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Making Christingles

4W made Christingles today. 

They also wrote instructions on how to make them. 

At the end we switched the lights off and lit the candles. 

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Roman visit

Today two Roman soldiers came to visit.

We learnt about life as a Roman and life as a Roman Soldier. 

The best bit was using the shields to create battle formations. 

Have a look at the photos to see how much fun we had. 

For Remembrance Day we held a 2 minute silence. 

Later we wrote our own acrostic poems using words that relate to Remembrance Day. 

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Parent’s Celebration

Parents and carers were invited into 4W this afternoon to join the children in their learning.

We have been learning about Ramadan and we made prayer mats, crackers and good deeds paper chains. 

Everyone enjoyed themselves and some comments by people who attended are:

Everything was well organised and the children enjoyed themselves.

It is good to spend some time in class with our children and see what they are learning in school.

There was good, fun activities.

It is really great to see how the children enjoyed themselves.

Have a look at what we made in the photos below. 

Parent’s Celebration Afternoon

This week we are learning about skeletons.

We tried to name the bones of the skeleton first of all using common names and then followed by leaning the scientific names for the bones. 

We labelled the bones on a skeleton that each group made.

Everyone enjoyed doing this!

Science learning in 4W

Today we were investigating whether objects were transparent, translucent or opaque. 

A tissue and a piece of paper were translucent and we were surprised that a plastic chair was also translucent.

A glasses case was opaque. 

We all agreed that the window was transparent.

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Welcome to the new 4W!

Welcome to the new 4W! 1

Transition Morning

Transition Morning 1
Transition Morning 2
Transition Morning 3
Transition Morning 4
Transition Morning 5
Transition Morning 6
Transition Morning 7

On transition morning the new children for 4W came to visit and their parents/carers came too.

We drew around our hands to create a flower of all of our handprints as "together we are a masterpiece".

The parents/carers and children all enjoyed the opportunity to work together.

This is some of the feedback we received:

"Fantastic for parents and children."

"Fun activities to do together."

Good activities for the children. Very engaging throughout."

"It was good getting the children involved with one another so they feel comfortable with their new class."

These handprints are on a display outside the classroom ready to welcome you back on Monday 2nd September. I can't wait to see you all again ready to have a fantastic year together in Year 4.