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In RE, we have been learning about the Last Supper. We have discussed how and why Christian’s take the sacrament of Holy communion. We tried lots of different types of bread and discussed why bread was chosen by Jesus and what it means to Christian’s. The children really impressed me when generated lots of philosophical questions! 

RE - Holy Communion

Cave Drawing!

Today we went back in time to the Stone Age and used different drawing media to create a variety of cave drawings! We turned our classroom into a cave! 

Chocolate Rock Formation

This week in Science we were learning about how different types of rocks are formed. We learned that igneous rocks are formed when magma from inside the Earth’s crust erupts out from volcanoes as lava. When lava cools, igneous rocks are formed. We represented this with melted chocolate, which cools to form a solid. 

Sedimentary rocks are formed when the wind and rain wears rocks down into small pieces of sediment. Sediment, soil, dead animals and plants form layers which build up over time. Over millions of years, the pressure of layers upon layers forms the solid rock. We represented the rock using small chunks of chocolate, sprinkles and chocolate chips which we added in layers. We added pressure to the layers to create our solid, chocolate sedimentary rocks. 

Finally, we took our “sentimentary rocks” and added heat from our hands and pressed them hard between our hands to warm and warp the rock. This represents how metamorphic rocks are formed under lots of pressure and heat! After all this we felt very hungry from smelling all the chocolate! We treated ourselves to some well earned cookies! 

Christmas Jumper Day


Hazel Class Volcanoes

Still image for this video

Sound Vibrations

In science we have been learning how sound vibrations travel in different states of matter and how they reach our ears so that we can hear sounds.We conducted an experiment to investigate how sound waves change when they travel through different media: gas (e.g. air), liquid (e.g. water) or solid (e.g. the table).


We tried making tapping sounds on the tables and listening with our ears in the air (gas) and then repeating this process with our ears pressed to the table (solid). 


When a wave passes through a solid, it goes faster than it does through a less-dense medium. This means that sound travels faster through water than through air, and faster through the table than through water. When we tried this out it made it sound as though tapping on the table was louder when our ears were pressed to it and quieter when we had our ears in the air. 

Reading morning in Hazel Class

In Design and Technology this week, Hazel Class made Ancient Egyptian shadufs!

We used a range of materials such as plasticine, art straws and wool to create these levers which were designed to lift water from the River Nile so that it could be used for irrigation.


Our Shadufs!

Digestive System

This week we were learning about the digestive system.


First, food moves from our mouths, where it is chewed by our teeth! We represented this by crushing up biscuits and bananas.


Next, the food moves down our esophagus, into our stomachs (where it mixes with digestive juices!) We represented this by adding an acidic fruit juice to our stomach bag. 


Then, it travels through our small intestines (this is where most of the nutrients are absorbed!) Did you know your small intestines are 7m long? We represented this using a pop sock and moving the food from the top to the bottom.


Finally, food moves into our large intestines (where moisture is absorbed) before being excreted. We represented this by squeezing the moisture out of the sock! Ewww!

Mummifying Oranges!

Ancient Egyptians KO

Team Building 


On our first day we played a team building game where we had to stack the cups or build the tallest tower in teams using only 1 finger each or using the elastic band grabber! It was very challenging and we had to work together and show team work and patience but we also had a lot of fun!

Our First Day!

Welcome To Hazel Class 2022-2023!

Archive 2021-2022

Eid and Platinum Jubilee Celebrations 

We had a great time today celebrating the platinum jubilee πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ΈπŸ€΄πŸ‘‘

A lovely end to the half term!

Our new topic question is: Does it always rain in the rainforest?


We will be exploring the different layers of the rainforest, the climate and plants and animals that live in rainforests. Please find a copy of our knowledge organiser for this half term below which further explains what we are going to be learning about.

Suffragette Debate

Last week, we held a debate about whether or not women should get the vote. First we discussed the pros and cons of women getting the vote and then the children were split in half (for and against), they had to choose a point or two to argue and then develop their argument. They all seemed to enjoy the lesson.

Hazel Class Stars

Well done to our Maths and Reading Champions this week.

Elijah received the Maths Champion certificate for becoming more independent in Maths and Merab received the Reading Champion certificate for being a fantastic reading partner.

Huge well done to you both and keep up the good work!


World Maths Day

We had a fantastic day for World Maths Day. We loved the workshop by Rock Kids where we learnt a song to remember there’s nobody like us. We also learnt the phrase YASBA which means, You’re awesome so be awesome!

We enjoyed doing fun Maths activities like tesselation art, Maths PE, Maths riddles and not forgetting the TTRS battle which we came 3rd in 😊

World Maths Day 23/3/22


Today is World Maths Day. 

Below are some ideas of activities you can do at home with your child. 

We hope you enjoy doing some of them.

Suffragettes - Call to Action

We were fortunate enough to have a real life Suffragette come into to speak to us. She told us lots about why the Suffragettes protested, what they wanted and the types of things they did to make themselves heard. In groups, we acted out key words such and unity, political and social. Then we used our posters that we had made in class to have our own rally.

Do actions speak louder than words?

For our new topic, we will be studying the Suffragettes. The children took part in an activity this week to help them to understand how the Suffragettes may have felt not being able to vote. Below you will find the Knowledge Organisers which show what will be covered during this topic, the key texts we will be looking at and key vocabulary that will be used. The children have also brought home a letter with this attached and the weekly questions.

World Book Day

We had a great day to celebrate World Book Day. Dressing up as adjectives, designing our own book covers, book title word searches as well as the book swap.

Science Investigation 

This week we investigated which material would keep hot chocolate the hottest for the longest. We thought about how we could make it a fair test, predicted the result and then considered why we got the results that we did. We then drew a bar chart to show the results of the best and worst materials.



As part of Christmas week, we learnt about and made Christingles. 


Merry Christmas to you all and thank-you for the lovely gifts and festive wishes. Love Hazel class staff xxx

Mad Science

We were very lucky this week to be visited by Scientific Sarah from Mad Science. She taught us about circuits and electricity.

We had a go at creating circuits to make a buzzer work, we connected a switch in our circuit and we also tested materials to see which ones were conductors (allowed electricity to pass through) and which ones were insulators (did not allow electricity to pass through).

It was great fun and we especially loved seeing her light a bulb using nothing but the electrons from the plasma ball!

Reading with parents

Thank-you so much to the grownups that visited to read with us on Friday morning.

We loved sharing a book or two with you.

Happy Diwali

To celebrate Diwali on Thursday this week we made Rangoli patterns by colouring them and using coloured rice.

Roman Coins

Today we made Roman coins using air drying clay. We looked at some real Roman coins that had been found and used our knowledge of Roman numerals to make our own. It was a lot of fun and a little messy. We will be taking them home on Monday once they have dried out over the weekend.

Boudicca’s Rebellion 

This week we have been learning about Boudicca’s rebellion. We made Roman and Celtic shields and re-enacted the six main events.

  1. The Iceni Tribe peace deal with the Romans
  2. The Romans break the deal
  3. Boudicca gathers an army
  4. Boudicca’s army attacks
  5. The Roman’s fight back
  6. Boudicca’s death from drinking poison

We really enjoyed this activity, have a look at our pictures to see how much fun we had!

The Romans

We have had a great first 2 weeks in Hazel class and we are loving our topic of The Romans. We have created some mosaics of a Roman Soldier and even learnt to march as one too.

Have a look at some examples of our mosaics and keep check back every couple of weeks for more updates on what we have been getting up to.