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Curriculum Statement


At New Moston Primary School we are confident that our curriculum is the best it can be for our children.  We offer a broad and balanced learning experience which is under pinned by the National Curriculum and we aim to make our teaching of this immersive, inclusive and highly relevant to our children; providing as many practical, first hand experiences as possible. 

Our curriculum is carefully and consciously designed to be progressive; skills and knowledge grow from a learners first day in Nursery right up to Year 6, have high aspirations for all and embrace inclusivity and diversity.

As a trauma informed school, our curriculum also has a golden thread of nurture running throughout and a high focus on supporting the personal, social and emotional development of pupils and their families through a curriculum rich with character development. 

We aim to meet the needs of all of our children ensuring our children are numerate, literate, healthy and feel that they belong in our school.  

Our curriculum aims to prepare our children with aspirations, skills and knowledge needed to be successful citizens in their future lives. 


We will deliver our Curriculum through:

  •          Well-sequenced units of work which allow for a progression of knowledge and skills through school as well as opportunities for links to be made between years or across subjects.
  •          The use of knowledge organisers to structure core learning concepts, vocabulary and facts.
  •          Engaging, ambitious and challenging learning experiences.
  •          Quality texts to develop reading fluency and therefore enable all children to access the full curriculum.
  •          Regular reviews to check learning, build on prior knowledge and consolidate learning.
  •          Providing visits, in and out of school, and enrichment opportunities to give the children first-hand experiences
  •          The development of children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural lives.



Early Years & Foundation Stage (EYFS) 

Children in our Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) can expect a warm, nurturing and welcoming environment when they join our school.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners work hard to ensure your child is safe, happy and makes as much progress as possible, consolidating their learning through a language rich environment with high quality play opportunities.

The first two years of your child's education build the foundations for all their future learning and our curriculum design is that all of our planned learning begins in our Early Years.  Early Years education is vitally important in preparing our children for their future successes. Alongside teacher-led focused learning activities each day there are so many exciting ways to learn both in our inside and outside provision.


Our curriculum is designed to acknowledge the strengths, individual needs and stage of development of each child from the surrounding area. We strongly believe that children in the Foundation Stage learn best through well planned and structured play activities. In Nursery, the main focus of learning is the Prime Areas to establish strong foundations on which to build future learning.


The curriculum of the Early Years Foundation Stage is organised into prime and specific areas of learning. The three prime areas are:


  • Communication and  Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal social and emotional development


The four specific areas are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design


The four specific areas are taught through the prime areas. We build on children’s prior experiences and extend their knowledge skills and understanding through exciting half-termly topics that are linked to the specific areas of learning. Each area of the curriculum has developmental matters which establish expectations for most children to reach by the end of Foundation Stage. Some children will do more than is expected of them, whilst others will be still working towards them.


View our detailed curriculum plans by clicking the internal link below smiley


Key Stage 1 & 2

The subjects taught are in keeping with the requirements of the National Curriculum. They include; English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, Design Technology, Computing, Physical Education and Personal, Social and Health Education (usually taught in Philosophy For Children Lessons) and Spanish. Further information about the curriculum is available on the document at the bottom of this page and is also discussed in the pupil progress meetings held with your child’s class teacher at the start and middle of each academic year. The class information pages of the website and the class blogs also contain information about what your child is currently learning.


At New Moston Primary we send Read, Write, Inc home reading books closely linked to your child's phonics level. As children are ready to move away from the phonics programme they bring home a book matched to their reading ability for practise. 

Your child may also bring home a 'reading for pleasure' book to share with their family but these are clearly labelled so as not to confuse them with their official reading book.  

We strongly encourage our children and families to read their reading book at least 3 times a week smiley


Pupil Progress, Assessment and Reports

Assessment at New Moston is an integral part of teaching and learning. Its purpose is primarily to inform the teacher of a child’s progress so that appropriate tasks are planned for future teaching.

Individual pupil progress is monitored and tracked closely throughout their learning journey at New Moston Primary.  We are committed to each child reaching their full potential.

To measure this, a baseline profile is completed within the first half term of each child’s entry into the foundation stage, and is kept as a reference point in the child’s records as they go through the school. Children are then continually assessed as they go through the Foundation stage and the Foundation Stage profile is completed in their final term.
In years one to six children are assessed termly and individual targets and results are discussed and agreed with children. These describe an all-round picture of the child’s development, this information is shared with families via our biannual parents evenings which are held in the first two terms.

Full annual reports are completed in the final half term of each year. Termly assessments also inform teachers, children and families of the next steps in learning.  

Formal tests take place in Year 2 and Year 6 in line with National SATs testing.

Annual tests are also taken in Years 1, 3, 4 and 5 assist us in monitoring each child’s progress throughout the school.



We believe homework to be an important part of school life that fosters the partnership between home and school. It informs and involves families in work their children are doing and they are able to reinforce new knowledge and skills. Children will be given homework relative to their age and ability.

If you would like any further detail on our school curriculum please ask for details by contacting the school office.