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Mechanism: designing, making and evaluating a toy car using wheels and axles

We started by evaluating existing vehicles that have 4 wheels. We explored their functionality, audience and whether it was appealing. We used this to create a design criteria for toy cars for children in reception. To enable us to achieve this we explored the use of different materials for axles and determined which was most appropriate. We then designed and made our toy vehicles in groups before sharing with our intended audience and using this as the basis of our evaluation. 

Structures: designing, making and evaluating a box to hold a painted egg.

Miss Maynard tasked Key Stage 1 with creating a prototype for a box to hold a special painted egg she owned. It need to look appealing and be strong, stiff and stable enough to hold the egg. We developed our safe cutting and sawing skills and leant about how triangles can be used to strengthen. 

Food: Sandwiches with mixed fillings and salad.

We tried different types of bread and mixed fillings and evaluated them for taste, texture and appearance. We then designed, made and evaluated our own sandwiches that contained mixed fillings and salads. We made posters about knife safety and used this knowledge to develop our skills of safe slicing. Other skills we learnt were mixing and spooning.