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Meet the staff

Welcome to the Key Stage 1 staff.

There have been a few changes, so all the staff's photos are here so you know who will be welcoming you back in September.

We can't wait to see you all again!

Mrs Waddell-Sycamore class teacher and KS1 Assistant Head
Miss Jones-Maple class teacher
Miss Munbodhowa-Palm class teacher
Miss Brown-Chestnut class teacher
Miss Robinson-Willow class teacher
Mrs Kelly Rimmer-HLTA in Sycamore, Chestnut and Palm
Mrs Baxter-HLTA in Sycamore
Miss Leech-HLTA in Maple
Mrs Whittaker-Teaching Assistant in Maple and Sycamore
Miss Chambers-Teaching Assistant in Maple and Chestnut
Miss Hewlett-Teaching Assistant in Willow
Mrs Bennett-Teaching Assistant in Palm
Mrs Cauchi-Sycamore Teaching Assistant