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Eco Warriors

At New Moston Primary, we believe that our children hold the key to sustainable change for the future of our amazing planet. We believe that from the very start of their school life children should be taught about the environment and the effects of humans on our planet. Throughout their time at our school, they are taught about eco-logical issues and encouraged to take action to make a difference. Our proud Eco Warriors lead this work throughout our school :) 

Cut Carbon

At the beginning of November our wonderful Eco Warriors lead an assembly in school encouraging all of us to cut carbon at school and home. We partnered with Eco Schools for this campaign to help inform others about the importance of cutting carbon to make a positive impact on our world. This was the Eco Team's first assembly of the year and they clearly demonstrated how small changes can have a lasting impact.    



Planting Trees

Some our pupils in nursery wrapped up warm and planted some more trees in our forest school area with the help of Miss Crompton during November and December. They all did an excellent job!

Bird Box Competition

To help improve the biodiversity in our school the Eco Team have decided to a bird box competition. Each pupil will be given the opportunity to design a bird box and then the winners from each phase will be given a bird box to take home and make their design. It will then be returned to school and displayed in the school grounds ready for the birds to enjoy!

Bird Box Competition Entries

Thank you so much for supporting our biodiversity in school and creating some wonderful bird box design entries. The winners will be announced next week.

Competition Winners

Runner Up

Big School Clean Up


The pupils and staff have been working really hard to try and make our school litter free. As a whole school we took part in a national campaign called 'Big School Clean Up'. Regardless of the weather each class took part in a litter pick around the school grounds and then the eco team went through the litter to see what is the most common type of litter in our grounds. We will be discussing further ideas in our meetings and asking the pupils  for ideas of how we can try to limit and hopefully stop people from littering in our grounds. 

Our current Eco Warriors

This term our Eco Warriors have been very busy trying to keep our school tidy. We have recognised that there is a litter problem across school, so every week the Eco Warriors go out into their playgrounds and do a litter pick. Even during the cold weather our children are committed to making our school a clean and safe place to play and learn.

Litter picking in the cold



As a large school there can be a lot of paper waste but our Eco Warriors are very good at encouraging their class members to recycle any unwanted paper into the class paper recycling bin. Then the Eco Warriors empty their class paper bin regularly into a more central bin which is then taken to a recycling centre.   

Planting Trees

The children in nursery planted some trees in our forest school area last term. They enjoyed working together and using a spade to dig holes for the trees. We are looking forward to observing them as they grow.   

Anti-litter poster competition


Thank you so much to all those children who took time to design an anti-litter poster to help encourage us all at school to keep the environment clean. Everyone has done a great job and the winners will be announced next week. 

Well done to the winners and runner up from each phase. Your posters will be displayed around school. Let's keep working together to keep our environment clean.

Cake Sale


This week the Eco Team sold cakes to raise money for The Marine Conservation Society. This charity is UK based which does many projects to help clean up our oceans and seas. If you would like further information on the work they do please click on the link below:


Thank you so much to all the parents, staff and pupils who supported this event we really appreciate the donations given.


Together we can make a better world! 

World Environment Day Assembly - We are so proud of our Eco team who delivered an assembly about the importance of World Environment Day and how we can all help improve our world by making simple changes to our lifestyle.

World Environment Day


On Friday 9th June we celebrated World Environment Day in school. Our overall theme was 'litter' and we had a range of activities to cover all year groups.


Jemma from Equans came into school and spoke to the year 5 and 6 pupils about why plastic is not so fantastic. The children had an interactive assembly where they did a plastic pledge and then in their classrooms created their own greenhouses in small groups, using plastic bottles.


Mark from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation came in to deliver a talk to years 1 - 4 about endangered animals and how litter is having a major affect on the animals. He then did two separate online sessions. Years 3 and 4 created a shopping bag in pairs including some important environment messages and years 1 and 2 made a 3D habitat for a specific endangered animal.


In the Early Years we looked at the impact of litter in our seas and oceans and discussed ways of improving our waters. Together the children created their own 'happy ocean' picture. Also we discussed the importance of recycling and showed the children how to do this.    



Eco School Green Award with Merit

We are so proud of our Eco Team achieving the Green Flag Award with Merit for school. Thank you team for all your efforts and hard work this year. Keep making 'green choices' to make our world a better place! 

Have you seen our Quad? 🤩 🐛 


Over the last few weeks, our amazing Gardening Club have been working hard to improve our Quad! They have been planting new bulbs and seeds, tidying the weeds, and have installed an amazing Bug Hotel gifted by the local community! What a wonderful place to eat our lunch on sunny afternoons! 😃 

A huge shout out to... 


Shazam, Josh, Chika (Beech Class), Maison and Harry (Cedar Class) for going above and beyond during their lunch time, cleaning up around the school and the quad. Your attitude towards cleaning our environment was inspirational today - keep it up boys! 👏 

Eco Suggestion Box 


Do you have an idea of how we can incorporate exciting, plant-based meals into our school lunches? Can you think of any innovative ways of protecting the environment around us, or saving on energy bills? Do you have any guidance for families at home about how to make better choices for our planet that we could include in the JLT newsletter? 🌎 


Our Eco Suggestion Box, made lovingly by Dorothy from our Eco Warrior team, is open for business! Find it by Mrs Mitchell's office and slot in your suggestions at any time! 😃 



Fantastic learning from our Year 3s! 


This week, our year 3s learned all about the impact of climate change and how the problem can be reduced. They were able to produce these wonderful, informative posters based on what they had learned.

Eco Warrior Meeting - 23rd May 2022


Today in our Eco Meeting, we reviewed the outcomes of our recent questionnaire. We found that, as a school, we are excellent at promoting Global Citizenship through our curriculum. However, we need to improve in terms of Healthy Living, Energy and Biodiversity. 


We have attached the draft action plan that we have mocked up as a result of today's meeting! Please take a look and keep an eye out for any ways you can get involved! 



Eco Warrior - Draft Action Plan

Spring cleaning in the sunshine with year 5!

Welcome to our Eco-Warrior page! 🌎🌲 


Our fantastic team of Eco Warriors work hard to ensure our school is as friendly to the environmental as possible. Whether they're picking litter on our playgrounds to make safe spaces for crawling critters, or reminding teachers to switch off lights in empty classrooms, our Eco-Warriors are always seeking ways to work more sustainably and ethically. 


Watch this space for meeting minutes, action plans and pictures of our Eco Warrior's hard at work 💪 !



Mrs Cieszynski