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Rainbow Day! 🌈

Proud to be teaching year 5!

Festivals and Celebrations


Throughout this week and last week, we choreographed and performed a Caribbean-inspired dance routine alongside Cedar class. I could not be more proud of you all; you worked hard to overcome the dreaded stage fright and your dances were absolutely fantastic. You should be extremely proud of what you accomplished this week, well done!

Our Amazing World!

Homework set 23.10.2020

Due 5th November. Email to




Miss Robinson's group







Mr Mason's & Mrs McKenna's group 







Maths Homework


Choose your own level! Complete a translation homework sheet and a reflection homework sheet. If you can't print the homework, used squared paper to draw the axis and continue from there. 


English Homework


In the style of the image below, create your own self portrait made using the words that describe you and make you unique and wonderful!


This way of presenting words and phrases is called a calligram! Begin by sketching the outline of your face and hair and fill in with words in darker colours. I can't wait to see them!

A big well done to...


Annalise: for all your hard work in Maths this week! You truly did amazing, especially today, and it was great to see you to progress so quickly through your arithmetic, keep it up!!! 


Evie Rose: for your beautiful handwriting this week, you have persevered all half term and your efforts have not gone unnoticed! Well done! 


Each and everyone of you: for coming to school ready and eager to learn! I feel so lucky to be your class teacher and can't wait to see you again after half term. Stay safe, have lots of fun and - most importantly have a spoooooooooky Halloween!!


Lots of love, 

Miss Robinson x

A big well done to...


Olamide - you fully deserved the Teacher's Award this week! All your hard work making good choices in class is really shining through, keep it going!


Ini - congratulations on being awarded the Handwriting Award this week, your handwriting book was beautifully written out and this carried through into your Big Write. Well done!! 


Miss Robinson 



Homework - set 16.10.2020

due in on 22.10.2020, email


Your English and Maths homework documents are attached further down this page! Complete at least 1 page from each - each page becomes gradually harder so don't worry if this becomes challenging! 


You do not have to download or print the worksheets, you can copy the answers on to the worksheets and complete that way. If you have any issues let me know on Monday or through email. 




Mr Mason's group: 







Miss Robinson's group 







Have a fab weekend everyone!



Miss Robinson 


English Homework - Set 16.10.2020

Maths Homework - Set 16.10.2020

A big well done to... 


Abigail - for outstanding progress in Maths this week! Your dedication and hard work has been wonderful to see, keep it up! 


Emily - for brilliant progress with your handwriting and presentation this week! You've taken on feedback so well and are well on your way!

Homework 09.10.20

email to by 15.10.2020




What's the rule we discussed for rounding? Write it at the top of your page! 


Complete the following questions: 


Round to the nearest 10:

23, 45, 78, 112


Round to the nearest 100: 

127, 413, 798, 4103


Round to the nearest 1000: 

1569, 4872, 9664, 32 408 


Round to the nearest 10 000

27 393, 74 523, 86 673, 333, 147


Round to the nearest 100 000

354 352, 563 835, 912 873, 1 236 935


Round to the nearest whole number

1.3, 3.7, 6.5, 11.2


Round to 1 decimal place

2.72, 3.56, 27.19, 217.091




Can you use a metaphor to describe a character from clockwork? e.g. Dr Kalemius' eyes were caverns of darkness.


Can you use a simile to describe a character from clockwork? e.g. Gretl's heart was as pure as gold. 


Can you use a relative clause in a sentence about a character? e.g. Karl, who was incredibly lazy, hadn't created a clock piece after all. 


Can you use personification to describe the setting? (Remember, this is when you give human characteristics to something that it not human.) e.g. The moon was resting in the midnight sky as it shone down on the town of Glockenheim. 


Well done for another amazing week, Beech Class. If you are struggling with your homework, you can always email me and let me know.


Have a fantastic weekend 



Miss Robinson





A big well done to... 


Daniel: for some stunning handwriting during our Big Write; I couldn't wait to read your balanced argument!


Renee: for persevering hard this week and working so well independently! Your progress has been huge - keep it up!

Homework 02.10.2020

email to




Mrs McKenna's / Mr Mason's group: 


1. am 

2. animals

3. another 

4. any 

5. around 


Miss Robinson's group: 


1. calendar 

2. caught 

3. centre 

4. century 

5. certain 




I would like you to make a list of the key events of Clockwork so far in order! Think carefully about who the characters are and what they have been doing. Don't worry about getting this absolutely correct as this is what our focus is going to be next week. 


I have written what I think are the first 3 key events to get you started:


1. The characters are waiting for Fritz to come and tell his story. 

2. Karl does not want to join in because he is angry at himself for not making a clock piece. 

3. Fritz begins to tell his story. Everybody is scared. 


Continue this list until you reach the point where Gretl says the secret word that makes Sir Ironsoul come to life. It doesn't matter if your classmates have more or less events than you. This is simply to help you with next week's task. 




I have attached 2 documents below, focusing on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Complete 1 sheet from each of these, the sheets get gradually harder so select your difficulty level carefully. 


Have a fantastic weekend every body! I hope you've had as good a week as I have. 



Miss Robinson 


Maths Homework (Choose a level - complete 1 multiplying sheet and 1 dividing sheet!)



Handwriting Award: Billie-Mae

I was super impressed with your handwriting, not only in your handwriting lesson but in English and Science, too! Keep it up!


Teachers Award: Yara

For showing such kindness and consideration to other pupils in our class. You are an inspiration and your positivity is truly valued. Keep it up! 


Well done for all your hard work this week Beech Class!


Have a fab weekend, 

Miss Robinson 

Homework 25.09.2020




This week, I'd like you to focus on building your number sequencing skills! 


Please spend 30 minutes this week working your way through this sequencing game:


If you can't access the link, follow the below steps: 

  • Google 'top marks number sequencing ks2'
  • Click the first link 
  • Scroll down to 'sequence'


You can select your own level and your own difficulty! Make your way through it until it becomes a challenge and then keep going! You can even choose to sequence numbers with decimals. 




Can you find the definitions for the following words:





Can you give me three examples of each? 

Where do you find them? 

How do they help you lead a healthy lifestyle?


Email me your work at




If you work with Mr Mason or Mrs McKenna for spellings, your spellings are: 








If you work with Miss Robinson, your spellings are: 








I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 




Miss Robinson  




Homework 18.09.20 




We want to hear your opinion of Phillip Pullman's 'Clockwork: All Wound Up'!  Write a review of the story so far.


Consider the following questions: 


Are you enjoying the story? Why/why not?

What has been your favourite part?

Were there any parts that shocked/scared you?

Would you recommend it to a friend? Why?

What do you think is about to happen next? (Is Karl going to steal Sir Iron Soul and pass him off as his own work to avoid embarrassment? Is Dr Kalmenius truly evil or is he trying to help Karl? If we think that Gretl is the girl on the front cover, how is she going to become intertwined with the story?)




I have attached your Maths homework underneath. We'd like you to focus on multiplication, as this is something you expressed that you struggled with this week!


Choose a multiplication sheet that you feel most comfortable with! Don't worry, you don't have to complete both. However, if you choose to challenge yourself by multiplying by 2 digits, there are some really useful Youtube videos out there to help you, including:


Remember to email your hard work to me at! 




Miss Robinson x 




For English this week I would like you to choose a character from the story "Clockwork".

Fritz- the story teller,

Gretl- the barmaid,

Herr Ringlemann- the clockmaker,

Karl- the apprentice clockmaker

Dr Kalmenius


Thinking about what we have learnt about the characters I would like you to write a character description for ONE of the characters, you may also draw a picture to accompany your character description. 



Every Friday your child will come home with their weekly spellings. They will be tested on them the following Friday.


Today your child has come home with their weekly spellings. There are 5 spellings a week to learn. Please encourage your child to learn these spellings as they will be tested weekly. 

This weeks spellings are:


accident         accidentally       actual      actually      address

Maths homework

Hi everyone, 


Happy Friday!!


This week, your homework is to practise your column (written) addition and subtraction. I have attached two documents below, one for each method. Please make your way through these sheets, you can copy the questions down on some paper so there's no need for you to print :) 


Take a picture of your completed homework and send it to me at so I can see all your hard work. If you've tried really hard and you still find the homework too tricky, email me and we'll see what we can do. 


Don't forget to practise your spellings, read three times a week and log reading in your diaries!




Miss Robinson x

Hi everyone, 


I hope you're not too exhausted after your first week back! 


Your homework this week is to practise your timestables. I would like you to focus on: 


3 x timestables 

4 x timestables 

5 x timestables 

6 x timestables 


I would also like you to write a paragraph all about your first week back at school! You could include how you felt on your first day, what we did together in class and how you feel now that we're back into the swing of things. 


This paragraph can be emailed to me at This is where you will be sending all your homework to for the time being. Remember, homework will be set every Friday. 


See you on Monday! 


Miss Robinson 




Hi Beech Class!


It has been so fantastic to meet you all and I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your first day back in school. Well done for abiding by our new rules so safely and sensibly, you all ought to be very proud of yourselves. 


Just a few reminders - you do not need to bring a PE kit into school at the moment but you do need to make sure that you have sensible footwear to do PE. PE will take place every Monday and Thursday as of next week.


Homework will be put on to the BLOG every Friday and you can email your learning to our class email -


Reading books will be given out on Monday and must be returned on Friday if they need to be changed. 


Remember we start at 8.45 am and finish school at 3:10 pm.


See you soon!

Miss Robinson