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In English this week, we have been delving into the emotions and thoughts characters have in our current class text 'War Games'. We focused on the four main characters (Will, Freddie, Billy and Lacey) and thought about not only how they would be feeling when they signed up to the war but how their mums would have reacted once they had been told! We created freeze frames to show the emotions each boy and their mum would have felt.
It has really helped us gain an understanding of the characters and how this effects their actions throughout the rest of the book :) 

Learning about and creating Christingles!

Stars of the Week 10.12.21

My star of the week is Keeva for her fantastic effort and contribution. She always puts 100% into her work and should be so proud :) 
My handwriting award couldn't go to anyone else this week! Frankie has pushed himself so hard to improve his handwriting and it is such a pleasure to see the pride he has in it! 

Parents reading morning! :)

What would life be like if Germany had won WW2?

We are all really looking forward to starting our new topic focusing on WW2!
We also have a fantastic set of fiction and non-fiction books that fit our topic - we are all really interested in reading new and wonderful information all about WW2 :)

Children in Need!

Work that makes us proud!

It is so lovely to keep adding to the board! Everyone is working extreemly proud and should be very proud of themselves :) 

The Day of Ahmed's Secret

This week, we have read 'The Day of Ahmed's Secret' by Florance Parry Hide and Judith Heide Gilliland, with illustrations by Ted Lewin

" Trucks and donkeys, cars and camels, carts and buses... the bustling streets of Cairo are exciting, but today Ahmed will share his secret, which is even more exciting."


We thought it was a very interesting book and had lots of discussion on Ahmed's secret as it suprised a lot of us in the class! 

Rememberance Day!

Charlie brought in his great grandads WW2 medals and information. It was lovely to share and note the bravery of our family members who have fought in different wars and the medals Charlie's great grandfather was awarded! We were proud to share his memory!

Stars of the Week! 

This week I have had the pleasure of giving out three handwriting pens! Well done to Abigail, Daisy and Jacob! They have all thought carefully about their handwriting and have been working very hard to improve it :) 

My Teacher Award this week goes to Bonnie, he has been working extremely hard and should be very proud with the work he has produced this half term! :) 

Our amazing football team won!

Come cook with me?

Linking to our science lessons - properties and changes in materials - we have been thinking carefully about irreversible and reversible changes. We made cupcakes, carefully mixing all the ingredients together and once cooked, thinking carefully if we could now seperate any. The only thing we noticed that could be seperated was the chocolate chips as they were solid! 
It was very fun and the smell in the classroom was delightful! They even tasted great too :) 

Our JLT representative - Holly Ball! 

Holly has been voted as our JLT representative for Rowan Class! She will be thinking and listening to ideas on what we would like to see in school and meeting with JLT once a week. Well done Holly! :) 

Can a disaster be turned into something beautiful?

In art this week, we have been focusing on our shading skills and how this can affect the lightness of a piece and create a 3D effect. Everyone did a super job practicing in their sketch books before creating beautiful final pieces. I am extremely proud of all the effort that everyone has put in! 

Meet our Eco Warriors! 

Jack and Annalise are our Eco Warriors for Rowan Class! They will be ensuring we are being mindful on the amount of paper we use and checking everyone is recycling! 



How can we separate materials?

In science, we have been thinking carefully about how to separate different materials that have been mixed together, including the solution of salt and water. We thought carefully about evaporation, sieving, filtering, decanting, magnetism and made predictions. 



Science experiment!


In topic this week, we have been learning about properties of materials! As a class, we learnt all about absorbency and when we would need absorbent materials.
We planned and created a fair investigation about which materials were absorbent. We had to think carefully about ensuring we use the same amount of water for each material and have the same size material. 
We wrote down our observations and ordered them from most absorbent to least absorbent. :)




Stars of the week - week 2 


I am so so impressed with the effort of each and every member of Rowan Class this week! Everybody has worked very hard!
I have two handwriting awards with week. Both Goodluck and Emily have such beautiful handwriting and got their handwriting pens! 
My teacher award goes to Evie-Rose for fantastic effort and participation throughout all lesson! Well done :) 



Work that makes us proud

It is always lovely to see how proud everyone is of their work. A big shout out to Frankie, Ryan and Jacob who produced fantastic letters in the point of view of someone escaping Pompeii. I wonder what can be added to the wall next week...



First week back - Stars of the week 


It has been a fantastic start to the school year with everyone working hard and trying their best. I have been very impressed with the dedication to learning and I can't wait to get to know you all more in the coming weeks. :)
It was very difficult to pick stars of the week but well done to Frankie for working extremely hard and trying to answer lots of questions and my handwriting award is to Abigail who worked beautifully in her handwriting book!