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Cherry, Honeysuckle and Blossom Class

Room on the Broom



This week we have been reading Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. We have learnt she likes to use rhyming words in her stories. The children have been Rhyming Detectives and been on the lookout for rhyming words and been practising rhyming strings which is saying a group of words that rhyme, quickly one after the other. 
The children have been writing Rhyming Spells.  The adults have been so pleased with how well the children have been applying their developing phonic knowledge when writing


Here is a small selection...









Aliens Love Underpants!


The children came in on Monday to find underpants everywhere in FS2! The children and the adults thought it strange (and funny!) but we discovered that the Aliens had come to school to take all our spare underpants! 


Drop off and pick up


After listening carefully to feedback from parents and carers the procedures for drop off in the morning have changed. ONE parent/carer can now come on to the school grounds at the start of the day with their child. You can walk them upto their class door. 

The start time for FS2 is 9am and home time is 3.05pm


The letter from our Headteacher about these changes can be found below.


Thank you for your continued support 😊

Food Policies


As a Manchester Healthy School we are committed to supporting our children to be happy and healthy.  The policies below are for Packed Lunches and Food in School. 

Please refer to these when packing your child's lunch.  


Thank you

Ms Rashid

Starting School


Next week we are looking forward to welcoming the children into FS2.


All of the children who attended FS1 at our school and have been given a place in NMPS FS2 will start school on Wednesday 2nd  September at 9am. All the EYFS staff will be at the big blue gates to welcome them into school.


All children who are completely new to NMPS and have been given a place in FS2 will start school on Thursday 3rd September at 9.30.  All the EYFS staff will be at the big blue gates to welcome them into school.  The children will then start school at 9am from Friday onwards.

All children will need a named water bottle and a change of clothes in a bag to hang on their peg, please name each item of clothing. 

We look forward to welcoming the children next week. 

Enjoy the long weekend 😊


Ms Rashid 

Hello there!


I’m super pleased to tell you that FS2 will be having football training with MCFC this year. 

Honeysuckle and Cherry class will have training on Tuesday and Blossom class on Friday.


The children will not need a PE kit till after Christmas. They will do training in their uniform in the Autumn term but please send your child in with TRAINERS (any colour is fine!) only for the day they have training.

Thank you 😊 


Keep safe, take care!


Ms Rashid