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Super stars - 14.01.2022


The first certificates of the year were awarded to.....


Barin! For an amazing effort with your handwriting in English - you really applied yourself today and are showing great promise!!


Faith! For adopting a growth mindset and trying your hardest... even when the work challenged you! It was great seeing your determination shine through when working with equivalent fractions today.

Maths - 3D Shapes 


Beech class have had great fun topping up our knowledge of 3D shapes from previous years! Building 3D shapes from nets really helped us recognise them from 2D representations! 

Class Awards - 5th November 2021 


Today was a very busy day for handing out awards! Not only did Beech class have an enormous amount of smilies to count out after a great week, but three children were chosen for some very special certificates. 


Teacher's award - Shaye - for a great first week here with us at New Moston Primary School. We feel very lucky to have you and it's not taken you long at all to settle in and make some wonderful friends :) 


Handwriting award - Chloe - for great perseverance and effort with your handwriting... I sense that a pen licence may not be too far away...


Speaking of pen licences - well done Dallyce!! You've worked so hard all these weeks, your work is so beautifully presented and you thoroughly deserve to be writing in pen :) you should be very proud of yourself! 



Pen Licences! 22nd September 2021 


A huge well done to these 2 superstars Isabelle and Mercy who - along with Josh and Alan - who achieved their pen licence today! You've all worked so hard and thoroughly deserve them :) Keep up the good work!!


Natural Disasters - Volcano Art Work

Weekly Superstars!



This week's Teacher's Award goes to Chloe, who showed tremendous patience when completing her volcano art work this week. She experimented with different pencil pressure for shading and blended colours so well that her lava looks almost too life-like! 


This week's Handwriting Award goes to Zac. Not only did Zac produce brilliant work for his Big Write this week, but his presentation is showing amazing improvement! Keep going Zac :)


Amazing Homework! 


Well done Beech Class on submitting some excellent balanced and persuasive arguments as part of your literacy homework last week!! I wanted to add a special mention to Isabelle, who has written an excellent piece on whether Harry Potter is suitable for all ages. This wonderful, original idea is full of emotive language and persuasive features! Well done Isabelle A!


If you'd like to see Izzy's homework, please click on the document below :) homework is set on Google Classrooms every Friday. If you have any questions about homework or about how to access Google Classrooms, please email me on



Miss Robinson




A big shout out to Josh this week for always trying his hardest with his handwriting! Miss Maynard has even commented on how close you are to achieving your pen license! Well done :) 


A big well done to Brooke who (despite a broken arm!!) has completed some wonderful learning this week. It's been great to see you fully immersed in lessons and always trying your hardest. Well done Brooke :)

🌟 Superstars 🌟



Well done to Chika for earning the Teacher Award this week! Chika, your behaviour this week has been exemplary; you're always waiting patiently and making good choices in the classroom! Keep it up 😊


Congratulations to Jude for earning our Handwriting Award this week! Jude, you've been working tremendously hard to improve your presentation and have achieved your target. Your work is beautifully presented and you ought to be very proud 😊

How do we measure the properties of matter?


This week, Beech class have been conducting their own investigations to determine how hard/absorbent different solids are. Using a variety of materials, children initially wrote their own predictions and then tested their theories. Some children were very surprised when testing how absorbent greaseproof paper is (or isn't!)




Eco Warriors!


Leading Beech class in our fight against messy playgrounds are Shazam and Dorothy! 

Shazam and Dorothy have both proudly taken on the role of Eco Warrior and will help the school be sustainable and environmentally friendly :) well done!

🌟 Superstars! 🌟


Today, Brooke debated passionately about natural disasters and why they happen! She used excellent, thoughtful sentence openers and was very articulate in her responses :) well done!

Dallyce has demonstrated creative, exciting and original work all week - particularly in English! Keep it up :)

Lexi has worked tremendously hard this week to demonstrate just how much she deserves her pen license! Well done Lexi - it's a joy to read your work!