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A story to read at home with your adult ready for coming back to school :)

Today,  the children in school and at home made rainbows to say a BIG thank you. They  made their rainbows for all the critical workers who are helping us. Just look at some of Chestnuts fantastic artwork. 👩🏽‍🎨👨🏻‍🎨🖌

A poem about Pippa

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Today, we helped Miss Brown to write a poem about Pippa our school dog. We had to think carefully about words that rhyme. Then we made up some actions for our poem. Check out our video!

Autumn 2

Almost time to come back to school. I hope you have had a great week off. When we return we will be looking at some poetry and riddles!


Can you solve these?


What has hands and a face but cant hold anything or smile?


It belongs to you but your friends use it more?


I have a tail and a head but no body. What am I?


smiley See you all Tuesday. Miss Brown 

Look at Jason's fantastic picture and facts about The Great Fire of London!

Today's remote learning superstar is Jude! Super sentence sorting. Jude could say all of his phase 2 sounds when he found them around the house :)

A super job at sorting those sentences Lexis!

Lexis is confident with all her phase 2 sounds :)


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Here are some of our addition posters...

Today's remote learning superstar is Lochlan! Look at all the features of a diary entry he found and his fab addition sums.

Emalee has been using objects from around the house to help her complete today's maths task. Super!

Jemima has been a maths superstar today. Very impressed!

Today's remote learning superstar is Lexis! She has been using the 'Part, part, whole' model to add two numbers together and remembered to use her secret yoga code word. Well done!


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How fab does this look? Great work with today's English task.

Today's remote learning superstar is Jake! Great to see you sounding out your own spellings. Well done!

Check out today's home learning superstar!

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Isla showing us 'one more' and 'one less' on her number line and explaining it in full sentences. Fantastic!

Check out our Tudor houses! Just like the ones from The Great Fire of London.

Hi Chestnut Class!


Here is your homework grid. Please complete a task by Thursday each week. The first piece is due by Thursday 1st October. Please send this to the class email address which can be found on the document. 


I hope you like being able to choose which task you would like to do each week. 


Miss Brown smiley

Homework Grid Autumn 1

Look what I have been reading! I can't wait to share this story with you in September. I hope you're having a lovely holiday. See you soon. Miss Brown :)