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World Book Day!

Stone Age painting!

We used our materials from nature to make paint. It was fun, but also very messy!

Looking for paint materials

In our art lesson, we time travelled back to the Stone Age! We went on a nature walk to find materials to make paint out of. We found bark, mud, grass, flowers and berries! We will add flour and water to these materials to make paint. We also need to go on a hunt for something we can use as a paint brush - maybe a twig or a leaf?

Making volcanoes!

In Design and Technology this week, we have made Ancient Egyptian shadufs! We used a range of materials such as plasticine, art straws and wool to create these levers which were designed to lift water from the River Nile so that it could be used for irrigation.

We all got to make our own and a lot of our children decided to take them home to show off their fantastic creations! I was very impressed by how focused everyone was on making their shadufs and it was lovely to see the fast finishers help other children with theirs. 

Here are some photos of our shadufs:


In Maths, we have been learning how to use the column method for subtraction. We have been using Base 10s to help show how we make an exchange and what actually happens when we do that. Here are some pictures of us going through this calculation by making exchanges from the thousands column to the hundreds, the hundreds column to the tens, and the tens column to the ones. 

I have been so impressed by Birch's hard work and effort in Maths - well done!


Ancient Egypt hook -  We have had a very exciting day with Dan-tastic education coming in to teach us all about Ancient Egypt! We saw some amazing artifacts like a khopesh and chainmail, along with papyrus, scarab beetles and precious gems. We also learned how to mummify a body!


Please find attached the knowledge organiser for our topic on Ancient Egypt

Welcome back Birch class!!


We have had a brilliant start to the year with some super learning already! In our English lessons, we have mummified oranges to link with our Ancient Egypt topic. We will use this knowledge to write detailed instructions so you can mummify oranges at home! All the children are experts on this now so please ask them :)


Our mummified oranges on the window sill

Archive 2021-2022

This is the song that helped the children learn all about the water cycle. They also enjoyed singing and dancing to it. Feel free to watch it, sing to it and dance to it.

Water Cycle | Songs For Kids | Sing Along | GoNoodle

Round and round and round goes the Water Cycle! C'mon y'all get down with the Water Cycle!Subscribe To GoNoodle for more FUN kids videos: https://www.youtub...


Over the last 2 weeks, Birch Class have been looking at the water cycle. We have been exploring specific vocabulary such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation and even made our own version of the water cycle. Here you can see the children following a clear set of instructions and creating their water cycle. They will then go back ti their jars in a few days to see what happens to the water, soil and bird seed. A fantastic lesson Birch, well done!

Reading Morning in Birch Class

LKS2's New Topic - Does it always rain in the rainforest?

World Maths Day 23/3/22


Today is World Maths Day. 

Below are some ideas of activities you can do at home with your child. 

We hope you enjoy doing some of them.

Our new Topic asks the question - Do actions speak louder than words? Our focus is all about the Suffragettes!

Please find attached below our knowledge organiser for our new topic. This is an overview of what we will be learning about throughout the topic :)

World Book Day - Dress as an adjective :)

Star of the Week and Birch handwriting award.


Congratulations to Scarlett Lysaght-Gardner and Erin Cahill who have won my Star of the Week and handwriting award. 


Scarlett has shown her dedication to improving by always working really hard with a big smile on her face and Erin has beautiful handwriting in all of her learning. You are definitely getting closer to a pen licence :). Keep up the good work girls 


Mr Wilson



This week Birch class made Roman Roads. They had to see what they were made out of and then choose food that was available to create their own, making sure they were layered correctly and nice and straight. They looked excellent and 5e best bit was they got to eat them at the end :)

Roman Soldiers - Birch Class have really been immersing themselves as Roman Soldiers, learning about how they lived, where they invaded and what weapons they used in the army. They were also put into army training by an extremely strict Roman General but they all passed with flying colours. Here they are practising their marching in formation. Well done Birch Class!

Birch Weekly Awards - 17.09.21


Congratulations to Rosalyn Valentine this week for winning my Teachers Award. You have really settled in Year 4 and been an absolute superstar.


Also, a big congratulations to Josh Hughes for winning the handwriting award. Your writing and presentation in books is fantastic. Keep it up please Josh!