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This half term, the children have been learning gymnastics. They have been learning different ways to warm up so their bodies are ready for exercise by stretching and travelling in different ways. 

They have learned how to perform different balances, jumps and rolls and put them into a sequence using some of the equipment. Look at their amazing work!

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Instructions - Making Boats!


Today the children began their Topic session with a challenge.

The challenge was to create their own boat!

They had to follow each step carefully to make it perfect.

Once completed, we discussed the importance of instructions and how doing just one out of order could mess up the whole thing.


Here are some pictures of our finished boat/hats :).

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Picture 7

Instruction Writing - Making Vegetable Soup


This week the children have been getting their hands dirty!

The children have been busy making their own vegetable soup, a food that Florence would have fed to the soldiers to improve their health. Each child took turns in chopping, slicing and stirring whilst following the correct instructions.


When the children had finished creating their soup it was left in the slow cooker until the end of the day.  Once cooked, the children ate their creation.  The vast majority loved it!  Some even had four helpings!


As the week goes on the children will be completing more work on instructions and by the end of the week will write their own instructions for others so that they can create their own vegetable soup.


Keep an eye out for those!

Letter Writing


Last week the children wrote letters as Florence Nightingale to the Prime Minister.  In the letters the children explained the horrific scene Florence came across when she arrived at the hospital in Turkey and asked for what they needed to improve it.


The children then wrote up their work beautifully using special pens and paper for our latest display.

Here a few examples of the writing :).


Well done Phoebe, Megan and Yu-Ling!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

KS1 Topic Hook - The Visit of Florence Nightingale


Last week the children had a very special visitor.  Her name was Florence Nightingale.

Throughout the session Florence taught the children many things about her life and the children told her many things that they already knew about her life.

There were also lots of drama activities during the session.  This included the children taking on the roles of nurses and injured soldiers as well as performing some of the activities Florence would have completed as a child.

The children had a fantastic morning and really enjoyed the session.

Here are some pictures from the day.



Our Classroom Displays


A huge thank you to all of the parents who helped create our 'Learning Is Our Super Power' display on move up morning.  The buildings look fantastic and the children loved seeing themselves suited up and ready for action!


Other Displays

I have attached a picture of another one of our class displays.  This interactive display allows the children to move to 'above' and 'beyond' when their work/learning is amazing.  We've had a few children float up to the above cloud so far, can anyone reach beyond?


The final display I have attached is our times table pyramid display.  Throughout the course of the year the children move up the pyramid when they are secure with each times table.  Will anyone reach the top?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

A Huge Welcome to the New Maple Class!


Hello and welcome to Year 2!

The children have had a busy first couple of weeks and have settled into their new year group really well. Over the course of the year I will upload pictures and videos of a variety of activities and things that we are doing on to this blog to keep you involved and updated!