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Our History Curriculum is intended to provide learning and experiences that allow students to have a rounded understanding of the past and that gives an insight into how this impacts on the present and future. We recognise the importance of stories in teaching History and use them to engage and create interest in a topic. Pupils will gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of the past, comparing past societies and their values with the present.  It offers a framework that allows learners the opportunity to become curious and critical thinkers so they can; articulate, analyse, explain and infer, as they study various topics. Pathing the way for future responsible citizens.



Using the National Curriculum team leaders and staff have built a curriculum to suit the needs of our learners to design engaging and immersive units which build on knowledge previously learnt. We use a variety of 'hooks' and real life learning experiences to ensure learning is captivating and memorable for the children. 

Throughout the primary journey children will have the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and vocabulary. Our clear progression plans show the development of skills and knowledge throughout each key stage and high quality teaching and learning is presented in many forms of creative and purposeful activities.



Through an enquiry based approach, by the end of KS2 it is expected that the children are able to ask relevant questions, pose and define problems, plan what to do and how to research, predict outcomes and anticipate consequences, test conclusions and improve ideas.  They will have a wealth of sticky knowledge and a love of learning in History.  Impact will be monitored through termly whole school community feedback, learning walks, book looks and displays.