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Cherry, Honeysuckle and Blossom Class

Goodbye FS2, I’m ready for Year 1! 

What a year it’s been!! The children have been troopers and our parents/carers have been super supportive.


We are super proud of all our children’s achievements and look forward to seeing them grow in the future.


Take care tiny acorns, can’t wait to see you grow into mighty oak trees πŸ’—



Teddy bears picnic 🐻


We had a lovely picnic on the junior field with our bears. We played with lots of PE equipment and had teddy shaped crisps and juice! 


We finished off with a story from Mr Haywood around the ‘fire’ pit!


EYFS Graduation 2021


FS2 had their graduation today! Although it was super sad that we couldn’t have parents there, we made the best of it!



Head over to Tapestry to see the videos! 

Party Time! 

Due to FS2 isolating when the circus came to visit, we had a party at school to make up for it! 
We had David in for the day from Non-stop Entertainment.

the children watched a magic show, had a disco and played party games. 
Lots of fun all round! 





Sports day 2021


The children enjoyed sports day today!


We had the following races:
*balancing a beanbag on your head
*beanbag relay















We had so much fun! 

Huge thank you to all the parents and carers that came to support the children and followed all the rules to keep them safe from Covid πŸ’—


Lots more photos of the children enjoying sports day have been put onto Tapestry 😊



Handa’s Surprise 


This week we have been reading Handa’s Surprise 


The children made Giraffes πŸ¦’ 



Didn’t they do a brilliant job! 

Continuous Provision 


Miss Pickering, Miss Crompton and Mrs Cauchi work hard to keep our independent learning provision interesting and fun. 

Here is a small sample...





Fun in the sun β˜€οΈ 


The EYFS outdoor area has had lots of new, colourful and super fun floor markings! The children loved spending the afternoon using them! 




Huge thank you to Graham, Kieran and Charlie from Pentagon sport for doing such a brilliant job. Here they are...



Caterpillar update πŸ› 


The caterpillars formed a chrysalis each 



Each chrysalis then became a beautiful butterfly πŸ¦‹ 


As it was half term Mr Haywood took them home and released them into the world! 


The children all watched the release, they were mesmerised as were the adults! 





Caterpillar update πŸ› 


The caterpillars have finally woven themselves a cacoon!! The children have learnt another name for this part of the butterfly lifecycle; chrysalis.



We are hoping to have butterflies soon! 

🌈 Rainbow DayπŸ’—


We are a super proud Gold Stonewall School Champion. Rainbow Day was all about showing our support for the 

International Day Against Homophobia, 

Bi-phobia and Transphobia 2021 


The children dressed in all the colours of the rainbow and did some colourful ribbon dancing πŸŒˆπŸ’—





The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Our book of the week has been The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  


We’ve learnt all about their lifecycle and what they should and should not eat! 

We have helped Dr Butterfly by writing lists and sentences about what the caterpillar are because he wouldn’t tell the doctor why he had a poorly tummy.

The children did so very well with their independent writing-I was super proud πŸ¦‹ 





Caterpillar Update! πŸ› 


The caterpillars have started to get bigger and climb up and down their home. 
The children enjoyed looking at their progress and were very careful when passing them around to each other.



Football training in the β˜€οΈ 


As the weather has been so lovely we did football training with Coach Jack from MCFC outside!


We were learning all about balance this week.



We went on a troll hunt! 

All the children wondered where the Troll disappeared to once the Big Billy Goat Gruff had knocked him in the water. So, we went on a Troll hunt!
We found him and scared him away! 




We received a very special delivery this week; caterpillars! 

They will be staying with us for a few weeks until they are butterflies πŸ¦‹ 


We are going be looking at the lifecycle of a caterpillar.  There are 10 caterpillars for us to watch.


The children are super excited! 




Painting flowers 🌸 


After the success of the children painting daffodils last half term we have decided to have a observational painting table every week. 

This week the children are going to be painting lilies. Here a few of the paintings done so far...




Billy Goats Gruff



Our book for Literacy focus this week is The Billy Goats Gruff. We read the story and the children were so very excited they role played the story outside! 
We went into Key Stage One yard because they have a bridge! 


FS2 Easter egg hunt 🐣


The Easter bunny came and left lots of little surprises for the children! Not only did he leave us all a Creme Egg each, Miss Maynard got us all an egg too! 

Lots of chocolate filled Easter fun 🀩 




Happy holidays children; have lots of fun, take care and keep safe πŸŒˆπŸ’—

πŸ₯ Decorated egg competition 🐣


Our judges; Miss Maynard and Mrs Mitchell had a very hard time picking the winners! 

Thank you for your support in allowing the children to be so very creative πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ₯






The winners were:





πŸ₯Easter bonnet parade 🐣 


We have had lots of fun this morning showing off the Easter bonnets to each πŸ₯other and our judges; Miss Maynard and Mrs Mitchell. 


Thank you to all those that supported their child in being so very creative! πŸ₯




Our winners were:


πŸ₯ Erin

πŸ₯ Poppy

πŸ₯ Jenson 


πŸ₯πŸ₯ Spring Chicks πŸ₯ πŸ₯


This week we did a group activity called directed drawing. As it’s spring we drew chicks. The children drew a fabulous collection of chicks; each one as fabulously unique as them πŸ’—






❀️My hopes for the future ❀️


As lockdown eases (hopefully for good! 🀞🏽) we have been writing about what we hope to do once Covid is under control.  

Here are a selection...




β˜€οΈ The sun has got his hat on! β˜€οΈ 


The children enjoyed their first ‘official visit’ to the KS1 playground


Next term we will be using this playground more often as part of transition 



The Big Bad Wolf!


The Big Bad Wolf came to visit today! The children asked lord of questions. We have been practising our use of question words. 

Here are a selection of what he was asked...

Where do you live?

Will you be my friend?

Why did you run away?

Why did the pigs burn you?

Why do you eat pigs?

Why did you go down the chimney?

Why do you live in the woods?

What do you like to eat?

Why did you blow the pigs houses? 

How far did you run?

Did the police catch you?

How did you find the pigs?

How did Little Red Riding Hood get rid of you? 

What’s your name?


The Wolf tried to gobble Mr Haywood up but he ran away, phew! 


On Friday 19th March, all the children helped to raise money for charities across the UK and the world 

This year, everyone came to school with crazy hair! 
A great big thank you to all our parents and carers for putting so much time and effort into making sure that our children had the craziest hair ever! 

Here are a selection...




Football training


Coach Jack is back to train all the children.



Cosch Jack trains with Honeysuckle and Cherry Class on Tuesdays and Blossom Class on Fridays. He makes training super fun and really makes us move our bodies! 

World Book Day 2021


We marked WBD at school today by dressing as adjectives, their were some impressive costumes!!


We spent the day listening to stories from the teachers, Miss Maynard, Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet (authors of Supertato!) and Hannah Peckham (author of Conker The Chameleon).  We had lots of fun 🀩 








FS2 Together again πŸ’—


We welcomed the children back today and we’ve had an utterly lovely day. Their smiling faces and happy chatter made all the adults happy 😊 


Here are a few pictures showcasing the fun we’ve had learning in the provision today...





Express yourself πŸŒˆπŸ’—πŸ˜Š


The children were invited to dress to express themselves! We had mermaids, princesses and superhero’s! It was brilliant to see so many children taking part at home!


Well-being ❀️

The third theme of Children’s Mental Health Week was Well-being. We had a screen free day, did yoga, went for a long 3D shape walk and used the equipment in KS1 Playground. The children remote learning at home did some brilliant things too like painting and investing games!!

Yoga  πŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸ½‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΌ‍♀️

3D shape walk 

At home 🏠...

Happiness 😊


The second theme of Children’s Mental Health Week was Happiness. The children had to finish the following sentence...


Happiness is...


Here is what our children said:


We finished by dancing to ‘Happiness’ by Pharrell Williams, check out our moves! 


Kindness πŸ’—

It is Children’s Mental Health Week across the country. At New Moston we have a theme each day. Today was kindness. We looked at all the different ways to be kind and how our acts of kindness affect others. 

Here are examples of writing from the children in FS2 about their acts of kindness ❀️



Pippa came to visit!


Miss Maynard brought Pippa, the school dog to visit FS2. The children loved her being there. They learned how to play with Pippa without frightening her. 

I was super proud of the children and how carefully they played! 

Snow! ⛄️

We woke up to snow this morning. Miss Toshkazi got very excited and made two snowmen!

What do you think?


Have you played in the snow? Share any photos on Tapestry with us! 

Take care, keep safe xx

Rainbow Day 🌈 ❀️

We celebrated all the Heroes that have been keeping us safe since March 2020.  The children wore bright, colourful clothing and joined in with lots of rainbow making! 

Miss Pickering made a brilliant messy play tray full of coloured rice! 


Lots of fun was had both at school and home! 



Happy holidays!


All the FS2 staff wish all our children and their families merry Christmas and a very happy new year! 

FS2 Christmas Party πŸŽ„


We had a brilliant time at our party! We made reindeer food and played lots of games including ‘Pass the Parcel’ and musical statues.  We ate yummy party food and had THE best visitor ever...Santa! πŸŽ…πŸ½

Lots of fun was had ❀️








Bye bye Mrs Newton!


After 27 years Mrs Newton our business manager is retiring.  Blossom Class went and sang a Christmas song for her, she seemed to enjoy it! 


We are said to see her go but wish her a long, happy and healthy retirement with Mr Newton β€οΈ




Christmas Lunch πŸŽ„ 


The children enjoyed a festive lunch in the hall. They had all the traditional foods like turkey, sprouts and roast potatoes with lashings of gravy! 

A huge thank you to our Dinner ladies who have made 100s of sandwiches this term and served us with hot meals! 

Christmas Jumper Day


On Friday 11th December we had Christmas Jumper day. All the school community paid £1 each to wear their jumper. All the money collected will be donated to Save The Children.


Here are some of the children in their festive outfits! 


A visit from Pippa!


Pippa is our school dog. Miss Maynard brought her to FS2 for a visit.  The children were delighted and keen to pat her. 



Birthday celebrations!


On Friday 27th November we had our first birthday afternoon. We danced, played party games like musical bumps and New Moston X Factor! 
Miss Maynard bought us all a cake and mini chocolate bar.



We read two birthday stories and one was about our favourite cartoon character; Peppa Pig! 


We are looking forward to December’s birthday afternoon which will be on

Friday 18th December.




On Tapestry in our observations of the children we often use words that are not commonly used outside of a school setting.

We have just uploaded an item on Tapestry for every child’s parent/carer that is a Jargon Buster! It gives an explanation of some of the words we commonly use in observations.


Hope it helps! 

Children In Need


On Friday 13th November all the children wore pjs, bought special badges and wristbands all to raise money for this half terms charity.

In FS2 we joined in with Joe Wicks special CIN workouts.

Lots of fun was had by all! 




The Gruffalo 


The Gruffalo came to visit us, we had to keep our distance because of Covid and because he was super hungry!


The children bravely asked him questions using the question starter words we have been learning to use what ask questions.

These words are:











This week we have been learning all about Diwali. We’ve learnt why it is celebrated and how it is celebrated. 

Diwali is celebrated to remember the time Ram and Sita were welcomed back after Raven was beaten. We read the story and watched it too.


We then learnt how Diwali is celebrated with Dipal. Dipal showed us how houses are decorated, what happens at the Hindu temple, what people wear and the foods that are eaten 





Room on the Broom



This week we have been reading Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. We have learnt she likes to use rhyming words in her stories. The children have been Rhyming Detectives and been on the lookout for rhyming words and been practising rhyming strings which is saying a group of words that rhyme, quickly one after the other. 
The children have been writing Rhyming Spells.  The adults have been so pleased with how well the children have been applying their developing phonic knowledge when writing


Here is a small selection...









Aliens Love Underpants!


The children came in on Monday to find underpants everywhere in FS2! The children and the adults thought it strange (and funny!) but we discovered that the Aliens had come to school to take all our spare underpants! 


Drop off and pick up


After listening carefully to feedback from parents and carers the procedures for drop off in the morning have changed. ONE parent/carer can now come on to the school grounds at the start of the day with their child. You can walk them upto their class door. 

The start time for FS2 is 9am and home time is 3.05pm


The letter from our Headteacher about these changes can be found below.


Thank you for your continued support 😊

Food Policies


As a Manchester Healthy School we are committed to supporting our children to be happy and healthy.  The policies below are for Packed Lunches and Food in School. 

Please refer to these when packing your child's lunch.  


Thank you

Ms Rashid

Starting School


Next week we are looking forward to welcoming the children into FS2.


All of the children who attended FS1 at our school and have been given a place in NMPS FS2 will start school on Wednesday 2nd  September at 9am. All the EYFS staff will be at the big blue gates to welcome them into school.


All children who are completely new to NMPS and have been given a place in FS2 will start school on Thursday 3rd September at 9.30.  All the EYFS staff will be at the big blue gates to welcome them into school.  The children will then start school at 9am from Friday onwards.

All children will need a named water bottle and a change of clothes in a bag to hang on their peg, please name each item of clothing. 

We look forward to welcoming the children next week. 

Enjoy the long weekend 😊


Ms Rashid 

Hello there!


I’m super pleased to tell you that FS2 will be having football training with MCFC this year. 

Honeysuckle and Cherry class will have training on Tuesday and Blossom class on Friday.


The children will not need a PE kit till after Christmas. They will do training in their uniform in the Autumn term but please send your child in with TRAINERS (any colour is fine!) only for the day they have training.

Thank you 😊 


Keep safe, take care!


Ms Rashid