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Seedlings and Saplings Class

Drop off and pick up


After listening carefully to feedback from parents and carers the procedures for drop off in the morning have changed. ONE parent/carer can now come on to the school grounds at the start of the day with their child. You can walk them upto their class door. 

The start time for FS1 is 9.15am and home time is 3.15pm.


  These timings apply from 21st September 2020 until then please follow your child’s transition timetable.


The letter from our Headteacher about these changes can be found below.


Thank you for your continued support 😊

Food Policies


As a Manchester Healthy School we are committed to supporting our children to be happy and healthy.  The policies below are for Packed Lunches and Food in School. 

Please refer to these when packing your child's lunch.  


Thank you

Ms Rashid

Starting School 


All of the children who have been given a place in NMPS FS1 will start school on Monday 7th September.  All of the children are in one of four transition groups; A, B, C or D.  You will have received a letter in the post outlining the group your child is in and a timetable that explains the timings of their two week transition into full time FS1.


On Monday 7th September, ONE parent or carer will be allowed onto the school premises to walk their child into the FS1 Playground.  The children will then be taken into FS1 Saplings or FS1 Seedlings by the FS1 staff. 

From Tuesday 8th September, the children will be met at the big blue gates by all FS1 staff to welcome them into school. Your child will need a named  water bottle and a spare change of clothes in a named bag which can be left in school on their peg.


From Monday 21st September, we intend for all our FS1 children to be in school everyday.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on


Enjoy the long weekend!


Take care,


Ms Rashid