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EYFS Assessment

Your child will be assessed throughout the year.  These assessments include:

  • observational assessments
  • photographic assessments
  • Group assessments
  • Formal 1:1 phonic assessments
  • Parental discussions


Most assessments will be child led, as they are encouraged to be independent learners by exploring through play


All these assessments will be used to track children and identify gaps in their learning and development.  This information will then be used to plan for effective provision to ensure progression for every child at a level suitable to their level.




We use a method of recording photo observations called Tapestry.   This is a secure online tool where staff are able to take photos, annotate them and then reference them back to the EYFS profile. 

You can use it on your laptop, tablet and mobile phone via the app.  We will usually add next steps in learning. 

School will need your email address to send you a link to register for Tapestry.


EYFS Profile


At the end of the EYFS in FS2, all children will be assessed against the Early Learning Goals (ELGs).  


All the FS2 team work together to assess the children against each of the 17 ELGs.  Children are assessed either as working below (1) or working at (2). 

Every child in the UK is assessed in this way. 

The age related expectation is that children achieve 2 for each ELG, especially for:

  • communication and language.
  • physical development.
  • personal, social and emotional development.
  • literacy.
  • mathematics


If your child achieves all the ELGs in these areas, they have achieved Good Level of Development.