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Y6 Leavers 2020

Calling all Y6s!


We are inviting Y6 pupils from class 6W and 6S to come back to school on Wednesday 15th July so collect any belongings, say goodbye to their teachers and hopefully (if they have arrived!) pick up their leavers books :)


Year 6 pupils from 6W and 6S only will be able to access school grounds via the middle playground gates at 2pm; they will be able to go to tables outside of their classrooms, collect belongings and leavers books, say goodbye to staff and then leave via the field gate. 


Parents may escort children to school but will unfortunately not be allowed on premises at this time. 


If your child is going to attend may they please wear a white t shirt which you do not mind being decorated by staff :) 


We look forward to seeing pupils and saying goodbye in a socially distanced, fun way! :)

Friday 10th July


Here are your final tasks of the week!!  You made it!


Have a lovely weekend.


Love Miss Swapp

Thursday 9th July


Here are your tasks for today. Thank you to all the children who have sent me their learning.


I am proud of you all. I hope you are all doing ok. 


Love Miss Swapp

Wednesday 8th July


Here you go, I know you can't wait to start.




Miss Swapp

Tuesday 7th July


Here are today's daily task. Keep working hard. 


Love Miss Swapp 

Monday 6th July


I hope you have had a lovely weekend and managed to get some fresh air although the weather hasn't been great.

Here are your tasks for today. 


Love Miss Swapp 

Friday 3rd July 2020


Good Morning 6S,


It's Friday!! Here is your last task for the week. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and hopefully the weather will be better! 


Remember to send any learning that you have completed to me, I would love to see what you have done.



Miss Swapp


Art- Design your own puzzle-3.7.20



Thursday 2nd July 2020


Good morning,


I hope you enjoyed yesterday's activities, today's Spag task is on word classes- nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions etc and the Maths is simplifying fractions. 


Have a great day!



Miss Swapp


Geography quiz- ANSWERS



Wednesday 1st July 2020


Morning 6S!


I hope you are enjoying your home learning! Today's task will be a Geography quiz to test your knowledge! I will reveal the answers tomorrow! Good luck quizzing!

For the math task today you will now have a go at applying your knowledge of percentages to word problems.

Today's Spag activity is on nouns, I have included a prompt sheet to remind you of the different types of nouns in case you had forgotten. I would like you to think or find examples of the different types of nouns and fill in the grid.


Don't forget to share your amazing learning with me! 



Miss Swapp smiley



Geography- 1.7.20

Starter- complete the times table quiz, get someone time you to see you can beat the clock! 



Tuesday 30th June 2020


Good Morning!


I hope you are all okay. Today's task is a reading comprehension and I would like you to complete the worksheet on finding percentage of quantities. Good luck. I have included the answers so you can check. 



Miss Swapp






Monday 29th June 2020


Good morning - I hope you have all had a good weekend. Here is your daily task. Today I would like you to read the news debate article on 'After the lockdown, should more be done to tackle air pollution?'

Discuss with either your family, friends or carers the key questions at the end of the article, I would then like you to write an argument on whether you think more should be done tackle pollution or if you think it is not the time to tackle pollution. Remember to include evidence to help support your reasons. 


 I would like you to complete a maths mat too. You will need to remember everything we have taught you.  Good luck. I have included the answers so you can check. 



Miss Swapp


Literacy task- 29.6.20



Friday 26th June 2020


Good morning 6S. Well we've made it to the end of another week. They are going so quick.


Both Literacy and Numeracy learning is activity mats today for you to complete. If you can't print them off, you can can a piece of paper and write the answers on there.


Have a nice weekend and stay safe.


Miss Swapp


Literacy 26.06.20

Thursday 25.06.20


Good morning 6S. I hope you are all okay and you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. It is supposed to be even hotter today so if you do get out of the house, make sure you wear suncream! 


In maths today, I would like you to complete the units of measure sheets. The first 3 pages are all the questions and pages 4,5,6 are the answer for you to check - no cheating though.


In Literacy, this morning it has been announced (thank you Good Morning Britain) that in September schools will welcome back all children. This is fantastic news. Therefore, I would like you to create a newspaper report making this announcement. You will need to have a look on the internet for the information, any rules that are going to be put in place to keep everybody safe, tell the reader who made the decision and get some quotes from people on how they feel about the decision (good and bad, balance your article).


I have also put a checklist of things you need to include and a powerpoint reminding you how to write a newspaper articles. 


Enjoy the weather 


Miss Swapp


Wednesday 24.06.20


Good morning. The weather is beautiful today so you will have a bit of home learning but then you can go and enjoy the sun - no sitting in on computer games. They are for rainy days.


Today's math is dividing fractions - remember the rule. Same, change and flip.

You have also got dividing fractions by whole numbers. Remember, turn the whole number into a fraction.


In Literacy, you have been given a picture of a spooky forest. I would like you to create a settings description, ensuring it is scary and you hold suspense throughout. Remember your descriptive features - adjectives, adverbs, similes, metaphors, personification and onomatopoeia.


I look forward to seeing all your hard work.


Have a nice day!


Miss Swapp


Literacy 24.06.20

Tuesday 23.06.20


Hey guys, happy Tuesday. Hope you are all okay?


Today's maths activities are all about fractions, adding different denominators and mixed number fractions.

Today's Literacy is a reading comprehension called 'The cave'. There are 2 question sheets that go with it.


Have fun

Miss Swapp


Monday 22nd June 2020

Good morning, happy Monday. I hope you all had a lovely weekend even if the weather wasn't brilliant. Hopefully you are nice and refreshed ready for another week of home learning. 


Today's math learning is 3 activity mats for you to complete. They each have the answers with them for you to check but no looking till it is completed.


Today's literacy is a grammar reminder and a character description. Remember all that fantastic vocabulary and descriptive language you were using when you were in school.



Miss Swapp


Literacy descriptive picture 22.06.20

Literacy descriptive activity 22.06.20


Can you brainstorm what you think about him using adventurous descriptive language.
Can you describe him in detail - if you put 'beard' describe further - what is the beard like?

Once you have built up a range of vocab can you turn it into a paragraph describing your character, focusing on both appearance and personality.


Today is the last day to get your photo to me. Remember we can't have end of year photos this year so this is our only way.

Please send to:



Friday 19th June 


Well it is Friday - we made it!!


Here are today's tasks. 

I would like you to get crafty today- well it is Friday!! 

Produce a collage using pictures, magazine cut outs, sweet wrappers etc to create a  story of your  time at New Moston Primary School. 


Maths: Complete the ability mat. 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Love Miss Swapp xxxx

Thursday 18th June 


Here are today's daily tasks.  Write a letter to your Year 6 self which you will read again once you have left High School. Think about what your dreams are. What you want to achieve.  


For Maths, complete the mixed learning mats. I hope you have been getting on ok with the others. Keep pushing yourself to complete them. You can do it!!!




Love Miss Swapp xx



Thank you so much to those of you who have emailed me your lockdown poems, they have been lovely to read and at the same time overwhelming, bringing tears to my eyes. I know this is a very difficult and unusual time for us all but we are all in this together. I would like to share two poems with you that I think you will all enjoy. 


New Moston 

From Nursery to Year 6,

Every year was special,

Lots of memories made,

Will miss the times we shared, 

Moments we will laugh at,

Outside playing footy was fun, 

Spag, maths and P.E are the best,

Trying to spell was a test,

Off too secondary school I go,

New Moston I'm sad to go! 


By Alfie 



Year 6 Leaves Poem


What a crazy year, year 6 has been,

All the things we have learned and loved,

We had experiences and plans we wanted to do,

But all of that couldn't come true,


Learning about things like spelling and maths,

Then we would complete all the tasks,

Yet sometimes life comes to a struggle,

And we all have to stay in our own little bubble.


Schools and shops have been shut down,

Now it's hard to walk around,

We can only see people on our phone,

But just know you aren't alone.


We had to do what was right,

Because there is still a light,

But all we can do now is hope,

But ignoring the safety rules is a big nope.


This history will be told,

With the power it holds,

A story to tell in the future,

Which was a huge adventure.


We are just children but had to leave our friends,

To social distance and to put this to an end,

We are all heroes in this pandemic,

Fighting and battling this horrible epidemic.


Even though we went our own ways,

We still have memories of our funny school days,

All the fun and laughter to school trips far away,

And to be allowed now we'd just have to pray.


We had closes assemblies that were 20 minutes long,

Then going back to class with our brains working strong,

Running out to play was the best part for us,

And if I could choose for it to be longer, trust me I would.


As I think of my past,

It'll remind me of how long we would last,

But now it's time to say goodbye,

For when we come back and say hi!


By Chloe 





Reminder- Class Photo


Just a quick reminder that the deadline to send a picture of your child (shoulders and head) for the class photo is FRIDAY 19TH JUNE (this Friday). If you would like your child to be included in the class picture, please send a picture of your child to:


Miss Swapp x



Wednesday 17th June


Hi guys,


I hope you are all still ok. 

Your daily task for Literacy is to write your own lockdown poem!! You can make it funny, sad, happy, a bit of everything - it is entirely up to you.  I have attached an example for you to read so you can get an idea if what one might look like.  Good luck. 

I would like you to complete another Maths mat.  Do your best and remember to think back to what you have been taught. 


Love Miss Swapp 


Tuesday 16th June


Hey guys. Here is today's daily task. 


There are some more transition activities to do and for Maths I would like you to complete some learning around your times table. You know how important they are!! They come into everything!! Enjoy.


Miss Swapp xx



15th June


Thank you to those of you for sharing your learning that you have completed from the daily tasks last week! It was lovely to see what you had been up to and made my day laugh Hopefully I will hear more from the rest of you later on in the week. 


I will be making the rest of my phones call today. 


Have a great day! 


Love Miss Swapp x



15th June 2020


Good morning - I hope you have all had a good weekend. Here is your daily task. Today I would like you to think about your transition to High School - it won't be long until you are a Year 7!!

Complete your educational journey so far.  I would also like you to think about how you are feeling about moving on to High School. Some of you might be feeling excited, nervous,apprehensive - whatever you're feeling write them down. It might just help. 


 I would like you to complete a maths mat too. You will need to remember everything we have taught you.  Good luck. I have included the answers so you can check. 


Love Miss Swapp


Dear Parents/Carers,

As we obviously can't have our class photos this year Mrs Hindle is putting together a class photo for each class as a lasting memory of this time!

If you would like to have your child added to their class photo I need you to send a head shot (from the shoulders up) of your child to ...
(By doing this you are giving your consent to share your child's photo with other parents.)

I would need these no later than FRIDAY 19TH JUNE!

There is no uniform to the image you send just a clear smiling head shot of your cherubs! (Please no snapchat style filters!)

Thank you



Hi everyone!


Sorry about the delay, but we now have our class email address! 

I can't wait to hear from you and for you to share your learning with me. 


Please to the following email:


Miss Swapp 


Daily tasks- Friday 12th June


Good morning! 

It's Friday! Here are your tasks for today. Hope you have a great weekend and keep safe. smiley


Miss Swapp x

Literacy Task-


Design and make your very own magical machine- be as creative as you want to be!! 

Think about: What makes your machine special? What qualities does it have and why? How does it work? Does your machine have any faults? 


Then I would like you to write a story based around your machine, remember if you are struggling watch the Alchemist's letter clip again to help you.


Have fun!



Daily Task- 11th June


Good Morning smiley


I hope you enjoyed your tasks yesterday, I look forward to reading your description of the opening scene or your set of instructions, soon you will be able to take a picture and send your wonderful learning to me.


This weeks Literacy task will be linked to the Alchemist's Letter. I have set two tasks just in case you wanted to do more! 


Remember to try your best, have fun with the tasks and be as creative as you want to be!



Hello there!

Hope you’re all well!

As you now know, Mr Partington is leaving us in July.

We would like to make a video for him. It would be brilliant if the children could record a short message for him, no longer than 15 seconds please!

In addition to this we’d like to make Mr Partington a book of memories.  If you have a special memory of him please send to us!

Memories and videos to be sent in for Tuesday 30th June to...

Thank you 

Good Morning 6S,


Every day I will be adding mini daily tasks for you to complete and very soon you will be able to share your learning with me by emailing what you have done! I cannot wait to hear from you! laugh


Literacy - 10th June




Read recent editions of First News here, I will be updating them each week. laugh



9th June 2020


Hello 6S!


I hope you are all okay! It's been a while since I spoke to most of you on the phone. It was lovely to speak to you and find out a little bit about what you have all been doing. I will be calling again on Thursday 11th and Monday 15th to see how you have been getting on and to find out what you have been up to. 


School feels very strange without you smiling faces but hopefully you are all managing to fill your time and not getting too bored!

Although the weather seems to be changing, I hope you have still been keeping busy! I have been taking Monty on lots of walks and have started painting my hallway.


Missing you all. 


Miss Swapp smiley



Hello 6S!


Hope you are all safe and well. I am missing you all terribly (even the constant chatting and the sound of the electric sharpener going off!) I am sure you are missing school as well as me smiley but there is plenty of home learning to be getting on with and enjoy spending time with your family. 


I have been busy in the garden and I have done lots of cleaning- my house has never been so clean and tidy! I have also been on lots of walks with Monty, who is keeping me busy with digging up my plants that I have just planted. no


I look forward to seeing you all very soon! In the meantime, keep doing your home learning and remember that there are lots more activities to be busy with on the internet- Joe Wick PE sessions, online dance routines (I have had a go myself!), story telling with David Walliams and virtual tours of the zoo. 


Enjoy your time off, make lots of new memories with your family and most of all stay safe and keep smiling.


For parents:

If you need to contact school please use the following email address


And for any pastoral needs please email



Miss Swapp and Mrs Spence 


Christmas at New Moston!

This week we have been learning about Christingle which means 'Christ's Light' and it is a symbol of the Christian faith.  We created our own Christingles too whilst learning about what each part symbolizes.  We learnt that the candle represents Jesus who they believe is the light of the world.  The red ribbon goes all around the world, representing the blood of Jesus who died for his beliefs. 6S really enjoyed learning about Christingle and making their own! 

Into University

Watch out....environment alert!!