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Here you will find lots of useful links to support your child's learning at home.  If you would like any additional information or support, please do come and see a member of staff or email us.

Nursery (FS1)

Reception (FS2)



At our school we use Read Write Inc as our phonics program.  You can find lots of information about the programme on this site.


Lots of free blending games are available on this website.  Children in Nursery will benefit from the games under  the Phase 1 tab and some of the Phase 2 games such as Phonics Pop

Reception children need lots of practice blending letters to read.  Pick a Picture and Buried Treasure are firm favourites with our children


Phonics is a reading and spelling tool for teaching the basic relationship between letters and the sounds they make.  Linking sounds with letters of the alphabet is called phonics. There may be only 26 letters in the alphabet, but those 26 letters actually make over 40 different individual units of sounds

In addition to learning these sounds there are certain words that children need to be able to read on sight.  These are called 'Red Words' in Read Write Inc but are often referred to as 'Tricky Words'

The children love listening to the Tricky Word songs!


In the Early Years Foundation Stage it is important for the children not to just know numbers, its vital they are able to apply that knowledge in different contexts.



Jack loves Math and helps makes learning fun!  His catchy songs and moves are a really fun way to learn number facts.

0-20 in 1s

0-100 in 1s

0-100 in 10s

0-100 in 5s


Number bonds

At the end of Reception, our children are expected to know number bonds for 5 and 10.  They need to be able to do this without the use of fingers or any equipment.