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 Start and finish times for all classes are as follows, please be punctual.


Nursery  Seedlings & Saplings                             9.10 to 3.10

Reception   Cherry, Honeysuckle & Blossom       9.05 to 3.15


Key Stage 1

Year 1   Willow, Chestnut  & Palm                       9.05  to 3.15 

Year 2   Sycamore & Maple                                 9.05  to 3.15        


Key Stage 2

Year 3   Elm & Pine                                              8.55  to 3.20

Year 4   Hazel, Oak & Birch                                 8.55  to 3.20   

Year 5   Beech & Cedar                                       8.55  to 3.20 

Year 6   Poplar, Redwood & Rowan                    8.55  to 3.20


Attendance Rewards 

Can you be a New Moston HERO?


  • Here no
  • Everyday no
  • Ready no and 
  • On time no


All absences must be recorded by school every day.  There are different records as follows : - 

  • Authorised absence - where a satisfactory explanation for the pupil's absence has been given, for example - illness, medical appointments (where evidence is shown), exceptional circumstances such as family bereavement when permission has been given by the Head Teacher.
  •  Unauthorised absence - where no satisfactory explanation has been given for a child's absence, for example - no contact made or reason given, staying off school due to someone else's illness, a pupil or family members birthday, "we slept in" - arriving at school after registers close will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.  


Our absence procedure can be found on the link below.


Fixed Penalty Notices 

Where a pupil records 5 sessions of unauthorised absence (2.5 days) school will issue a Penalty Notice Advisory Letter to each parent/carer.  If any further unauthorised absences are recorded then a request is made to the Local Authority to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice Fine.  

The Local Authorities fine for a Fixed Penalty Notice is £120 per parent, per child.  This is reduced to £60 if paid within 21 days.


Further information on all of this information can be found in our attendance policy and/or parent leaflet, which is linked above.  Guidance from the Local authority is also referenced above.