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Chocolate Hook - New Topic!


Hi Everyone! Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

The children have begun a new topic for this half term which is... Chocolate!!

As you can imagine the children have been very excited by this new topic and have really enjoyed what we have been doing so far.  Today the children had the opportunity to taste different types of chocolate including white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  There were lots of funny faces pulled whilst eating the dark chocolate which ended up being the least favourite.


Have a look at some of the pictures from the session below :).

Science Electricity Hook


Earlier this half term Elm Class were visited by some scientists to introduce us to our new science topic, Electricity!

The scientists showed the class some exciting and interesting experiments linked to electricity and the children even had a go at creating their own electrical circuits!


The children really enjoyed the session and I've attached some photos for you to have a look at :)

Designing, Creating and Painting Roman Shields


This week the children created their own Roman shields using designs from their book.

Each shield looked slightly different depending on the details the children had added plus we also had some Barbarian shields created too.

The children absolutely loved making and painting their shields and were thrilled with the end result.


Here are some photos of the making of them and the completed product.

Demolishing Our Roman Roads!


Today the children finally got the chance to eat their Roman roads!

Many of them loved it so much they vowed to re-create it at home!


Here are some photos of the demolition!

Roman Roads


Today in Elm Class we have been getting creative!  

First we learned about Roman roads, finding out what they looked like and why they were built in that way.

Once we understood what they were and how they were made, we attempted to create our own using more delicious ingredients!

In small groups the children created their own Roman roads, using a different food item for each layer,


We used;

Biscuits for the bottom rocky layer

Crunched up cornflakes for the sandy layer

Custard for for the cement

And finally we used custard creams/Bourbon biscuits for the slabs on top.


The children absolutely loved this activity!!

I've attached a slideshow of images from our session.  Please take a look and enjoy.


Mr Darlington

The Romans 

Last week a wonderful Roman sword and shield which had been designed, created and painted by Bobby was brought into school.  The whole class (including myself) were amazed by this brilliant piece of which art work which then inspired many others in our class to do the same!  I've added a couple of pictures of the Art work below with other inspired children's work :)!




P4C - What is Bullying?


This week in our P4C session (Philosophy for Children) we discussed the term bullying and what this meant.  This was a very interesting conversation with lots of different ideas shared.


I have attached the ideas the children had on the subject.

I've also added an image of our starter where played a game identifying different animals. It was lovely to see the children becoming excited by the string, which symbolised our collective ideas, developed our group bond and modelled respect for one another whilst each person spoke and took their turn.



P4C - What is Bullying?

The Romans - The Barbarians are coming!


Last week in our English lessons we were imagining that we were Roman Soldiers living inside of our fort.  We'd just heard the news that a hoard of Barbarians (our greatest enemy) were preparing for an attack on our fort,  In groups, we discussed and recorded problems that we may need to solve and how to solve them.


Following this we did a drama session with the children role playing different members of our Roman Society and asking their opinions on the Barbarian attack.  A blacksmith, a woman and a child were all chosen as roles played by the children :).


Have a look at some of the images from our session below :)

Elm Class - Key Information


Hi Everyone!

Here are some key points of information to be aware of for our class.


Reading Books

On Friday 10th September your child was sent home with two reading books.  When your child has finished reading them, bring them both back together and we will change them for two new ones.  There is no set date for return.  We do suggest that children should be reading at home at least three times a week though :).

There are also rewards to be won by returning reading books for new ones, with stickers being added to the bookmark inside of your reading record.  When completed a reward will be earned!


Log Ins

Inside of your child's reading record are their log in information for TT Rockstars, Purple Mash and soon to be added Reading Eggs.  These can be found at the front of the reading record.  Please use these apps to support your child at home :).



The children will have PE each week but the timetable is subject to change.  Please ensure that your child keeps their PE kit in school at all times so that they are ready to take part.



Homework will be set every Friday beginning on Friday 17th September.  The homework will be set on Google Classroom and should be completed by the following Thursday.  If you have any problems regarding homework, please don't hesitate to ask for help :).


That's it for now.

Keep an eye on the blog for any more updates :).


Mr Darlington




The Romans!


Our new topic for our first term in Year 3 is The Romans!

To begin our first week on The Romans, we have been learning a little about their lives as well as writing questions of what we would like to find out about them. We have also been looking at where they fit on a timeline in regards to the present and in relation to other key events in history including The Great Fire of London and the life of Florence Nightingale.


Here are some pictures of the children completing their Topic Pages.


Mr Darlington

What a First Week!


Wow!  What a wonderful first week we've had in Year 3! 

It has been lovely see all of the children this week and to get to know them better.

All of the children have settled in well and that has been pleasing to see :).


We began the week with some getting to know you activities. This was very important for us all (especially me!) as I hadn't spent much time with the children before.  The children were full of energy and had lots of fun seeing old faces and making new friends.


Here are some pictures from our first few days.

Well done everyone for a fab first week!


Mr Darlington

Welcome Elm Class 2021-2022!


Hello all and welcome to our class blog for this year!

Over the coming weeks and months I will be posting a variety of different things on to our class blog including children's work, information on what we are doing in class including photos as well as general information regarding our class.

Keep your eyes peeled!


Mr Darlington