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Hi 3R!


I hope you are all well and not missing coming to school too much. Myself and Miss Hewlett are in contact regularly talking about how we miss you all so much and want things to go back to normal. 


I hope you are enjoying completing your home learning and challenging yourselves to learn outside of school. I know this isn't an easy time but try your best with everything - that's all I ever ask! Think of the positives and know that we will get through this. One positive for me is that I will have a very clean house at the end of this! 


In the meantime, stay safe, try to get some exercise if you can, be kind like you always are and think of how difficult this is for everyone so be good at home! 


For parents:

If you need to contact school please use the following email address


And for any pastoral needs please email


Keep safe!


Love Miss Robinson and Miss Hewlett.

The water cycle

The water cycle 1

We had Jayne from United Utilities come to school to teach the children all about the water cycle. What fun we had!

We made torches!

We made torches! 1
We made torches! 2
We made torches! 3

I see angles all around me!

I see angles all around me! 1
I see angles all around me! 2
I see angles all around me! 3
I see angles all around me! 4
I see angles all around me! 5
I see angles all around me! 6
I see angles all around me! 7

3R have done some incredible learning on angles this week! 

Mad Science!

Mad Science! 1
Mad Science! 2
Mad Science! 3
Mad Science! 4
Mad Science! 5
Mad Science! 6
Mad Science! 7

Inquisitive Indie from Mad Science came into school to do some exciting learning with the children! 

Roman soldier visit!

Roman soldier visit! 1
Roman soldier visit! 2

We had a Roman Soldier visit our school. He taught everyone lots about life as a Roman and let everybody practise different shield formations. It was great fun!

Remembrance day

Remembrance day 1
Remembrance day 2
Remembrance day 3
Remembrance day 4
Remembrance day 5

To celebrate Remembrance Day, the children of 3R created artwork around the subject of poppies and wrote acrostic poems using key words such as soldiers, remembrance, poppies, etc.

Parent Celebration - Islamic artwork

Parent Celebration - Islamic artwork  1
Parent Celebration - Islamic artwork  2
Parent Celebration - Islamic artwork  3
Parent Celebration - Islamic artwork  4
Parent Celebration - Islamic artwork  5

We had a topic celebration as we came to the end of our study of skeletons, food groups and Islam. The children have learnt so much and they were keen to show it off! Thank you so much to all of the adults who came to support their learning in school. Comments from parents were very positive including:

“I enjoyed coming in to see the children’s learning,”

”It was great to have the children’s learning shared with us,”

“I like seeing the learning environment,”

“The session was linked to the current theme and was made into a practical activity,”

Thank you all for coming and for your ongoing support, the children really enjoyed you all coming in. 

Yellow day

Yellow day 1
Yellow day 2
Yellow day 3
Yellow day 4
Yellow day 5

On yellow day, the children all dressed in yellow to support mental health awareness. We created mental health super heroes, designed comic strips, took part in a live lesson and read stories about mental health.

Sharing division

Sharing division 1
Sharing division 2

In numeracy this week, year 3 have begun to learn about division which started with the difficult task of sharing some sweets!


PE 1
PE 2
PE 3
PE 4

3R have been working really hard in PE to learn different types of passes and use them in games.

How do we survive in different biomes?

How do we survive in different biomes? 1
How do we survive in different biomes? 2
How do we survive in different biomes? 3
How do we survive in different biomes? 4
How do we survive in different biomes? 5

We have been learning about different biomes around the world, e.g. rainforests, deserts, tundra, grasslands etc. We have looked at the climates and decided what type of clothing would be appropriate, what animals we may come across and what items we might need to survival.

3R had some really good ideas!