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Rowan Class

Stars of the week - week 2 


I am so so impressed with the effort of each and every member of Rowan Class this week! Everybody has worked very hard!
I have two handwriting awards with week. Both Goodluck and Emily have such beautiful handwriting and got their handwriting pens! 
My teacher award goes to Evie-Rose for fantastic effort and participation throughout all lesson! Well done :) 



Work that makes us proud

It is always lovely to see how proud everyone is of their work. A big shout out to Frankie, Ryan and Jacob who produced fantastic letters in the point of view of someone escaping Pompeii. I wonder what can be added to the wall next week...



First week back - Stars of the week 


It has been a fantastic start to the school year with everyone working hard and trying their best. I have been very impressed with the dedication to learning and I can't wait to get to know you all more in the coming weeks. :)
It was very difficult to pick stars of the week but well done to Frankie for working extremely hard and trying to answer lots of questions and my handwriting award is to Abigail who worked beautifully in her handwriting book!