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Music - look at our Music leaders - they had to keep the pulse and we had to follow their lead. 

Here we are in our Whole Class Reading lesson completing our "Partner Read." We help each other to get better with our reading. We coach our partner to make sure we read with fluency and expression. Mrs Toshkezi is really proud of us. 

Partner Read

Big Write


Today we completed out first Year 6 Big Write. We all worked really hard. We enjoyed the relaxing music and more importantly the biscuits!!. 

Keep your eyes peeled to see our final pieces next week. 

Our class awards this week go to Erin Cahill for beautiful handwriting, Layla Marshall for great reading and Lucas Cale for working incredibly hard in all lessons. 

In History we have been learning about the Great Plague. 

We know where, when and why it started. The symptoms and "cures" as well as the role of the Plague Doctor. 

We also have made links to our learning from Year 2 - The Great Fire of London. 

Ask us about our learning- we are happy to talk to you about it. 


See our learning below. 

Our class awards this week go to Olivia for exceptional handwriting, Wisdom for some super sentences and Tyla for amazing reading at home. Well done guys - I am really proud of you all. 

We had great fun in the sun this afternoon riding these BMX bikes. We followed the track to perfection. 


Archive 2022-23

Art in Redwood

Today for World Environment Day we planted our own sunflower seeds making our own greenhouses. We worked in small groups to make our greenhouses. 

World Environment Day

Empathy Day

In our P4C lesson this week we continued to look at racism related to our RE learning. We listened to the story "Let's Talk About Race." We had a lot of discussion around this and found the story very insightful. We agreed that we are all the same and we should always treat everyone equal. 

Take a look at our learning in our P4C book. 


Watch the You Tube video below to listen to the story. We know you will enjoy it. 

P4C- Racism

Let's Talk About Race by Julius Lester

National Numeracy Day

Redwood attendance award- well done guys

Congratulations to Kyle and Lexi who are the lucky winners of the UKS2 flag competition. 

We are so very proud of you both. 

Coronation Day

Our Upper Key Stage Two Art work. The children worked together as a phase to produce these beautiful pieces. We are so proud of you all. 

King's Coronation 2023

Here we are getting ready for the celebrations. 

We worked together as a team. 

Reading Champions - well done on completing your book mark

A big congratulations to this week's stars. 

Bella for making great progress with her comprehension skills.

Jael for always presenting her learning beautifully.

Mason for working extremely hard in our Maths lessons. 

Godwin for amazing learning in the run up to his SATs. 

A massive well done to all of you. 

We are very proud of you all. 

A big congratulations to Jude, Abigail, Chloe and Samuel who have successfully completed their reading book mark. They have each chosen a book to keep and read at home. Well done to all of you. Keep up with the super reading. 

Teacher Awards

My stars this week are Brooke for super learning in English, Jude for excellent handwriting and Daniel for a much improved attitude to his learning and reading. 
Good job guys. Keep this up. 

In our English lessons we have been studying the book Holes by Louis Sachar. We have completed lots of different pieces of writing around the book but one of our favourite pieces was our persuasive leaflets. Take a look at them. Have we persuaded you to visit Camp Green Lake? 

In our PSHE lesson we looked at Mental Health. We enjoyed learning about what is Mental Health and ways in which we can keep our body and mind healthy. 

We came up with lots of ideas. 


In our DT lessons we researched, designed, made and then evaluates our bridges. We really enjoyed working as a team and reviewing and designs as we went along. 


We made our bridges unique. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. 

My stars

My stars this week are: 

Daisie Hall for amazing reading, Lucas for excellent maths and Abigail for always completing learning to an excellent standard. 


My awards this week go to:

Daniel for an excellent letter in our English lessons.

Samuel for super reading. 

Treasure for excellent work in Maths understanding how to find the area of triangles. 

Ava for working incredibly hard on her handwriting. 

My stars

Reading Award


A big congratulations to Niamh who has completed her book mark for super reading at home. 

We are all very proud of you. 


Please find the below the information from the SAT's Parents Meeting being held on Tuesday 7th March.7

Mrs Toshkezi 

Today in Design Technology Mrs Toshkezi gave us the challenge of building the strongest bridge which would have to hold a cup of coins.

About 10 minutes into our construction Mrs Toshkezi asked us to consider what was working and what was not working. We realised that the shorter the columns of the bridge the stronger it would be. We also thought about how the distance between each end of the bridge might affect the strength.

We discussed that our bridge needs to withstand forces pushing down upon them.  The bridge must be able to endure tension and compression.

Some of us where more successful than others. 

The strongest bridge built was by Mason, Ava, Brooke, Samuel and Denzel. 

Great job guys! 

Design Technology - Who can make the strongest bridge?

My stars this week are: Brooke for excellent retrieval skills in our Whole Class Reading lessons.  

Treasure for great improvements with her handwriting, Kyle for an absolute super week and finally to Jacob for some fantastic learning throughout the week in Maths. 

Well done to all of you. 

Keep this up xx

My stars

Well done to this wonderful bunch who all have 100% attendance. You have all done amazingly well. I am very proud of you all. 

Well done to:

Chika, Abigail, Mason, Lexi, Niamh, Daisie, Treasure, Samuel, Zac, Danie, Nevaia, Chloe and Umaizah. 

Keep this up guys. 

Attendance superstars.

Computing in Redwood


Today we started our new topic  using 2Create a Story Adventure mode.

We enjoyed getting started on this and creating our own story maps. Here we are in action. 

Computing in Redwood

Mental Health Day - Here we are in our yellow clothes

My stars this week are: Nevaia for always reading at home and sharing what she reads with us. 

Umaizah and Chloe for achieving their pen this week and to Ava for some fantastic learning throughout the week. 

Well done to all of you. 

Keep this up xx

My Stars

On Friday, your child will have brought home a pack. Inside this pack, there is knowledge organisers for maths and SPAG. This is everything a Year 6 child has to know. Booster letters for those child who are invited to morning booster lessons, starting this week (30th January 2023). There is also a letter outlining your child's current attainment and progress from Key Stage 1. If you have any questions please contact your child's class teacher. 


Below is a copy of the letter 'Ways to help your child at home', with the live links.

Music in Redwood


Today we built on our prior learning to develop our performance skills. 

We used glockenspiels to play alongside the music. 


We used the notes G A B and worked hard to stay in time. It took us a little bit of time but we got there in the end. We had lots of fun too!


Maths learning

Today we looked at simple formulae and how to express missing numbe problems algebraically. 


Here we are using our counters and cubes to simplify equations.

Mrs Toshkezi is very proud of us all. 

Star of the week!⭐

This weeks teacher award goes to Umaizah for having a fantastic first week in Redwood class!

Reading morning

Thanks to all the parents who came in this morning to read with our children. 

Year 6 had a fantastic afternoon at Crucial Crew. We learnt many different ways to keep ourselves safe out in the community and what to do if we felt unsafe. 

My stars this week are: 

Lexi for amazing fluent reading. 

Manha for always producing beautiful handwriting.

Eiliyah for amazing writing in English. 

Redwood are very proud of you all. 


Great job guys. 


Anglo- Saxon baking

Today we made a traditonal Anglo-Saxon recipe. We made honey, oat and spice cakes. 

We melted the butter and added the oats, dried fruit, honey and cinnamon. We mixed it all together and then pressed it flat onto a baking tray.  Next we baked it in the oven for 30 minutes before letting them cool and enjoying eating it. 

Honey, oat and spice bakes

Anglo - Saxon weaving. 

Today we acted like Anglo-Saxons. They were skilled in making cloth. Our task today was to make our own cloth. We showed lots of skill and patience. 

Here we are completing our cloths. 

 Here we are taking part in The National Literacy Trust Take 10 and read. 

We enjoyed listening to the author Natalie Costa  and then we dropped everything to read. 


Meet Redwood's digital leaders. 

A massive congratulations to Denzel and Niamh. 

They will be working closely with Mrs Kahn and the computing team. 

Well done to both of you. 


My stars this week are:

Jude Humble for amazing handwriting in all lessons.

Chloe Smith for always giving 100% in all that you do. 

Summer Ankers for amazing learning in maths 

Barin Taha for excellent skimming and scanning skills in our whole class reading. 

My stars

In our History lesson this week our objective was to know that people in the past lived differently.

In one of our lessons we designed our own Anglo Saxon Village. 

We hope you like our ideas. 

Our Anglo Saxon Village

My stars this week are: 

Jael for the most beautiful handwriting. 

Daisie for developing her ability to answer questions in detail. 

Chloe Trans for being an amazing mathematician.

Jude for putting 100% into all of his learning. 


Well done to all of you. I am so incredibly proud of you all. 


My stars

My stars this week. 

Lexi Czapla for fantastic handwriting 

Brooke Ainsley for great reading

Emmanuel for excellent maths work this week

Nevaia Smith for making a great start to Year 6. 


Well done to you all. 


Partner Read

Today we developed our map skills. We used maps to identify where the Angles, Saxons and Jutes came from. Here are some of us hard at work. 

Well done Redwood. 



In English we are reading the story of Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. Here is a link to the audio version that I thought you might like to listen to. This will help you with your writing this half term.


We are going to be writing a character description about Grendel so listen carefully to the way he is described in the story. 

What adjectives are used to describe him? 

What impression do you get about Grendel? 

What other ways could you describe Grendel? 









Our first class read this year is "WONDER."


Here is the Blurb. 

"I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse."



Want to get started? 

Let's hope so! 




Archive 2021-2022

Reading Award

My stars this week

Reading Award. Well done Olvier for completing your bookmark

My awards this week go to:

Harrison Horrocks for trying his best in all of his learning

Evie Beesley  for beautifully presented learning

Olivia Redoules for great maths learning 

Ronnie Brown for always reading at home. 


Well done guys. We are very proud of you. 


My stars

Well done to Layla and Oliver for reaching their bronze award. 


We are very proud of you both. 

Bronze Awards

Well done to more children in Redwood who have completed their reading bookmark.

Fantastic guys - a very well done to you all. 

More Reading Stars

Stars of the week

My stars this week are: 

Ameila for super maths learning. 

JJ for great improvements with his handwriting.

Layla C for showing great improvements with her comprehension skills.

Lilly- May for always giving 100% in all lessons. 

Well done to all of you . 

Redwood is very proud of you. 

My stars

My stars this week are: 

Handwriting Award-  Ewan Geaves

Reading Champion - Amy Matley - our class bookworm!

Maths Champion - Jacob Denny for his resilience 

Teacher's Award - Neeha Chowdhury for always giving 100% in all that she does. 


Well done to all of you . 

My Stars

World Maths Day 23/3/22


Today is World Maths Day. 

Below are some ideas of activities you can do at home with your child. 

We hope you enjoy doing some of them.

Congratulations to all these chidlren who have completed their reading bookmarks. 

Well done to you all for doing  fantastic reading at home. 

Reading Awards

Redwood Bronze Awards

My Stars this week are: 

Maison Wright gets my teacher award this week for working hard with his learning. Well done Maison. 

Congratulations to Michael Wood for much improved handwriting. 


My Reading Champion this week goes to Evie Beesley who is never far away from a book and my Maths Champion this week is Oliver Rooney who has made fantastic progres in all areas of his maths learning. 

My Stars

Reading Morning

My stars this week are Macie Bowles and Millie Harrison. Millie for much improved presentation of learning and to Macie for perservering and trying her best in all that she does. 

Well done guys. xx

My stars

World Book Day 2022 - Redwood Class

Drama - To be able to perform a play script

Maths Knowledge Organisers 


My stars this week are Olivia and JJ. OIivia has been working really hard in all lessons but is particularly growing in confidence with her English skills. 

JJ has been trying really hard with his handwriting and we have all noticed a big improvement. Well done to both of you. 

My stars this week are Jacob for much improved handwriting and Faiqah for always giving 100% in all that she does.

Well done to both of you. 

My Stars

My stars this week are Rhianna for a great improvement with her handwriting and to Dayley for a super piece of letter writing about life as an evacuee.

Well done to both of you. We are very proud of you both. 

My stars

My stars this week are Tyrae for a great improvement in his overall attitude to his learning  and to Olamide for a great improvement in his handwriting. Well done to both of you. We are very proud of you both.