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We enjoyed making taquitos in DT.

This week in Design and Technology, we evaluated different foods using our senses. The children enjoyed some foods more than others!

Welcome back to the new term. This term our main topic is "Can any good come out of war?" We will be learning about: Germany’s invasion of Poland  which caused France and Britain to go to war with them, 

how many children were evacuated from cities to live in the country side, due to transport issues, all food was rationed and many people started to grow their own food.

We will be using the book Goodnight Mr Tom as part of our English lessons and Whole Class Reading to support us with our understanding of war. 

Please take a look at our Topic Plan. 

Christmas week fun!

In RE we've been learning what Christians believe about forgiveness. We used our acting skills to do freeze frames from two parables Jesus told about forgiveness.

Practising our team building skills in PE

Geography: Learning different map symbols

After learning different drawing skills, Rowan class put them into practise by drawing eyes in the style of Hector Gonzales.

Using and evaluating different mediums in art.

Rowan earned their class reward - an extended playtime.

The children had fun and learned some important safety information at Crucial Crew.

After learning about famous street artists, the class practised writing their names in graffiti-style.

We have been working hard putting together our cam mechanisms in DT. We made movable toys and had the reception children test them for us.

We have been practising our musical skills by playing along to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".

Science - The children were testing materials to see if they were soluble or insoluble.

We have been learning about cam mechanisms in DT. We tried to show how cam mechanisms work with our bodies. In science, we tried to guess the materials in the bags by feeling them. Then we learned about properties and used them to describe the materials.

Archive 2022-23

In art, we have been looking at nature and how we can use it to print. We created impressed printing blocks. 

Pride Month  

As part of PRIDE month, we learnt about the LGBTQ+ community. We read the story: The story of Harvey Milk and the pride flag, to find out the origin and meaning to the flag. 

World Environment Day


On Friday, to celebrate World Environment Day, we planted our own sunflower seeds making our own greenhouses. 

In art, we have research different printers. Children then had to use what inspired these artists to create their own information about them. It was amazing to see the children being so creative. 

Empathy Day. 

We celebrated Empathy Day by looking at the meaning of the word. We drew pictures that would put a smile on someone's face, wrote poems, made resolutions and finally created out own emotion maps. It was a very peaceful day, where we looked after our own mental health. 

Our RE topic this half term has been about racism and how it is seen in different religions. We created posters to show how everyone is welcome. 

In science, we have been learning about evolution and inheritance. Today, we looked at different fossils and learnt about Mary Anning. 

In our P4C lesson this week we continued to look at racism related to our RE learning. We listened to the story "Let's Talk About Race." We had a lot of discussion around this and found the story very insightful. We agreed that we are all the same and we should always treat everyone equal. 

Take a look at our learning in our P4C book. 


Watch the You Tube video below to listen to the story. We know you will enjoy it. 

National Maths Day


Today was 'National Maths Day' and even though our SATs are over, we still worked extremely hard today. We started with a number investigation and joined in with 'live' maths quiz, even learning some dance moves with Katya Jones from Strictly Come Dancing. We had great fun!

Coronation Day

We have had a great day celebrating after working so hard all week. 



We have been working as a phase to create some amazing art work to celebrate the event. 

Our DT topic this half term is about 'Chinese Inventions'. We learnt that they invented the kite. To start off we tested different types of paper. We wanted to see which was the strongest, most absorbent and were they translucent or not. 

In our DT lessons we researched, designed, made and then evaluates our bridges. We really enjoyed working as a team and reviewing and designs as we went along. 


We made our bridges unique. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. 

In DT this week, Mrs Bradshaw gave us another challenge. We looked at different beam shapes and the impact these have on the strength of bridges. We had to investigate the strength of different beams but making them from construction paper.  However, we were not allowed to use and glue or sticky tape. We tested them to see which beam shape held the most weight. 

Stars of the week

Tiahna - for an improvement to attitude to learning in maths.

Bella- for an improvement to attitude to learning in maths.

Temi - dedication to reading.

Kayne- for being amazing in every lesson. 


We have been working hard throughout the year to improve our handwriting. It's very hard to get a certificate for handwriting from Mrs Bradshaw, but look how many she gave out after marking our big writes. 


Well done guys. 

This week, in Design Technology Mrs Bradshaw gave us the challenge of building the strongest bridge which would have to hold a cup of coins.

About 10 minutes into our construction Mrs Bradshaw asked us to consider what was working and what was not working. We realised that the shorter the columns of the bridge the stronger it would be. We also thought about how the distance between each end of the bridge might affect the strength.

We discussed that our bridge needs to withstand forces pushing down upon them.  The bridge must be able to endure tension and compression.

Some of us where more successful than others. 

Please find the below the information from the SAT's Parents Meeting being held on Tuesday 7th March.7

Mrs Toshkezi 

Amazing Art

In art this week, we have been developing our pencils skills to create patterns. We then used these skills to add detail using ink pens to cityscapes. Look at how amazing they are and they are not finished yet. 

In computing this week, we have been looking at different blogs. We have learnt the difference between a blog and a vlog and have planned out our own blogs - ready to write next lesson. 

On Friday, your child will have brought home a pack. Inside this pack, there is knowledge organisers for maths and SPAG. This is everything a Year 6 child has to know. Booster letters for those child who are invited to morning booster lessons, starting this week (30th January 2023). There is also a letter outlining your child's current attainment and progress from Key Stage 1. If you have any questions please contact your child's class teacher. 


Below is a copy of the letter 'Ways to help your child at home', with the live links.


We have been that busy in Rowan class since returning after Christmas, we have not had time to update our blog. Here are some of the amazing things we have been doing. 


In art, we have been using different technique when using acrylic paint to create different effects. We looked at different techniques and how to create different effects with water colours. We will be using these different skills when we produce our final cityscape piece of art work. 


In science, we are learning about the heart and circulatory system. We have learnt everything that is in blood and even made some. 


We now start our mornings off with bagels. They give us the energy to start our learning. 

Stars of the week. 

It was really hard, as Rowan class are all working extremely hard. 

Reading champion - Abinsa

Teachers award - Denzel and Temi, who have not been with us long but already feel part of our class. 


Well done everyone!

Wow, what a busy week we have had. From writing non-chronological reports about daily life in Ancient Greece, researching how different animals reproduce to comparing the similarities and differences in prayer in different religions. And to top it off, developing skills that will help make our clay pot sculptures next week. We made thumb pots, using gouging and coiling techniques. 

Reading morning

Thanks to all the parents who came in this morning to read with our children. 

Year 6 had a fantastic afternoon at Crucial Crew. We learnt many different ways to keep ourselves safe out in the community and what to do if we felt unsafe. 

Next week is slightly different as I am off to Ghyll Head with some of our class. I know Mrs Toskezi has some amazing art work planned for the children staying at school. 


If your child is going to Ghyll Head, keep on eye on the Ghyll Head blog, I will upload pictures when we can. 


I'm all packed and ready for an early night. 

Maths Champion this week goes to Samuel - for 100% dedication in every maths lesson. 

Reading Champion is Iwinosa - for using her inference skills to develop her understanding of our whole class reading text 'Wonder'. 

Teacher award goes to Isabelle - for being a fantastic Year 6 pupil. 


Keep it up. 

Well done to Kevin and Tiahna, who were successful in becoming Rowan's Digital Leaders. The computing team were extremely impressed with their applications. 

Well done Dallyce and Emily for a fantastic week. 

In English this week, we have been looking at the battle between Grendal and Beowulf. The children created their own story map and will be using this to write our own version of the battle. 

In maths, we have been investigating numbers and where they are square numbers or not using concrete resources. 

PE, gave Rowan class the opportutnity to work with other peers, through team work and communication. 

Stars of the week!


Champion Reader of the week - Kayne

Teachers Award - Shauna

Maths Champion - Emmanuel. 


It was really hard to decide this week, so well done you three. Keep up the hard work. 



Wow, what a start we have had to Year 6. 


In English, we have wrote character descriptions about Grendal from Beowulf. In History, we have learnt about who the Anglo Saxons were and where they came from. In Geography, we have been using 6 figure grid references to read maps, it was quite tricky but we showed resilience and did not give up. 

Archive 2021-22

Gymnastics using the climbing frame 😊

Bronze and Silver Awards!

We did it! 🀩πŸ₯³

After the extreme hard work by everyone in Rowan Class, SATs are now completed!

I am very proud at the dedication and focus everyone has shown this week and in the preparation for themπŸ₯°

πŸ” Investigation! πŸ”Ž

Our History and Science topic this term is ‘Will the Black Death defeat you?’ 
This week we have been focusing on Science and investigating how germs and different microorganisms spread. One investigation we did was using glitter to represent microorganisms and shaking hands with others with a different coloured glitter to show how easy it is transferred to others. It also surprised a lot of us now much we touch our faces due to the amount of glitter we had on them! 

Stars of the Week! ⭐️🀩

The week before SATs and we have all been working and revising extremely hard! It is very difficult to pick this week!

My reading award went to Emily as it is so lovely to see her enthusiasm about different books and what she is reading. 
My maths award goes to Evie-Rose who has been working incredibly hard in maths and it really shows in her work!

My handwriting award (and pen license) goes to Marci!

Finally my teachers award is for Abbie who’s determination to focus and do well this week and really paid off!

Well done everyone ♥️

Parents Reading Morning πŸ₯°πŸ“š

Thank you very much to all the parents that joined us for our reading morning. It is so lovely to share the enthusiasm we all have reading books we enjoy! ♥️

Stars of the Week! ⭐️🀩

Super well done to my stars this week!

We have all been working really hard pushing ourselves for SATs week and it has made deciding who gets each award really difficult!

My reading award goes to Jacob who is really pushing himself in his reading and it is so lovely to see how much he enjoys it. 
My maths award goes to Kobi who has done absolutely fantastic and should be so proud at what he has achieved this week!

My handwriting award is for Daniel who maintains beautiful handwriting and presentation throughout all his work. 
My teachers award is for Bonnie who puts 100% into everything he does. 
I am very proud of everyone ♥️

Exploring friction! πŸš—

Learning to type! πŸ’»