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A great end to the first week back, we had a fantastic time in the sun on the BMX bikes and we were able to follow the track to perfection.



Archive 2022-23

Coronation Day



Attendance Award πŸŽ‰βœ¨

This week Poplar class won the attendance award for being the best attending class in UKS2.


Well done everyone! 




 This week in DT, we researched, designed, made and then evaluates our bridges. We thoroughly enjoyed working as a team and reviewing and designs as we went along. 


Please check out our amazing bridges laugh

Building bridges




In DT this week, we looked at different beam shapes and the impact these have on the strength of bridges. We had to investigate the strength of different beams but making them from construction paper. The challenge was that we were not allowed to use glue or sticky tape. We tested them to see which beam shape held the most weight. 





World book day πŸ“š

Can you guess what character we are?




SAT's Parent Meeting 


Please find the below the information from the SAT's Parents Meeting being held on Tuesday 7th March.7

Mrs Toshkezi 

We had a fantastic pyjama party yesterday. We watched a film in our comfy clothes, cuddled our favourite teddies and ate some yummy snacks. The children have worked really hard this half-term and I would like to say a big thank you all for all of your effort. Keep it up Poplar Class! 



Dear Parents and Carers,


As a reward for filling our pom-pom jar, Poplar class will be having a pyjama party on the afternoon of Tuesday 14th February. The children may bring their pyjamas in their bag, ready for a well-earned treat afternoon. No food will be required as this will be provided by myself as a thank you treat to the children for all of their hard work this year.

Kind regards,

Miss Robertson  J

On Friday, your child will have brought home a pack. Inside this pack, there is knowledge organisers for maths and SPAG. This is everything a Year 6 child has to know. Booster letters for those child who are invited to morning booster lessons, starting this week (30th January 2023). There is also a letter outlining your child's current attainment and progress from Key Stage 1. If you have any questions please contact your child's class teacher. 


Below is a copy of the letter 'Ways to help your child at home', with the live links.

This week, we've had fun creating water turbines in our geography lesson. Since we have been learning about the benefits of using renewable energy and how hydroelectric energy works, we thought that we would have a go for ourselves. 



Our classroom has been covered in blood this week...


Before you start to worry, it's only artificial blood!  As part of our science unit, we have studied the circulatory system and we thought it would be fun to create blood replicating the four main components (plasma, white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets). 


Can you tell what resources we've used to make our blood model?

We've started having our bagels for breakfast this week. Yum! 

Bagels for breakfast

Good evening, due to a paper shortage in school, this week's spellings are being posted on the blog. They are - 



Year 5:








Year 6: 








Have a lovely weekend :)

Reading morning

Thanks to all the parents who came in this morning to read with our children. 

Year 6 had a fantastic afternoon at Crucial Crew. We learnt many different ways to keep ourselves safe out in the community and what to do if we felt unsafe. 

Wow! Look at some of the Anglo-Saxon art our class have been busy creating. Observing from a variety of sources including photographs and digital images, the children have used complimentary colours to produce illuminated letters and shield and helmet designs. Great job everyone!

Alongside our classwork, some of our year 5 children have been busy zip-lining, caving and team-building at Kingswood this half-term. I would like to say a big thank you to you all. We had a wonderful weekend and it was lovely to see the children overcoming their fears, challenging themselves and encouraging others. Here are a few photos from our adventurous weekend (see Facebook for more) …

In our History lessons, we have been learning all about the Anglo-Saxons. We have learnt about who they were, where they were from and what life was like in Anglo-Saxon villages when they settled in Britain. In our Geography lessons, we have used our 6-figure grid referencing skills to read maps and locate places and symbols. Here’s some of our topic work.

Well, what a fantastic start to the school year we have had in Poplar Class!


This half-term, we have been busy immersing ourselves in the book Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. We’ve developed our drama skills by creating freeze-frames, written character descriptions and letters of advice and are in the process of story-mapping the battle between Grendel and Beowulf. Take a look at some of our work J.

Archive 2021-2022

Wow, what a fantastic week we have had. From designing our very own theme park to writing poetry. We even joined in on a World Record Breaker. All the children have worked incredible hard and I am so proud that they are all keeping their standards and expectations high.


Star of the week. 

I could not choose one this week, so I picked 2. 

Cobey K - For excellent effort in all this learning this week. 

Safiya - For knocking my socks off in history, recalling facts from previous lessons and growing her brain with lots of new knowledge. 


Handwriting award

Alfie J - has been trying so hard with his presentation and handwriting. 


Maths award

Safiya - for excellent collaboration and team work when designing a theme park. 


We have got lots of fun activities planned for next week. I can't wait!!

Star of the week 

This week it goes to all of Year 6, who have worked so hard to prepare for next week. An extra special well done to Zac, who has really pushed himself this week. 


Reading Champions. 

This goes to Kobie for being absolutely amazing and never giving. 

Also, Mr Feio, who read with expression and had a captive audience during our reading morning. 


Well done everyone. Keep it up!

Reading morning. 

It was great to have so many parents turn up for our reading morning. It was great to see you all enjoying reading with Poplar children. 

We have had a great week. We started with an investigation into friction. 

Maths Champion

Maison and Bonnie

Reading Champion 



​​​Star of the Week


Safiya, for always having a smile on her face and trying so hard with her learning even when she is finding things hard. 

Reading Champion of the week - Abigail B


Maths Champion of the week - Tyler G


Star of the week - Jael M

World Maths Day 2022

We had a fantastic day. The children in Poplar class looked amazing dressed as rock stars. We had our very own Blockbuster Maths challenge and spent the afternoon rocking away like the true rocks stars we are.

World Maths Day 23/3/22


Today is World Maths Day. 

Below are some ideas of activities you can do at home with your child. 

We hope you enjoy doing some of them.

In P.E, we have been working on team work, communication and resilience. 

Maths Champion. 

The first Maths Champion in Popular is Oliver, who has been working extremely hard learning his 3s, 4s and 8 timetables. Well done Oliver!

Our first Reading Champion is Niamh, who without fail reads ever week. Well done! Keep it up.

Star of the week. 

Kevin has shown a real dedication to his learning this week, going the extra mile to achieve and do more. Keep up the hard work. 

Some of our amazing artwork, showing the D-Day landing in Dunkirk. Well done Cassie, Graziella, Saher, Cobey K and Daisie H.

Poplar have produced some amazing writing this week. We have wrote setting description linked to Rose Blanche. Here are just a few pieces of writing, well done Lily, Alfie and Graziella. 

Star of the week. 

Well done Graziella, not only producing some amazing writing but a fantastic drawing of the D- Day landings. 

Star of the week. 

Well done Alfie for getting star of the week for producing some excellent writing. Alfie really thought about what he was going to include in his diary and was constantly improving his writing. Keep it up Alfie. 


Poplar have produced some excellent work this week. We wrote diaries in English, linked to the book we were reading, Goodnight Mister Tom. For our daily mile we were joined by Pippa. 

SAT's Revision Websites


Below are a list of websites you may wish to use to help you. 




The English area of the Bitesize website is packed with activities and questions to help you prepare for the National Tests in English.


These revision pages have been put together by Woodlands Junior School to help students with their revision.




The Maths area of the Bitesize website is packed with activities and questions to help you prepare for the National Tests in Maths.


Top Marks has a wide range of Maths games to brush up on all your skills.


Woodlands Junior School has several fun online interactive activities to help you with SATs . (videos and worksheets) (good for revising formal methods of calculation, including fractions) (create  your own worksheets on subjects you have found difficult)




This week we have been learning about Christingle which means 'Christ's Light' and it is a symbol of the Christian faith.  We really enjoyed learning about Christingle and making our own Christingles.




Christmas fair

We had great fun decorating biscuits for the Christmas fair, they look fantastic! 




Remembrance day- Lest we forget



🌟 Superstars of the week! πŸŒŸ                                                                                       21st October


My superstars of the week are:



Daisie for her beautiful presentation in all of her books, Daisie takes a lot of pride in how her work is presented and to Harry for trying really hard with his letter formation and remembering to use his finger spaces.


Teacher's award

Luca produced a fantastic piece of art work in the style of pop art for Black History Month and Kevin who always puts 100% effort into all of his learning- well done.


Congratulations to you all. 

We are all very proud of you. laugh




Today in school was "GIVE RACISM THE RED CARD" in support of the campaign we all came into school wearing something red. 





In our science lessons we learnt about irreversible and reversible changes. We decided to bake cupcakes to see whether any irreversible or reversible changes happen. Everyone had great fun baking and the cupcakes tasted delicious! 





Eco warriors


Meet our Eco warriors- Mason Power and Abigail Bryne.





🌟 Superstars of the week!! πŸŒŸ                                                                                               17th September


This weeks award has been have been extremely difficult, I have been very impressed with the effort you have ALL put in to your work this week- well done. 


My superstars of the week are:

Cassie May Pulman for her beautifully presented learning and lovely joined handwriting and Charlotte Kenney for her impressive knowledge and showing great enthusiasm about the environment and climate change during our English and Topic lessons.


Congratulations to the both of you. 

We are all very proud of you. smiley






In topic we are learning about the different types of national disasters, we have looked at how they have occurred and how other countries have been affected by them. 

This week we had our very own Poplar debate on whether natural disasters are a form of punishment or not and are we responsible for them. 

The Big Debate!