and use next week.


In your topic work, look at the mask designs for the Mexican festival Day of the Dead.  You can add colour to one of the designs, adapt it or design your own! 


Have fun! Have a good weekend and stay safe!


Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch

Today your task in Literacy is to reorder the sequence of the information so that it flows correctly on the second sheet.  Then in the next activity you need to create your own cave elf and create a passport for your character.  Look at the example to help you.


In our Mexico topic, you need to look at the PowerPoint about Day of the Dead festival.  Then create your own PowerPoint, poster, leaflet - the choice is yours- and send it to us.  If you watch some of the film Coco this may help you as it is based on the festival and how it is celebrated across Mexico!

Good morning!  Today in Literacy look at the PowerPoint and then record six things which might be found in a cave elf's knapsack.  Then look back at the text from Monday and pinch any words or opened which you would like to steal to put in your work later on this week!


In your topic work we are looking at Mexican food.  Look at the menu provided and create your own menu for a Mexican restaurant!  You might even cook some Mexican food at home in the next week!  


Happy Tuesday!  Today in Literacy you will be continuing to develop the work which you started yesterday.  Look at the PowerPoint and then complete activities three and four.  In your topic work, look at the PowerPoint and then complete some mapping skills by adding locations on the map of Mexico.  Use Google Earth too and look at where Mexico is in comparison with other locations!




Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch

Good morning Year 5.  This week we have attached the work which the Year 5 children who are attending school will be completing.  In English we are completing some work from Pie Corbett and in Topic we are learning all about Mexico.  Look at the PowerPoints before looking at the worksheets.  You may need to use the internet to help you with your Mexico facts today!  Remember to email your work to us!


Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch 

Friday 3rd July - Maths Watch this video, then complete the time activities below. 

Wednesday and Thursday 01-02/07/20 - English

Become a sport journalist!!!

Go to The Premier League link here:


Watch the video and write your own match report. You can plan it on the Wednesday and write it on Thursday.

Tuesday 30/06/20 Reading Inference - Work through the PowerPoint and complete the activities

Monday & Tuesday 29-30/06/20 Maths - Please complete Tests A&B - Answers are at the end!

Monday English 29/06/20 - Please complete this Reading Comprehension

Friday 26th June


Today is a different challenge!  I want you to create a top 10 list of places which you would love to visit and say why.  Tell me which country it is in and even which continent.  You may wish to include pictures too.  Set is out as a poster, a leaflet, a PowerPoint, a video - the choice is yours!!  I can't wait to see what you include!


Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch

Thursday 25th June


Today's maths work is to finish off yesterdays work.  I have also attached some multiplication facts songs, as it is so important that you know these off by heart in Year 6!  Choose one or two which you are struggling with and see if the songs help you to remember them!


This week in Literacy you have created a facts sheet on a marine animal of your choice and completed a comprehension on plastic pollution.  Your task is to write a letter to humans as if you are a marine animal asking people to stop polluting the oceans.  Watch the video to gain some ideas, however I want a strong and passionate letter!  Think about persuasive language, a variety of sentence openers and punctuation marks for impact!  Looking forward to reading these Year 5!


Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch

Dear Humans - a Letter from Marine Creatures; video by 4th graders!

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9 Times Table set to Ed Sheeran's Shape of You

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8 Times Table Song (Cover of Rolling In The Deep by Adele)

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Copy of 7 times table set to Adele's Hello

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6 Times Table Song (Cover of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift!)

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3 Times Table set to Moana's How Far I'll Go

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Morning!  Today we have a reading comprehension for you on a topic we are very good at - plastic pollution.  If you can not print off the answer booklet, then write the correct answers on a sheet of paper.  In Maths there are 66 questions - complete half today and half tomorrow, but if you want to complete them all today and have a rest day tomorrow then go for it!

Message you tomorrow!

Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch

Good morning everybody!

It looks like it will be a lovely day today, so try to complete your tasks first thing and then you can enjoy the sunshine!  Remember to email your work to us!

Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch

Happy Monday!!  Today's tasks are very tasty indeed.  As June is National Sweet Month we would like you to design your own sweet.  Use the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to inspire you.  Read more about your task using the link above.  Your maths task involves applying your arithmetic skills to crack the codes.  We are looking forward to seeing your work, remember to email it to us on our new email address! 


Mrs Buckley and Mr Kinch

Hello everyone. 


I hope you're all having a fanstastic weekend - the sun is out after a miserable week! 


It was lovely to speak to so many children and parents this week. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get hold of everyone but I did leave messages on mobiles where possible. 


If you would like me to give you a call next week, please send an email to:


Tell me what day and time would suit you best and I'll try my best - Monday and Tuesday are the best days for me. I'll be phoning everyone again from 29th June. smiley.


Stay safe and be kind. 

Dear Parents/Carers,


As we obviously can't have our class photos this year Mrs Hindle is putting together a class photo for each class as a lasting memory of this time!


If you would like to have your child added to their class photo I need you to send a head shot (from the shoulders up) of your child to:

(By doing this you are giving your consent to share your child's photo with other parents.)


I would need these no later than FRIDAY 19TH JUNE!


There is no uniform to the image you send just a clear smiling head shot! (Please no snapchat style filters!)


Thank you 

New 5K Class Email address. 


As promised, I now have a class email address for you to ask questions about your work, or send work to me to have a look at. I'll try my best to respond as quickly as I can, and I can also discuss your work when I give you a call!


Home Learning for the Week Commencing 15th June 2020


Hello everyone. I hope everyone is keeping safe and being kind to their friends and families. 


Please find below all of the work for this coming week smiley


Mr Kinch and Mrs Buckley

Hello there!

Hope you’re all well!

As you now know, Mr Partington is leaving us in July.

We would like to make a video for him. It would be brilliant if the children could record a short message for him, no longer than 15 seconds please!

In addition to this we’d like to make Mr Partington a book of memories.  If you have a special memory of him please send to us!

Memories and videos to be sent in for Tuesday 30th June to...

Thank you 

June 9th 2020


Hello everyone! I hope you're all keeping safe and well and that you're enjoying quality family time. It was lovely to speak to everyone a few weeks ago, and I'll be phoning everyone again in the coming days and weeks. 


From now on, I'll be putting your work here on the 5K blog site and very soon, you'll be able to email me with any questions which is very 21st Century and very exciting. 


Please find the work below. Please note that the Arithmetic Test for Thursday is now attached separately. 

5K update - 2nd April 2020


Hello everyone! I hope everyone is safe and well, AND reading at least 3 times a week - there are no excuses at the moment! 


I hope you're not too bored and you're finding time to do some of the activities which were sent home. There are plenty more activities online you could do - Google is your friend! Mrs Buckley has kindly put some more work together for you to do based around our WW2 topic. 


I miss you all - you're far better behaved than my youngest. Here is a picture of him after he was 'given the wrong spoon' at breakfast this morning. 



I took my older boys outside into the front garden with some chalk and did this to show our appreciation to everyone who is still out and about working to keep us safe and fed. We watched out the window and saw some passers-by smiling and taking pictures of it, and that made us happy. 



Please everyone be safe, smile, and be kind to your family. 


See you all soon. 


Mr Kinch and Mrs Johnson x


For parents:

If you need to contact school please use the following email address:


And for any pastoral needs please email:


Tatton Park Trip - January 2020

Mental Health Day - October 2019


Rodeo bull

Today, 5R had a wild time on the rodeo bull as a hook for our new topic ‘Is Spain just for the holidays?’ 

Creepy critters!

As a hook for our new topic, 5R spent their morning around some creepy crawlers! They observed the behaviours of locusts, grasshoppers, beetles, worms and crickets and completed observational drawings. This links in to our new topic ‘Evolution and Inheritance’. 

Invasion games - PE

In PE, 5R have been working on their throwing and catching skills to play invasion games in teams. They have been practising their chest pass, shoulder pass and bounce pass skills to get the ball to their team mates. 

Easter garden winner!

The winner of the Easter garden competition is......


Mrs Mitchell noticed how much hard work and effort Josh put into his garden and I think you’ll agree that the outcome was fantastic.

The standard was incredibly high so well done to everybody who entered.

Easter egg design winner!

The winner of the Easter egg design competition was........


She took the time to carefully decorate her egg in beautiful colours.


Thank you to everybody who entered and contributed £1 to school funding.

Science circus!

Today, the children had a visit from the science circus!

They watched some excellent tricks involving balancing, riding a unicycle, fire eating, juggling and many more. They learned about the forces involved in each of these tricks and what it takes to be a good scientist; fair and repeat testing, creating a hypothesis, observations etc.

The children had a go at balancing a peacock feather on various parts of their body and balancing spinning plates. 


The children in 5R visited Spaceport where they experienced life beyond the stars. They whizzed through space on an interactive simulator ride and became fully immersed in other planets through a space dome show. 

Thank you to everybody who contributed to this trip for making this possible.

Papier-mâché masks!

This week, 5R have been creating papier-mâché masks of different characters from their Theseus and the Minotaur playscript. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

5R became scientists!

Today, the children in 5R became scientists in Co-op Academy North Manchester. They used a lots of scientific apparatus and methods to separate rock, sand and salt. The children behaved so well and were incredibly safe during the session - well done everyone!

Mythical beast creation!

In year 5, the children are learning about Greek myths and legends. After reading a variety of myths, the children were given their opportunity today to create their own mythical beast as a villain in their writing. They labelled their beast’s strengths and weaknesses and gave it a name. Please see the above pictures. 

Tea and hot chocolate for the HEROs

Today, 5R received a reward from Mrs Sayle for a massive improvement in attendance and punctuality - we were the best in the whole school! They were treated to toast and hot chocolate in the morning.