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Extra curricular

EYFS extra-curricular clubs ⭐️


The EYFS staff and Seniora Craven have planned various clubs for before school.  These include:


  • Mindful monday

Mrs Studholme does yoga sessions with the children. Each session is based on a theme such as space, under the sea and stories

  • Being active 

Mrs Bennett uses lesson suggestions from our school PE scheme, REAL PE.  Each session is themed such as pirates 

  • Funky fingers

Miss Webster plans fun activities to develop the children’s fine motor skills to  strengthen their hands ready to draw and write 

  • Bookworms 

Ms Rashid reads the newest books that the EYFS invests in. We have lots of fun role playing characters and thinking about  what we would do in the situations

  • Maths fun 

Mrs Hindle plans lots of fun number games for the children to embed knowledge about numbers

  • Spanish

Seniora Craven introduces basic Spanish vocabulary through stories, dance and music.