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Daily Tasks 17/7/20

The final one!!

I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday and I look forward to seeing you all around school in September.

Stay safe!

Mrs Waddell


Daily Tasks 16/7/20

Good Morning smiley

Happy Thursday!

Daily tasks for today are below.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 15/7/20

Good Morning!

Here are your tasks for today. 

I hope you enjoy doing them.

Mrs Waddell 

Daily Tasks 14/7/20

Good Morning!

Sorry this is a bit late. I have been very busy in school this morning!

I hope you get time to do today's activities.

Mrs Waddell.

Daily Tasks 13/7/20

Good Morning. Happy Monday!

I hope you enjoy the tasks for today.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 10/7/20

Good Morning! Happy Friday!

Here are today's daily tasks. 

Arithmetic today.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 9/7/20

Good Morning.

Here are today's daily tasks.

I hope you enjoy doing them.

Mrs Waddell smiley

Daily Tasks 8/7/20

Good Morning.

Here are today's daily tasks.

A big thank you to Ewan, Ronnie, Aaron, Bonnie, Oliver,  Ini and Mouhamadou who have been sending me their learning.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Blog 7/7/20

Good Morning!

Here are today's daily activities.

You can do them instead of going out in the rain!

Have a good day.

Mrs Waddell smiley

Daily Tasks 6/7/20

Happy Monday!

Here are your daily tasks for today.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 3/7/20

Friday means mental arithmetic!

Enjoy! smiley

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 2/7/20

Good Morning!

I have attached your daily tasks for today.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 1/7/20

Welcome to July!

Here is the first daily task for July.

I hope you enjoy completing the tasks.

Have a great day. 

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 30/6/20

Good Morning!

Here are your tasks for today.

Apologies that these are late, but I am in school and the internet has not connected.

I look forward to looking at your learning.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 29/6/20

It's a rainy day today-not as nice as it has been!

So here's some daily tasks to keep you busy!

I look forward to receiving your learning and looking at what you have done.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 26/6/20

Happy Friday!

Here are your tasks for today. 

Enjoy doing them and have a lovely weekend.

I look forward to seeing your learning.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 25/6/20

What a lovely morning it is again today!

Here are your daily tasks for today. 

Try to get out and make the most of this lovely weather today!

I wonder what you will be doing in the sunshine today?

As always I look forward to receiving your learning.

Please send it to:

Mrs Waddell smiley

Daily Tasks 24/6/20

Good Morning!

It is a lovely sunny day today. I hope you find some time to enjoy the sunshine as well as doing some of the daily tasks! wink

I will be looking forward to seeing what you do. 

Have a fabulous day!

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 23/6/20

Good Morning.

Thank you for sharing your learning with me.

Here are today's tasks for you to have a try at.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 22/6/20

Good Morning!

Attached are your daily tasks for Monday.

I hope you enjoy doing them.

Have a good day.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Task 19/6/20

Happy Friday!

Attached are your last tasks for this week. I hope you enjoy doing them and are able to e mail them to me to see. 

It is arithmetic today!

Remember today is the last day for you to send in your photo for our class photo.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Waddell smiley

Daily Tasks 18/6/20

Good Morning.

Thank you to those of you who have e mailed me your learning.

It has been lovely to see it. I am glad to see you have been working so hard.

Here are today's tasks.

I hope you enjoy doing the learning.

Have a good day!

Mrs Waddell

Daily Tasks 17/6/20

Good Morning!

Here are your tasks for today.

I hope you enjoy doing them.

Mrs Waddell smiley

Daily Tasks 16/6/20

Good Morning! 

Attached are today's tasks for you to have a go at.

Thank you to those people who are emailing back your learning through the class e mail. I am really enjoying seeing what you are doing and your fabulous learning.

Thank you. Keep it up!

Mrs Waddell

Daily Task 15/6/20

Happy Monday!

Attached is today's daily task.

I hope you enjoy having a go at this and send it back to me on the class e mail.


Dear Parents/Carers,

As we obviously can't have our class photos this year Mrs Hindle is putting together a class photo for each class as a lasting memory of this time!

If you would like to have your child added to their class photo I need you to send a head shot (from the shoulders up) of your child to
(By doing this you are giving your consent to share your child's photo with other parents.)

I would need these no later than FRIDAY 19TH JUNE!

There is no uniform to the image you send just a clear smiling head shot of your cherubs! (Please no snapchat style filters!)

Thank you 

Great News! smiley


The class e mails have been set up!

You can now e mail your learning and I will give you feedback.

Send it to the following e mail:


I can't wait to look at some of what you have been doing!


Mrs Waddell


Daily Task 12/6/20

Happy Friday! smiley

I have atttached today's tasks for you to complete.

Unfortunately the class e mails have not been set up yet. I have my fingers crossed that they will be sorted today so that I can look at some of your fabulous learning.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Waddell

Daily Task 11/6/20

Good Morning 4W.

Here is today's activities for you to do.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's activities.

I am sorry that the class e mails haven't been set up yet. They will be sorted today and your parents will get a message when you can start to send me your fantastic learning. 

I can't wait!

Have a good day smiley

Mrs Waddell

Hello there!

Hope you’re all well!

As you now know, Mr Partington is leaving us in July.

We would like to make a video for him. It would be brilliant if the children could record a short message for him, no longer than 15 seconds please!

In addition to this we’d like to make Mr Partington a book of memories.  If you have a special memory of him please send to us!

Memories and videos to be sent in for Tuesday 30th June to...

Thank you 

Daily Task 10/6/20

Good Morning smiley

Today is your first day of daily tasks on the Blog.

Each day there will be a task or tasks for you to do on our class Blog page. You can e mail it back to me and I will give you feedback. 

The e mail addresses are hopefully being set up today so I will post those details here as soon as I have got them, because I am really looking forward to seeing what you are going to produce in your learning. I can't wait!

Remember: try your best yes

Mrs Waddell

Hi 4W!

It's been a while since I spoke to most of you on the phone. It was lovely to speak to you and find out a little bit about what you have all been doing.

It's another Monday morning without most of us being in school and its strange but hopefully you are all managing to fill your time and not getting too bored!

Although the weather is not as good I am sure there are lots of things for you to do. Keep taking exercise, I always find that makes me feel better. 

I am going to start painting my kitchen today, so I will be busy! 

I hope you and your families are all keeping well. Take care of each other and remember to be kind.

Missing you all. 

Mrs Waddell

Hi 4W!


I hope you are all well and not missing coming to school too much. We are all missing seeing your smiling faces every morning. I look forward to everything going back to normal.


I hope you are enjoying completing your home learning and doing other things with your families. Since school has been closed, I have been catching up on all my jobs at home! I have been busy working in the garden, painting the fences and lots of other jobs that I don't usually have time for. I have also been enjoying riding my bike, as that is my favourite way to exercise. Even though I can't ride with the people I usually would ride with, I can ride with Mr Waddell!


I look forward to seeing you all again soon. 

In the meantime, stay safe, try to get some exercise if you can, be kind and think of how difficult this is for everyone so be good at home! 


For parents:

If you need to contact school please use the following email address


And for any pastoral needs please email


Keep safe 


Love Mrs Waddell, Miss Heneghan, Miss Tyson, Mrs McKenna and Mrs Baxter.

Sport Relief dancing New Moston style!

Still image for this video

World Book Day

Today we all dressed in our pyjamas to come to school!

Our parents were invited to come and share a story with us.

Lots of parents came and it has been very relaxing wearing our PJs!

The children have used all their skills in electrical circuits to design and make a torch in groups.

Have a look at the great designs.

The children really enjoyed making these.

4W's Parents' Celebration-How can you be a bright spark?

To end our topic about electricity we invited parents in to work alongside the children making electrical circuits.

The children had to predict whether they thought the circuit would work and why and then made and tested the circuit to see if they were correct.

We finished with a "who could make the loudest buzzer" competition. It was a draw between 2 groups!

Everyone had fun and this is what some of the parents said:

Really well thought out activity, all the children were involved and they really enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed coming into school and seeing what all the children have been working on. My daughter likes me coming into the class and doing the activities with her and her friends.

The children have done well at understanding how electricity works and they all worked very hard together as a team.

It was a fun activity and the children put the adults to shame predicting correctly every time!

This was fun for the children and parents.


4W Yoga Instructors

Yesterday each child had the chance to be a yoga instructor. 

They had to read out instructions to the group to see if they could re-create the yoga pose.

This was to help us understand what we need to include in instructions and how to write effective instructions.

Conductors and Insulators Experiment

Today we did an experiment about conductors and insulators.

We tested different objects in a circuit to see if they still made a full circuit and so lit up the light bulb.

We concluded that metal objects were conductors and objects made of other materials were insulators and this meant they didn't allow electricity to pass through them so the circuit was not complete.

Making Christingles

4W made Christingles today. 

They also wrote instructions on how to make them. 

At the end we switched the lights off and lit the candles. 

Roman visit

Today two Roman soldiers came to visit.

We learnt about life as a Roman and life as a Roman Soldier. 

The best bit was using the shields to create battle formations. 

Have a look at the photos to see how much fun we had. 

For Remembrance Day we held a 2 minute silence. 

Later we wrote our own acrostic poems using words that relate to Remembrance Day. 

Parent’s Celebration

Parents and carers were invited into 4W this afternoon to join the children in their learning.

We have been learning about Ramadan and we made prayer mats, crackers and good deeds paper chains. 

Everyone enjoyed themselves and some comments by people who attended are:

Everything was well organised and the children enjoyed themselves.

It is good to spend some time in class with our children and see what they are learning in school.

There was good, fun activities.

It is really great to see how the children enjoyed themselves.

Have a look at what we made in the photos below. 

Parent’s Celebration Afternoon

This week we are learning about skeletons.

We tried to name the bones of the skeleton first of all using common names and then followed by leaning the scientific names for the bones. 

We labelled the bones on a skeleton that each group made.

Everyone enjoyed doing this!

Science learning in 4W

Today we were investigating whether objects were transparent, translucent or opaque. 

A tissue and a piece of paper were translucent and we were surprised that a plastic chair was also translucent.

A glasses case was opaque. 

We all agreed that the window was transparent.

Welcome to the new 4W!

Transition Morning

On transition morning the new children for 4W came to visit and their parents/carers came too.

We drew around our hands to create a flower of all of our handprints as "together we are a masterpiece".

The parents/carers and children all enjoyed the opportunity to work together.

This is some of the feedback we received:

"Fantastic for parents and children."

"Fun activities to do together."

Good activities for the children. Very engaging throughout."

"It was good getting the children involved with one another so they feel comfortable with their new class."

These handprints are on a display outside the classroom ready to welcome you back on Monday 2nd September. I can't wait to see you all again ready to have a fantastic year together in Year 4.