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People who help us

People who help us


This week we have been looking at the different people who help us, today we have looked at the postal workers, supermarket staff and the bin workers.  We have written postcard to our friends that we miss, and found out about the journey our postcards will take.  We have solved problems and sorted the shelves using the clues given, and we have found out about where our rubbish goes and what can be recycled.

The day the crayons quit



Today the children have looked more at the colour monster.  We have talked about when we feel different feelings and what we do when we feel that way.  The children have then designed their own colour monsters, some children have written about them too!



Today we have been learning all about colours. We started off by reading ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ and talked about all the colours in our environment.  We then moved on to reading ‘The Colour Monster’ and looked at how different colours make us feel and how colours can describe how we feel.

All the children coloured a Monster and explained why they chose the colour they did. Yellow was very popular because it described ‘happy’



We then moved onto colour mixing! The children had great fun getting messy with paints! We made ‘colour sums’ using two different colours, one for each hand and then rubbing our hands together to make a secondary colour! 


We finished off the day by putting all our colour mixing knowledge to learn about a famous artist called Kandinsky, who liked to mix colours when he painted. We were inspired by his art. 

By Kardinsky








Today we have used Elmer books as our focus.  We have painted Elmer's and coloured by number (addition sums), looked at other jungle animals and talked about what makes us special.

The Gruffalo is hungry! 

Today we have been learning about healthy eating. The children have learnt about the food groups (carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fats and fruit & vegetables)

We learnt about why we need to eat healthily and we have sorted food according to whether it is healthy or unhealthy.




We used everything we had learnt to make the hungry Gruffalo a healthy packed lunch! 




We made perfume! 

As part of learning about keeping clean, the children made perfume. We used rose petals. The children mushed the petals up and then we added hot water. All the children took it in turns to mush the petals into the water. We then left it to ‘stew’


We all agreed it smelt really good! 



As we obviously can't have our class photos this year I am putting together a class photo for each class as a lasting memory of this time!  


If you would like to have your child added to their class photo I need you to send a head shot (from the shoulders up) of your child to (By doing this you are consenting to share your child's photo with other parents)


I would need these no later than FRIDAY 19TH JUNE!  There is no uniform to the image you send just a clear smiling head shot of your cherubs! (Please no snapchat style filters!)  


Thank you 

We need your help! 

Hello there! 


Hope you’re all well!!


As you now know, Mr Partington is leaving us in July. 

We would like to make a video for him. It would be brilliant if the children could record a short message for him, no longer than 15 seconds please! 

In addition to this we’d like to make Mr Partington a book of memories.   If you have a special memory of him please send to us!

Memories and videos to be sent in for Tuesday 30th June to...

Thank you 😊

Our exercise video


The children had to read their exercise and demonstrate to the others how to do it.  We would love to see your exercise routines, can you write your plan and then follow it?




Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video

Our bodies


The children have been talking about their bodies, we looked at the body parts we can see, and those hidden inside and what their job was.  The children had fun drawing around each other and labelling the bodies.


As part of our learning about our bodies , the children in school, have found out why it is important to was our hands with soap.  We also used our hands to help with maths - some children have practised counting, some have practised number bonds to 10.

This week we are learning about keeping clean. The children learned about keeping their teeth clean using toothpaste and a tooth brush with Mr Haywood and Ms Rashid.  We followed the instructions of Budd on Brush with Budd and the Brush Bus.  Both can be found on YouTube

EYFS Outdoor environment


During lockdown we have had lots of work done to the Outdoor area. All the mud and grass has been replaced with fake grass!

This means that we can use the bike track and all the other areas that used to get very muddy, all year round!


Isn’t it beautiful! 




Hello, hope you’re all well.


just a little note to say all EYFS learning will continue to be put on Tapestry.  

If you have any problems please email:


Thank you, take care 😊 ðŸŒˆ  â¤ï¸

All the adults from the EYFS have a little message for you...

Remember to...

Happy Easter from Ms Rashid 🐣

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Happy Easter from Mr Haywood 🐣

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Happy Easter from Mrs Leyland 🐣

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Happy Easter from Mrs Kelly-Rimmer 🐣

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Happy Easter from Miss Leach 🐣

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Happy Easter from Miss Pickering 🐣

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Happy Easter from Miss Crompton 🐣

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Happy Easter from Mrs Cauchi 🐣

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EYFS 2020 Easter Egg Competition 


A HUGE thank you to all the children that entered! We had super heroes, dinosaurs, teachers,  Disney characters, rainbows, chicks, rabbits and lots more. They were fabulous children and a big thank you to all the adults that helped their children. 


The teachers had a super hard job in picking five winners! After hours of discussion I can finally reveal that the winners are of the 2020 EYFS Easter Egg competition are...
🐣 Ethan Simpson 
🐣 Ella McDonald
🐣 Esmae Large
🐣Alana Medwell
🐣Henry Cooper



Ms Rashid will be sure to get your prizes posted on Tuesday 14th April


Take care children, keep safe with your families and stay home ❤️

Hello there lovely children!


Hope you’re all well and staying safe at home with your families.


I was reading the newspaper and found that one of our favourite authors, Julia Donaldson has worked with her favourite illustrator, Alex Scheffler to show how the characters from her books are staying safe against the Coronavirus!


Here they are...

Did you recognise any of the stories? Characters?


Each picture shows us how we can stay safe at home, can you tell someone in your family what these ways are? 

Take care children, keep safe and stay at home! 

Ms Rashid :0)


Hello children!


I hope you’re all well and keeping safe at home with your families.  All the adults in the EYFS have been busy at home looking after their families. I’ve been cleaning, baking and making sure my Ruby does all her college work because her sixth form is closed too.


All the adults are thoroughly enjoying your posts on Tapestry, we love seeing what you’ve been learning, exploring and discovering! Keep it up and carry on sharing.


There are lots of learning activities on Tapestry for you to all keep busy with and make those brains even bigger!


Big hugs and high fives to you all :0)


Parents, if you’ve any questions please email us on


For any pastoral needs please email

Take care and keep safe


Love Ms Rashid and the EYFS team xxx


Learning at home


Learning information will be sent through Tapestry.  If you are unable to access Tapestry at this time please email , we will do our best to get you up and running.

World Book Day


On World Book Day we wore our pyjamas and lots of stories throughout the day off different adults from around school.   Our parents were invited to come in and read some stories too!



Goldilocks and the 3 bears


We have been reading the story about Goldilocks.  We have made porridge, acted out the story, wrote wanted posters for Goldilocks and then wrote a sorry letter to the bears. We tested materials for a waterproof coat for baby bear, as well as lots of other fun things!

Manchester City Training


Each week all the children do a football session with Manchester City trainers.  Each half term follows a theme and the child build upon their skills from the following week.  They have a warm up, usually followed by a game before getting footballs out.  It’s hard work but the children love it!

Christmas Fun


In the build up to Christmas the children had a party, had a cinema afternoon, watched a The Elves and The Shoemaker by a performance company, they even got a visit from Father Christmas.

A visit from The Vicar


In the build up to Christmas the Rev. Phil came from our local church to talk to the children about Christmas.  We talked about different people and the jobs they had to do to get ready for Christmas. 


In the count down to Christmas we made Christingles.

Printing Patterns with vegetables.

Outdoor Learning

Guided Reading

Designing our own aliens.

Phonics Friday


This morning we held our first phonics Friday for the parents of the children in Peter Pan group.  They came and joined in our phonics sessions.  We look forward to welcoming the parents of Eeyore next Friday.

Hello Yellow 😀


We had a lovely day raising the awareness of our mental health.  The children all dressed in yellow and we talked about different feelings.  We did lots of things that make us happy.  We also relaxed by doing some yoga and meditation activities.

Musical Extravaganza

Still image for this video
This morning Foundation Stage were treated to a show by the guitar players and the choir.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video


Still image for this video

The children have been learning about keep themselves safe. We have used the NSPCC Pantasaurus campaign to allow children to understand that their body belongs to them and no one is allowed to see their private parts. They have leRnt that they should say “No!” And then find a grown up they know and trust to tell them what has happened. You can watch the video here...

Fun in the sun ☀️ The children enjoyed exploring the KS1 yard in the sun. Mr Haywood played circle games like ‘duck, duck, goose!’ We had lots of fun!!

Bye bye ducks 🦆 The children said bye to the ducklings today. They are a week old today and need to go back to the farm. The children have seen them through from egg to duckling. We’ve learnt about the duck life cycle and how to take care of the ducklings.

The dentist came to visit

Autumn Super Stars⭐️

There are lots of Super Stars in FS2, however these children have made the staff extra proud. Well Done.