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Year 6 Aspirations Event 2024

Year Six 

Aspirations Event


At NMPS we believe that every single one of our children are capable of being ANYTHING they aspire to. Throughout the year our UKS2 children have had the opportunity to learn about a variety of careers.  They have been visited by lots of different professionals including the fire service.  During the Summer term,  Year 6 had an information packed afternoon when lots of external visitors came and spoke to them about their careers. 



Liz came to speak to us about being a self employed ambassador for a skincare company called Tropic.



Cheryl cane spoke to the children about her time in the Army. The children were fascinated with her talk about her time in Gibraltar, Afghanistan and Iraq. 



Sophie came to speak to the children about her life as an actress. The children were enthralled because she’s been on TV! 



Heidi proved to be a very popular speaker. She works for Manchester City Club. She told us about starting as a receptionist and working her way upto talent management. She explained that she looks after the clubs scouts and the actual players! She’s had a cup of tea made for by Pep Guardiola!



Tracie is a BSL interpreter. She told us how you get qualified and how much you can earn. She explained that she’s self employed and has interpreted for Adele and Taylor Swift! 

She took the time to teach the children the alphabet in sign language. The children had great fun!



Chris works for Bank of New York and explained that it’s his job to make sure that all the customer details are safe.


He spoke about working with colleagues in America and how the time difference means that he works odd hours. Chris said he throughly enjoys his job and that BNY works hard to include everyone and offers wellbeing classes such as Yoga twice a week. 

Huge thank you to all our speakers! 🩷