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Which house would you be in?


  Our new Literacy focus has been Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. The children have loved reading the book and doing all of their learning around it. They now think of Literacy as "magical." One of our lessons focused on the Sorting Hat and made us think, based on individual qualities and personalities, which house we would be placed here. The children had to create a short piece of writing, explaining their opinions on personality and qualities and say which house they thought they belonged in. They had to then put on the Sorting Hat, who listened to their reasoning before having the final decision on where they should be placed. There were some controversial decisions and some children were shocked at where the Sorting Hat placed them. 

Science Circus


 It was British Science Week this week, and to celebrate New Moston invited in Shooting Stars Science Circus. The children had an amazing time watching the performer perform numerous tricks, including juggling with fire, whilst explaining the Science behind it. They were especially hoping that Mr Wilson would be full of egg after he had eggs juggled over him. That would have been no yolk! The children also got to spend half an hour practising tricks throughout the day and felt inspired to create their own inventions and experiments as part of Science week.



As a way to really grab UKS2's attention to our new topic "Why doesn't the Earth make me dizzy?" we visited Spaceport in Liverpool. Here, all the children learnt lots of new and interesting facts about Space and the planets as well as sitting inside an interactive dome and learning how the solar system was created. The children had a fantastic day and even got to ride a space simulator :)





This week the children have been learning about famous LGBT icons. 6W's focus has been on Elton John. We have created a variety of learning on "The Rocket Man" celebrating all of his achievements and charity work and showcased this is different forms such as: art work, which has portrayed the different key events in his life, factfiles and posters as well as biographies. Fantastic learning guys!

Powers of Persuasion


In Literacy we have been developing our persuasion skills. We didn't want our school behaviour policy to change so we had a meeting with the governors and the Headteacher to persuade them not to make changes.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle!

As part of our new topic, 'Can animals survive without plants?' Year 5 and 6 had some special visitors. We were treated to an amazing range of jungle based creatures including snakes, tarantulas, African bullfrogs and tortoises from Dylan's Reptile Time. The children were able to hold these exotic animals if they wanted, watch them eat and were extremely excited to learn lots of information which they will be able to apply to their topic and literacy learning over the coming weeks. 


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