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Designing, making and evaluating fruit taquitos.

We were tasked with designing, making and evaluating fruit taquitos for a guest from Mexico who wanted a taste of home. First we evaluated different pies and fruit fillings and used this knowledge to design our fruit taquito. We learnt about the history of corn, how it is harvested, as well as it's importance in diets. We made a tortilla from scratch using mixing and rolling and cooking skills and then added a fruit filling, before baking. We evaluated our finished taquitos to see what went well and what we could improve next time. 

Year 5 and 6 Making Mechanical Toys

Children in Year 5 and 6 designed, made and evaluated a mechanical toy. The product was aimed at children in reception and used a cam mechanism. Children developed their safe sawing skills, as well as considering the function and aesthetics of their final product. The final products were shared with reception children to form part of the evaluation process.