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Today the children supported the baton relay in support of protecting our environment. In class we made posters and banners which we enjoyed waving as they rode passed. 

We loved how many members of the public beeped their horns and waved at us. 

We hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Sports Day 2024 - Redwood Class are the overall winners

Today in Art, we started our new topic "Sculptures". 

Today we began to explore using the clay. 

We had to make different objects with the clay. The hardest one to make was a pyramid. 

We then got to make a secret animal and the rest of the class had to guess what our animal was. 

Empathy Day ❤❤❤❤❤

Well done to Redwood Class - what an amazing attendance - 99.38%. 

We are all incredibly proud of you all. 

Today Redwood Class went to Manchester City as part of our fieldwork for our Geography learning. We interviewed members of the public to find out the answers to the questions we devised as a class. 

Mrs Toshkezi was so proud of us all. We were confident, polite and impeccably behaved. 

We did New Moston Primary School proud. 

This afternoon, Redwood class worked alongside the Redcross to learn vital first aid. We learnt what to do when a person cuts themselves badly, what to when a person is burnt, what to do if a person is choking and CPR. 

We also learnt that we must ensure that it is safe for us to help someone before we start and that it is our responsibility to help others when they need it. 

Music in Redwood

Another super reader - Well done Max

Science experiments this week

Today we joined a live event run by Kooth. This was to help us with SATs coming up. We learnt some strategies that we could use if we are starting to worry and feel a little anxious and stressed. 

Amazing Readers in Redwood

PE in Redwood

Which book will Redwood choose this time?

Lunchtime Golden Plate winners

Today we went on a walk so that we could look at the traffic lights and watch the sequence. We learnt that the traffic lights do not follow the sequence of red, amber, green, amber and red instead they follow the sequence of red, red-amber, green, amber and red. We timed how many seconds the traffic lights work for. 

Another super reader in Redwood

In Science this week we began our topic on forces. We conducted an experiment to see whether the  surface would affect the amount of friction to move an object. Take a look at our pictures. 

Easter egg competition winner and runners up.

Today we had a visitor who came to speak with us about the dangers of gangs. It was a very informative lesson and we all enjoyed it very much. Here are a few of our pictures. 

Litter Picking in Redwood

Super Readers

SATs information. 


Please see below the information shared with parents during a SAT's coffee morning if you were unable to attend. 

Thank you 

Super Science


Today in Redwood, we combined Maths with Art to produce the most beautiful Waldrof Star. We hope you enjoy the pictures. 

A massive congratulations to Freya who was a winner of the Eco Warriors bird house competition. 

Well done Freya. We are so very proud of you. We hope you are proud of yourself. 

Even more super readers in Redwood class- well done guys.

More World Book Day Fun

More super readers in Redwood Class

World Book Day - Break the Rules Day


Redwood have been busy making pop up cards, games and puppets for our reception children to try. They are having a great time. heart

The start of our Art Topic- Painting and L.S. Lowry

Today in Science we conducted an experiment to see how light travels. We really enjoyed it. We learnt that light travels in straight lines. When light hits an object, it is reflected by that object and travels in straight lines to our eyes. Our eyes take in some of this light and information is sent to the brain.

Which reading for pleasure book will Redwood choose?

Well done to Pippa and Yu-Ling for completing your reading bookmark. Enjoy reading your books. 

Congratulations to Wisdom and Italia for 100% attendance so far this academic year. Amazing achievement guys. Well done to both of you. 

Computing in Redwood

My stars this week are Summer for excellent Reading, Daniel for some super writing in our English lessons, Ellen for excellent Handwriting and Taim for being an absolute Maths genius. Well done to all of you. We are really proud of you all. heart


Check out our super readers. These children have completed their home reads and now have their very own book to keep. Well done guys. Redwood are super proud of you. heart

Design Technology Day


Today we put our design into practice. We made our fruit taquitos. We learnt new skills along the way. Kneading dough, measuring ingredients accurately, cooking the taquito as well as creating a filling. Take a look at our pictures. 

In History we took on the role of different people in WW1. Take a look at our pictures. 

Check out this guy. He's absolutely loving reading at the moment. He can't put this book down. Reading at any opportunity. Well done Reegan. 

Who will get my postcard home this week? 

Is it going to be you? 

Have a think, have you gone above and beyond this week? Can you go above and beyond next week? 

We had a visit from the NSPCC. We learnt about different ways in which we can keep ourselves safe.  Take a look at our pictures. 

A lovely afternoon spent with our parents and carers. We enjoyed showing them all what skills we have learnt and our amazing end products.  Our parents and carers did a fantastic job creating their own eyes and lips. 

A massive thank you to all that were able to attend. 

Welcome back to the new term.

This term our main topic is "Can any good come out of war?" We will be learning about: Germany’s invasion of Poland  which caused France and Britain to go to war with them, 

how many children were evacuated from cities to live in the country side, due to transport issues, all food was rationed and many people started to grow their own food.

We will be using the book Goodnight Mr Tom as part of our English lessons and Whole Class Reading to support us with our understanding of war. 

Please take a look at our Topic Plan. 

Myself, Mrs Spence and Mrs Baxter would like to wish you all a wonderful and restful Christmas break. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to each and every one. 

Lots of loveheart


Take a sneak preview of just some of the amazing artwork that will be on display for you all to see. 



Today Year 6 took part in "What's your job?" focusing on careers and aspirations. A group of volunteers came into school organised by the North Manchester Business Network and the children had to guess the jobs by asking questions. We hope you enjoy our pictures. 

This afternoon Redwood class participated in an  Empathy Plus Migration workshop  with the British Red Cross. We really enjoyed the session and Dan, who delivered it, was very impressed with out knowledge which we have developed in English and our Class Story The Boy at the Back of the Class.  

Empathy Plus Migration Workshop