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🌴 Welcome to Palm Class! 🌴


Welcome to Palm Class’s blog! Please have a look at all the fantastic learning, stars of the week and special activities we complete each and every week! ☺️

🐾 How does Pippa stay healthy? 🐾


Today, we were visited my Miss Maynard and Pippa to talk to us about what Pippa needs to stay healthy. Pippa showed us some of her tricks; she was very good. 

πŸ₯ When my ducklings met our ducklings πŸ₯


We have visited some very special members of our school family today. Last week our ducklings hatched and we are now the proud owners of five beautiful, fluffy ducklings. Mrs Wilson’s uncle will be looking after them when they are old enough and will keep us updated on their progress. 

πŸ“š World Book Day πŸ“š 


A big thank you to our parents and careers who joined us to read with their child. The children made such a fantastic effort and it was great to see a range of costumes. 

Knowledge Organiser Spring 2


This knowledge organiser will give you information on what your child will be learning in their next History based block of learning which is titled: "How have Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela helped to make the world a better place?"

You can also see the books they will be reading linked to this and may want to read these with your child at home.

Spring 2 Homework Grid


Below is the Homework Grid for Spring 2 for your child. 

All the instructions and expectations are on the grid.

I can't wait to see what everyone does :)

πŸ’› Wear yellow for Mental Health Day πŸ’›


Today we celebrated Children’s mental health. Children and staff wore yellow to school and we completed a range of activities to promote positive mental health. Every child completed a ‘hand of help’ thinking of 5 ways they could help themselves. We took part in a yoga session and learnt different techniques to calm ourselves. 

βž— Division - sharing and grouping βž—


In maths this week we have been focusing on division through sharing and grouping. After lots of practise, we are getting the hang of it! 

🧡 Needles, thread and a lot of concentration! 🧡


We worked so hard today learning how to thread a needle. The pictures say it all! The children really had to concentrate. After threading, the children had a go at creating a running stitch on a piece of fabric. It is the quietest Palm class has ever been 🀐 

🌟 This weeks stars - 20.01.2023 🌟


Well done to our superstars this week. 

Ella - Reader of the week.

Jason - Teachers Award.

Evelyn - Handwriting award.

Finn - Maths champion of the week. 

George - Lunchtime award. 


🐧 Are you taller than an emperor penguin? 🐧


This week we have been learning all about the emperor penguin. We have discovered that a male emperor penguin can grow to 1.3m tall and females grow to 1.2m. The children have measured themselves against a life size drawing of a penguin and were amazed that they are shorter! 

πŸ₯― Bagel Breakfast πŸ₯― 


Starting this week, all children get a warm, buttered bagel as they come into school. The children have loved them so far. 

πŸŽ…πŸ» A very special visitor πŸŽ…πŸ»

🧸 Can you create a moving teddy bear? 🧸


After lots of hard work, designing, making and evaluating, the children are very impressed with their moving teddy bears. After spending the half term learning about toys from the past and present, comparing them and even trying a few out, the children were ready for the challenge of creating their own. I think they look amazing! 

πŸ“šParent's Reading MorningπŸ“š

This morning the parents/carers came into Palm class to read with their children. 

It was lovely to see so many adults joining us this morning.

Thank you.

🐊 A very hungry crocodile 🐊


The year 1 children investigated numbers using our greedy crocodile. We discovered that he only likes the eat the greatest number! 


The children were able to identify which number was greater and smaller, using the correct symbol. 

πŸ”₯ New Moston is Burning! πŸ”₯


Today the children put themselves in the shoes of the people of London in 1666. As there were no fire engines back then, the children had to use buckets and lines to pass the water between them. 


The children were very sensible and didn’t spill a drop. London would been lucky to have them! 

🌟 This weeks stars - 23rd September 🌟

🌟 Our First Week 🌟


The children of Palm class have been superstars and have settled into Year 1 and 2 brilliantly. The children have been busy having a go at their challenges - we based our learning on the story of The Colour Monster, discussing our feelings and emotions about the new school year. 

πŸ’« Our Classroom πŸ’« 


Mrs Wilson loves decorating her classroom for the new year. This year, we have decided on a natural theme to give a sense of calm to the room. We also have our continuous provision areas which will have new challenges in each week. 

Welcome to Palm Class!




Hello everybody and welcome to Palm Class!


Palm class is a year 1 and 2 mixed class. In the class this year there will be myself, Mrs Wilson (Class teacher), Miss Aboo (TA) and on a Friday the class will be taught by Miss Leach.


PE will be on a Wednesday and Friday.

Please make sure your child has a PE Kit in school. This needs to simply be a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and a pair of pumps or trainers for going outside. P.E kits can be left in school and taken home at the end of the half term for a wash. 


Homework will be set on Google Classrooms. Your child will have a homework grid that has a variety of English, Maths and Topic activities on it for them to complete. They choose to do at least one activity each week (although they can do more!) Your child's username and password will be stuck in their Reading Record Book. Their homework needs to submitted by Thursday, as I will look at it before Friday and send a certificate home to those children who have completed homework.


Reading - We expect your child to read at least three times a week at home to an adult. This needs to be recorded in your child's reading  record and signed by an adult. This record needs to be brought into school every day. We will check this on a Friday. Again, they will get a certificate if they do this.


Book Changes - Book changes will happen every Monday in your child's Read, Write, Inc group. 


Children will need to bring a water bottle to school and it would be great if all clothes and coats can be clearly labelled. 


My door is always open and I am only a phone call away. If you have any concerns or anything you want to chat about, please do so. Alternatively, you can drop me an email to the class email address which is 


Here is to a great year and new adventures!

Mrs Wilson :)

Archive 2021-2022

A final note just to say THANK YOU for being such an amazing class this year. We are so proud of how far you have come and it has been a privilege to get to know you all (children and parents). You have all worked so hard and I hope you all continue to shine. Have a lovely summer break and I cant wait to see you all in your new classes in September.


We will miss you! 

Miss Brown, Miss Keighley and Mrs George heart

School disco! We partied hard and danced till our feet hurt!

This weeks super stars! Well done to you all!

Thank you to all the parents who came to support the children for sports day!

Here is your summer 2 homework grid. This is also on Google Classroom.

What an amazing day!

First we became palaeontologists and excavated real dinosaur fossils. Then we were lucky enough to meet Mia and Bella the baby Triceratops and T-Rex. We were lucky Bella wasn’t feeling hungry! Check out some of our photos below. surprise

This weeks Maths and reading champs! Well done Cara and Kaiden!

This weeks challenges in Palm class!

Rainbow Day 2022

This week we have been looking at 3D shapes and their properties. We also learnt what makes a shape a prism.

This weeks superstars! Well done Isla, Lottie and William!

Hi Palm Class!


Here is your summer 1 homework grids. These will be sent home this week. Try to do a range of activities over the next 6 weeks. I have had some fantastic homework this year so be proud and keep up the hard work. 


Miss Brown and Miss Keighley :) 

This weeks superstars! Keep up all the hard work!

This weeks reading and maths champions! Well done Summer and Harry!

World Maths Day 23/3/22


Today is World Maths Day. 

Below are some ideas of activities you can do at home with your child. 

We hope you enjoy doing some of them.

KS1 Inventors Day! Check out our costumes!

This week one of our continuous provision challenges was to make our own paper aeroplanes linking to our story ‘Pigs Might Fly’.


We carefully followed instructions to fold them correctly and then we went and had a competition to see who’s went the furthest. 


Well done one to our winners, Jamie, Leila and Lottie! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜

This weeks reading and Maths champions! Well done ladies!

Check out these maths knowledge organisers - these show we what we are covering in your year group

Check out our Arctic small world tray...

Today we practised creating expanded noun phrases! We did this by adding one or more adjectives before a noun! If we used two we had to remember to use a comma.

What a treat to finish off our topic ‘Do all animals need sleep?’ Today, we had a visit from Birds of Prey. We met some very cheeky owls and learnt lots of facts about them. They swooped over our heads and we even got to hold one! 

This week we have been dividing! We learnt how important it is to share equally when we do this. Well done Palm Class!

Nothing to see here! Just dissecting some poo to decide if an animal is a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore. YUCK!

Let the fun begin! We have a visitor in palm class. #naughtyelf

In our class we have a worry box. If something is on our minds but we don’t know how to talk about it we can pop Miss Brown a note so she understands what is worrying us. No worry is too big or too small! We even made our own worry monsters just like in the story ‘Ruby’s Worry’.

Our new topic this half term is ‘Do all animals need sleep?’.

Today, we had a visit from the lovely Pippa our school dog. We learnt all about the key things she needs to survive such as air, water, food and shelter. 

Superhero Day!

This week we have been investigating Part, part, whole models. Year 2,s used their prior knowledge to help them find fact families.

Making natural remedies like the hero Mary Seacole!

Our topic this half term is Superheroes. We are learning about the real life hero Mary Seacole. Look at our amazing portraits of Mary Seacole using watercolours.

Look how hard the year ones have been working today on their Part, part, whole models.

Google Classroom


We are now putting homework on Google Classroom for the children to complete. 

There would also be learning put onto Google Classroom if the school had to shut due to unforeseen circumstances.

There has been an invitation sent for them to accept and join the classroom. 

Every child has their e mail address and password which they will need to access the classroom in their reading record book. 

I am also attaching a guide to using Google Classroom which will hopefully help you if you are new to this!

If you need any support with this, please contact your child's teacher or me (Mrs Waddell) and one of us can go through this with you. 

There are also useful Read, Write, Inc videos for the children to watch to support their learning in school. 


Remember: we are here to help! 

Mrs Waddell

A helpful guide to Google Classroom!

We were so lucky today. Our topic this half term is called ‘Who is your superhero?’ And we had a real life super hero come and visit us! This is Albie the guide dog. We learnt all about how he helps and the tricks he can do. His owner was also a Paralympic athlete! What a great day!

Happy Friday!


Today, we finished off the week by making our superhero designs on our biscuits! We then evaluated how it went and most of us agreed that eating them was the best part!

Check out our pictures below. 

What a great start to the year! All the children in Palm Class are settling in so well. They have already been working so hard and this week we have been looking at place value in mathematics and building different numbers using the maths equipment. We have started our class story 'George's Marvellous Medicine' to. Keep an eye on this page for photos and up dates of what we have been getting up to!