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From Early Years to Year 6, our Geography curriculum supports our children to develop their geographical knowledge and skills in meaningful contexts and through real life experiences.  

In Geography, we encourage students to ask as well as answer questions and we offer them the opportunity to use a variety of methods to gain information – including maps, data, fieldtrips, photos, pictures and other geographical equipment. Children should develop a sense of care for our planet and the world around us.

Our curriculum offer encourages students to enjoy learning by boosting a passion and interest for the world around them and the human and physical processes which help to shape it, comparing different places in the world with their local area to gain a greater understanding of the lives and cultures of different people.



Using the National Curriculum team leaders and staff have built a curriculum to suit the needs of our learners to design engaging and immersive topics. 

Beginning in the Early Years and throughout the primary journey children will have the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and vocabulary. Our clear progression plan shows the development of skills throughout each key stage and high quality teaching and learning is presented in many forms.

Through whole school days, such as our global day and celebration of religious festivals, pupils increase cultural capital of the wider world. Fieldwork skills are embedded through orienteering afternoons and field trips. 

Our whole school initiatives, including rights respecting ethos and international partner schools, are threaded through our geography curriculum to make learning about other countries purposeful. We use support from the geographical association to ensure high quality teaching of geography.



The impact of our geography curriculum will be demonstrated through termly whole school community feedback, learning walks, book looks and displays. Children will show passion and curiosity and have knowledge of the world around them. They will have a strengthened sense for themselves, others and the world around them.