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Rowan Class

We sculpted and painted birds in the style of the Martin Brothers.

Art- We were creating sculptures in the style of the Martin brothers.

Gulliver's World

On Friday, the children had the opportunity to cheer on the cyclists in a baton relay which raises awareness to help stop climate change. The whole relay is 2436 km long and goes from Ben Nevis to Big Ben.

Sports Day

Empathy Day - We created empathy maps to help us think about our and others’ emotions.

We explored using clay in Art. We will be working towards making a sculpture.

We went on the train to Manchester to do surveys for Geography.

Science investigation- air resistance

This week we talked about gravity. We dropped different objects to see which would reach the ground first. We thought about why this was, and learned a little bit about air resistance. We will be thinking more about air resistance next week.

Rowan's Super Readers!

Congratulations to Faith, our class winner, for her beautiful Easter egg design!

For World Maths Day, we looked at symmetry and created the Waldorf star by combining our maths and art skills.

In Science, we are learning about light. We acted out how we see things because of the way that light travels. We also used mirrors, a torch, and paper tubes to explore how light reflects.

In art, we used watercolours to create colour wheels.

Well done to Emilia for completing your reading bookmark. Enjoy reading your new book!

We enjoyed making taquitos in DT.

This week in Design and Technology, we evaluated different foods using our senses. The children enjoyed some foods more than others!

Welcome back to the new term. This term our main topic is "Can any good come out of war?" We will be learning about: Germany’s invasion of Poland  which caused France and Britain to go to war with them, 

how many children were evacuated from cities to live in the country side, due to transport issues, all food was rationed and many people started to grow their own food.

We will be using the book Goodnight Mr Tom as part of our English lessons and Whole Class Reading to support us with our understanding of war. 

Please take a look at our Topic Plan. 

Christmas week fun!

In RE we've been learning what Christians believe about forgiveness. We used our acting skills to do freeze frames from two parables Jesus told about forgiveness.

Practising our team building skills in PE

Geography: Learning different map symbols