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Football Rounders


Over the past few weeks in PE the children have been taught how to play rounders. This past week we decided to mix this up slightly and played football rounders. The children enjoyed this immensely!

Here are some photos from our session.

PE - Football Rounders

Euro 2020


Last Friday our class completed a sweepstake for Euro 2020. Each pupil and teacher including Mr D, Miss Champ and Miss Walker picked a name from the pot. The children were very excited to see who they had, although some were not too happy with who they got!

We will be following the tournament closely in our class, completing the wallchart each day and keeping an eye on how our teams are faring!


I’ve attached a list of who has who below :).

Good luck everyone!


Creating Stonehenge!

Today we learnt all about Stonehenge.  The children were fascinated by the structure that had been created thousands of years ago.  Once we'd finished learning about it, the children created their own Stonehenge using biscuits!  They had a lot of fun (especially when they got to eat them afterwards!!).

Please take a look at some of the pictures from our session :).



The Stone Age - Cave Art


Yesterday the children created some of their own cave art using examples from The Stone Age to help them.  They did this underneath the table which they found very exciting!

Please take a look at some of the pictures from the session.

The Stone Age


This week we have begun our new topic which is The Stone Age.

So far we have been learning about when The Stone Age happened in relation to other historical events we have learned about already from the past.  We have also been learning about the different stages of the Stone Age and how this then progressed into The Bronze Age.


Please keep an eye on our blog over the next few weeks as lots of exciting work will be added!

Festivals and Celebrations


For the final week of our whole school topic 'Our Amazing World' we have been looking at different celebrations and festivals that are held all around the globe.  The children earlier this week made their own Mardi Gras masks using glitter and feathers and designed them using the colours associated with the festival.  

Today the children had the opportunity to taste some different festival foods from around the world made by Mrs Bennett! I've added some pictures of the children below during their tasting session where they ate jerk chicken, plantain, freshly made coleslaw, sticky buns and cheese and lastly dumplings.

To finish the children listened to some Caribbean music and also had the chance to play around with some instruments themselves. 

The children really enjoyed their afternoon.  Please a look at the pictures attached :).

Festivals and Celebrations - Food Tasting

Our Amazing World


Hello Everyone! 

Since returning to school we have been taking part in a whole school topic which is ‘Our Amazing World’.  For our new class display the children wrote about what makes the world an amazing place for them.  We had a range of different responses from the children which we’ve added below.


Please take a look :).

Mr D

Making Volcanoes


This week the children have been making their own volcanoes!  First the children scrunched up old newspapers into balls and selotaped them to create the correct shape. Next they added on layers of mod-rock to harden the shape.  Finally the children painted their volcanoes!


The finished products are absolutely fantastic!  The children worked cooperatively and extremely hard to make them and they should be very proud of themselves. There are some pictures below :).


Next week we are planning to make our volcanoes erupt!!!  Keep an eye out for the videos :).


Layers of the Earth


This week in class we have been learning about the different layers of the Earth.  Once we had looked at the layers of soil we then began to delve further into the Earth's core.

The children created models of their own Earths including some of the different layers.

Have a look at how we got on :).

3D Shape Modelling


Today the children carried on their work with 3D shapes.  Their challenge was to create 3D shapes using modelling materials.  Although this task was particularly fiddly and tricky, the children worked extremely hard and produced some excellent models :).


Have a look at the video reel to see some of our fab models!




Google Classroom - Homework


Hi Everyone, 

Just a reminder that homework from now on will be on Google Classroom rather than the class blog.

This week have a go at logging in using the log in details sent home in your child's planner (and attached to letter sent out) and get used to the layout.

There is one piece of homework set this week so have a go at it and see how you get on :).


If there are any issues please don't hesitate to email.


Have fun,

Mr D

End of our Egyptian Topic


As we finish our first half term we end our first topic, the Egyptians. This was my first time teaching this topic and I absolutely loved it and I know you guys did too :)!  We've learnt so much and had lots of fun but it's now time to move on to another exciting topic.


Here are some photos of some of the things we got up to.



TT Rockstars Champions!!!


Well done Elm Class for two TT Rockstar Battle victories in a row!

I've been extremely impressed by your competitiveness and will to win :)!

It's also been lovely to see you all practicing your times tables and wanting to improve!


A special mention to Jayden, Summer and Reggie who have finished in the top 3 during our battles so far.


Let's hope we can make it three in a row!!


Homework Week 7


We have reached the end of our first half term! Well done! It has certainly been different but you have all done so well with the changes in place as well as moving up to the juniors!


Over the half term break we would like you to continue to work on your times tables in whichever way you learn best. Try doing them out of order as well as in order.


For English/Topic, we would like you to create a mind map on Ancient Egypt to show us everything you have learnt during the topic.


Finally, read as much as you can, as many different books as you can. If there is a book that you read that you really enjoy, tell us about it by completing the book review attached to this post.


Please email any work that you complete to the class email address before the next homework is set on the 6th November.


We hope you have a lovely, well deserved break and look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 3rd November.

What happened to our mummified oranges?


This afternoon it was time to unwrap the bandages from around our mummified oranges!

As we took a look at them the children were asked to notice what changes had happened and were surprised by the results.  


We noticed a number of changes to our oranges including;

The skin had browned

The inside had dried out and there was no rot

The salt and soda had thickened

There was a sweet smell (cinnamon) coming from inside


Have a look at our pictures to see the children's reactions :).

Homework Week 6

For Maths, we will be continuing to work on our 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables. There are some activity sheets attached to help you to practise and you can also still use the times table songs.


Well done to Elm class, the winners of last week’s TT Rockstars battle! As we enjoyed the battle between the classes last week, we have decided to have another battle this week. Again, there will be a reward for the winning class so get logged on and battle hard! Which class will win this week? 


For English/Topic, we would like you to write some instructions for mummification. What would you need to mummify a body? What are the different stages of the process? There is a sheet provided if you would like to use it.


Good Luck Everyone!

Elm vs Pine - Battle of the Classes - Who Will Be Victorious?

Homework Week 5


As we have been learning our times tables in class this week the focus of this week’s homework relates to this.  Please continue to practice your times tables as much as possible at home, it is really important to know them in and out of order.  We should be learning our 2, 5, 10, 3 and 4 times tables.


To motivate you, as well as the videos attached we have organised a TT RockStars Battle between Elm Class and Pine Class!!!  There will be a class reward for the winning class so get logged on and battle hard.


For Topic this week we are challenging you to write something in hieroglyphics!  This could be your name, a sentence about you or anything you like!  There is space to draw a picture and write about it on the sheet attached.

Good luck everyone!


Homework Week 4


This week’s homework is a mix of Maths and Topic.  Next week in Maths we will be focusing on multiplication so the homework this week is to practice your times tables!  This includes the 10, 2, 5, 3 and 4 times tables.  You can practice these times tables on TT Rockstars, reciting them out loud or however you like!  For Topic, this week’s focus will be the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.  Your challenge is to research and find facts on any Pharaoh of your choice!

Please ensure your homework is completed and sent to the class email address before the next one is set (every Friday).  If you have any questions regarding the homework you may also use the class email address to ask them.

Good luck everyone!


Homework Week 3


This week’s homework is split into Maths and Topic. 

For Maths, you will be able to show your addition and subtraction skills that we have been working on in class for the past two weeks, ask an adult to write out some sums for you and have a go at working them out. 

For the Topic, I would like you to tell me what you remember from our hook week for the Egyptians, what was your favourite bit? What are you excited to learn more about?

Spelling will be sent home for you to practice, the highlighted words are words that you can spell. Please practise spelling the words that are not highlighted. You do not need to bring the sheet back into school. After half term you will have the opportunity to spell the words that you have been practising.

Please ensure that your homework is completed and sent to the class email address before the next one is set (every Friday).  If you any questions regarding the homework you may also use the class email address to ask them.

Good luck everyone!


Mummifying Oranges


After learning about mummification earlier this week, today the children attempted to do some mummifying of their own.  The children were mummifying oranges! Throughout the activity the children had to empty the orange of its insides leaving the skin in its place.  Next the children had to dry the insides, add some cinnamon and fill it with salt and bicarbonate soda to dry it out.  To finish, the children wrapped the orange in bandages.

In a few weeks we will open up the oranges again to see what they look like and see what has happened to them.

English/Topic - Special Objects


Today in our Topic session on the Egyptians the children were learning about how Pharaohs and important people were placed in a sarcophagus when they died.  In the room around them they would be surrounded by riches including gold and many other items such as weapons and boats which would help them on their way into the afterlife.

We then began to discuss what items are important to us and what we couldn't bear to lose.  The children came up with lots of different examples and it was lovely to hear the reasons why they were special to them.

Here are a few examples of the children's work :).

Topic Hook - The Egyptians!


This morning the children had their hook for their new topic.. The Egyptians!!

The children came into the school hall and were able to explore the different tables which had been set up with Egyptian artifacts whilst listening to some Egyptian style music.  On one table, the children were challenged to identify Egypt on a globe and have a look through some Egyptian based story and informative books.  On another table the children had the chance to look at some Egyptian style clothing that Pharaohs would have worn.  On the final table the children were able to look at relics and artifacts linked to mummification and pyramids as well being able to look at some organs that will have been taken from the body of a pharaoh during mummification!  Gross!

The children really enjoyed their first session of their new topic.  Here are some photos for you to have a look at :).

Homework Week 2


This week’s homework is split into Maths and Topic.  For Maths, the children will be trying to find numbers that are one more/one less or ten more/ten less than a given number.  There are different sheets to challenge the children.  For the Topic, the children will be researching about the Egyptians!  I’ve attached a few different chapters to get stuck into.  You can read them all, a couple or any that you think look interesting! 

Please ensure that your homework is completed and sent to the class email address before the next one is set (every Friday).  If you any questions regarding the homework you may also use the class email address to ask them.

Good luck everyone!  

Homework Week 1


This week’s homework is split into English and Maths and links to the learning that we have completed in class this week.  For Maths, the children will be comparing numbers, identifying the largest and smallest using the correct symbol.  There are two sheets, the second is more challenging.  For English the homework will be based on the book we are focusing on in class which is The Twits.  The homework is for the children to write their own trick that Mr or Mrs Twit might play on the other (be creative!). 

Please ensure that your homework is completed and sent to the class email address before the next one is set (every Friday).  If you any questions regarding the homework you may also use the class email address to ask them.

Good luck everyone!  


Homework, TT Rockstars and New Class Email


As of next Friday we will begin to set homework again for the children.  However, instead of this being completed in learning logs, we will be continuing with our online homework for the time being.  There is a new class email address which I will add to the bottom of this post which you can send any completed work to.  Homework can be completed anytime between the Friday it was set and the following Friday (before new homework is set).

Also, TT Rockstars is up and running with the same username and passwords as last year.  Please practice the set times tables with your child :).


If you have any questions about the homework please feel free to email me through the class email address and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


New Class Email Address:

First Week Back


Just a quick message to let you all know what a fantastic first week back in school we've had.  The children seem to have settled into our strange new routines easier than I have!  I have been so impressed with how mature and grown up they've been since they've returned and they deserve so much credit.  They have also worked incredibly hard in lessons and shared their thoughts and feelings about their return during our sessions on emotional well-being.  

I also wanted to thank you, the parents, for making drop offs and pick ups safe and easy as well as ensuring children have only what they need when they come to school.


Well done everyone!

Mr D



Creating Our Class Display


Usually this would have been our 'move up morning' activity but it was just as nice to do this at the start of the year.  The children painted different leaf templates for our Elm tree outside of the classroom.  All of the children were adventurous and creative by mixing the colours together to create new ones and by making a variety of different coloured leaves.  The display will look fantastic once it's done and I will add the pictures once we have the finished product!


Today was a lovely start to our year and I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves :).

Keep an eye out for more posts and updates :).

Hi Guys,

It's Mr D!  I hope you are all enjoying the last couple of weeks of your summer holidays.

I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces in just over a week's time! 

We have lots of fun and fantastic things planned for when you return and I can't wait to get started.


Take care and I will see you soon,

Mr D