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English 14/7/20 Planning a story with detail

Maths - Tuesday 14th July 2020 - Lesson 22 - Shapes Theme Park

English 13/7/20 Planning a story

Maths - Monday 13th July 2020 - Lesson 21 - Addition BINGO!

Maths - Friday 10th July 2020 - Lesson 20 - EXCITING MYSTERY CHALLENGE ALERT!!! Today’s challenge is an exciting one and will need all of your detective to skills to solve the different mysteries! Do you have what it takes to solve them? The challenges will test you on what we have been learning over the past weeks so get your thinking caps on and give it your best!

What is a block diagram and how do I draw one?

Here is attached a video explaining all about today's session... block diagrams!
Again this is just another way of showing data that you have found.
Once you have watched the video, practice on the problem solving activities before creating your own block diagram using your tally chart information :).
Key Info: Your scale can go up in 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s or whichever number you like! It will depend on how big your numbers are!

Maths - Tuesday 7th July 2020 - Lesson 17 - Creating Tally Charts

I Love to Rhyme | English Song for Kids | Rhyming for Children | Jack Hartmann

In this rhyming words song we give the first two words that rhyme and then students are asked to generate the third rhyming word on their own. This rhyming s...

Tiddler The story telling fish by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler Read aloud English

The smallest fish can tell the tallest tales ..."Sorry I'm late, Miss. I set off really early but on the way to school I was captured by a squid. I wriggled ...

Monday 6th July




NEW STORY ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday 6th July 2020 - Hello and welcome to a new week of home learning on our class blog! This week we will be looking at different ways to collect, show and interpret data. To begin with we will be looking at tally charts :).

Well done to all the children who took part in the TT Rockstars Competition last week! The winning class overall was... SYCAMORE! Congratulations Sycamore :)! A well deserved victory. Maple, you did win your fixture against Palm Class though so well done also :) Please continue to work on your times tables each week to keep improving!

4 Times Table Song (Cover of I'm Still Standing by Taron Egerton)

It's a tricky one today! Let's practice our 4 times table!

Three Times Table Song (Cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars)

Five Times Table Song (We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus)

Well done Hunter and Layla! These are two fantastic robots that you've made linked to our work on 3D shapes last week!

TT Rockstars Tournament - Maple vs Sycamore!!! Who Will Win??

Welcome Maple and Sycamore!! Throughout this week you will be competing in a tournament against each other! The information for the tournament is below. Which class will win??


For today's session we will be learning and practicing our ten times tables!
Now I know most of you know this times table already but solving the word problems in the documents below will be a challenge for you!
So have a go and see how you get on :).

Well done to Vinny and Rosalyn who created a fantastic robot during this week's 3D shape learning! These are fab!!



The Ickabog


Hi Everyone!

As you may or may not know JK Rowling (author of Harry Potter) has written a new children's book aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 9 years old.  This is a completely new story called 'The Ickabog'.  

Each day she uploads a new chapter to the story, which she has been doing for a few weeks so there are plenty of chapters to read :).



As well as this fantastic story being released online, JK Rowling has created a competition for children aged between 7 and 12!  The competition is to illustrate parts of the book so that when it is released it will have children's pictures in it.  If your child creates a picture for one of the chapters (information on the website) and you enter it, it could be in the actual book!!!!

You also have the opportunity to draw a picture for each chapter so you will have lots of chances to win :).


Below is the link to the website with the story and the competition.

Please read the rules for entering.


If you don't want to enter, please read and enjoy the story anyway :).

Symmetry Song for Kids

Hi Guys!
Today we will be learning about symmetry!
Watch the video and take a look at the explanation and challenges attached above :).
Good luck!

Maths - Wednesday 24th June 2020 - 3D Shapes - Your challenge for today is to create your own 3D Shape Robot!! You can make your robot using any objects from around the home. Get creative! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

3D Shapes for Kids - Vertices, Faces and Surfaces Explained

Here is a video all about 3D shapes :)!
Watch the video, read the explanation document and have a go at some of the challenges :).

2D Shapes

Watch the video to get reacquainted with 2D shapes before attempting today's activities :).
The explanation document explains what we are learning today and what some of the activities are.
It also gives alternative activities for those that wish to do other tasks :).
Enjoy the challenges and please send me your completed learning!!

Fun Friday Challenge!!

Fun Friday Challenge! Welcome to this week's challenge which is all about summer! Have a read of the Word document to find out what your challenge is this week!

Doubling Video

Here is a little video to get you in the mood for some doubling!
Good luck with today's learning :).

If you have any questions or need support just send an email and i'll get back to you.

English Week 2 Lesson 1 Writing a description

Double-Digit Subtraction for Kids

This video is an excellent tutorial on how to subtract using the column method. The first part of the video shows simple column subtraction where no regrouping/borrowing is needed to complete the sum. The second part focuses on the more difficult skill of regrouping/borrowing.
The activities for this session are above this video. You DO NOT need to do them all, just do what you like :).

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we obviously can't have our class photos this year Mrs Hindle is putting together a class photo for each class as a lasting memory of this time!

If you would like to have your child added to their class photo I need you to send a head shot (from the shoulders up) of your child to
(By doing this you are giving your consent to share your child's photo with other parents.)

I would need these no later than FRIDAY 19TH JUNE!

There is no uniform to the image you send just a clear smiling head shot of your cherubs! (Please no snapchat style filters!)

Thank you 



As promised, here is our class email!  Once you've completed a challenge email it to the address below and I will reply with some feedback :).  I look forward to seeing your fantastic work!



FUN FRIDAY ART CHALLENGE!!! Be as creative as you like and send all entries to our class email address (Hopefully uploaded soon). I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Double-Digit Addition for Kids

This video is great for modelling how to add using the column method! It is quite lengthy but you may not need to watch it all. The first half shows simple column addition and the second shows how to carry a ten when there are too many ones. The second part is quite tricky, so just do what you can :).
The activities for this session are above this video. You DO NOT need to do them all, just do what you like :).

English - Friday 12th June - Lesson 3 - Writing Instructions


Hi Guys!
Get ready for some fun in today's challenge!  We all know how much Mr Grinling loved his lunch and yet those sneaky seagulls kept on stealing it!  He was devastated not to be able to eat his sandwiches every day (they must have been very delicious).  That made me wonder what your favourite sandwich would be...


Your challenge for today is to create some instructions on how to make your own perfect sandwich!

You could write your instructions (example given below) or you could take pictures.  Remember to use time connectives (first, next, then) and bossy verbs (cut, slice, spread) to make your instructions more detailed and clear.


Please send any work or pictures to the email address (hopefully uploaded soon!) so I can take a look at your delicious sandwiches and how you made them, 

BONUS:  For the best entry I will follow your instructions and post a picture of your sandwich made by me!!!


Good luck,

Mr D

English - Thursday 11th June - Lesson 2 - The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch - Writing Lists


Hello there!

Hope you’re all well!

As you now know, Mr Partington is leaving us in July.

We would like to make a video for him. It would be brilliant if the children could record a short message for him, no longer than 15 seconds please!

In addition to this we’d like to make Mr Partington a book of memories.  If you have a special memory of him please send to us!

Memories and videos to be sent in for Tuesday 30th June to...

Thank you 

English - Wednesday 10th June - Lesson 1 - The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Here is a video retelling of the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. Your task for today is to listen to the story or read along if you can :).
Each day there will be a new task linked to this book, so it is important you can remember what happens :). Enjoy the story!

Home Learning With Mr D

Still image for this video
Hi Guys!
Here's a little video explaining about the new home learning challenges which will be updated daily.
There is no pressure to complete every single challenge. Do whichever you like, whenever you like! Some challenges are more tricky than others so just complete the ones that you can :).
As soon as I know the class email, I will add it to the blog so that you have it and can email me any fantastic work you complete!
See you soon (And yes, I am desperate for a haircut!)
Mr D

Hi Guys it's Mr D!


I hope you and you are families are well and that you are not missing school too much.  I am missing you lot terribly!  I miss seeing your smiling faces each morning, hearing your funny stories and playing stuck in the mud at break.  I'm really sorry I didn't have the opportunity to say a real goodbye before school closed but I hope to see you all again very soon when things are back to normal.


Whilst having time at home this is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones so make the most of it smiley.  There is also plenty of work to be getting stuck in to in the home learning packs (In the Home Learning Section of this site) as well as practicing your times tables on TT Rockstars and reading any books you have.


During this time away from school I have been attempting to keep myself as busy as possible. I have been taking lots of quiet, isolated walks along the river near my home, learning to bake and cook things such as banana bread, playing quizzes with family and friends online and I've even attempted a few Tik Tok videos! I think you would be impressed!  Maybe i'll show you some of these when I return blush.

I have also been in touch with Miss Champ and Mrs Lucas over the past couple of weeks.  Miss Champ has also been busy learning Tik Tok dances with her children and they are much better than mine!  Mrs Lucas has been enjoying spending her time gardening and cooking delicious food for her family.


I'm really missing you guys right now but I am looking forward to seeing you all soon.  Please take care of yourselves, be good for your parents and make many fun and happy memories.


From Mr.D, Miss Champ and Mrs Lucas





This half term, the children have been learning gymnastics. They have been learning different ways to warm up so their bodies are ready for exercise by stretching and travelling in different ways. 

They have learned how to perform different balances, jumps and rolls and put them into a sequence using some of the equipment. Look at their amazing work!

Instructions - Making Boats!


Today the children began their Topic session with a challenge.

The challenge was to create their own boat!

They had to follow each step carefully to make it perfect.

Once completed, we discussed the importance of instructions and how doing just one out of order could mess up the whole thing.


Here are some pictures of our finished boat/hats :).

Instruction Writing - Making Vegetable Soup


This week the children have been getting their hands dirty!

The children have been busy making their own vegetable soup, a food that Florence would have fed to the soldiers to improve their health. Each child took turns in chopping, slicing and stirring whilst following the correct instructions.


When the children had finished creating their soup it was left in the slow cooker until the end of the day.  Once cooked, the children ate their creation.  The vast majority loved it!  Some even had four helpings!


As the week goes on the children will be completing more work on instructions and by the end of the week will write their own instructions for others so that they can create their own vegetable soup.


Keep an eye out for those!

Letter Writing


Last week the children wrote letters as Florence Nightingale to the Prime Minister.  In the letters the children explained the horrific scene Florence came across when she arrived at the hospital in Turkey and asked for what they needed to improve it.


The children then wrote up their work beautifully using special pens and paper for our latest display.

Here a few examples of the writing :).


Well done Phoebe, Megan and Yu-Ling!

KS1 Topic Hook - The Visit of Florence Nightingale


Last week the children had a very special visitor.  Her name was Florence Nightingale.

Throughout the session Florence taught the children many things about her life and the children told her many things that they already knew about her life.

There were also lots of drama activities during the session.  This included the children taking on the roles of nurses and injured soldiers as well as performing some of the activities Florence would have completed as a child.

The children had a fantastic morning and really enjoyed the session.

Here are some pictures from the day.



Our Classroom Displays


A huge thank you to all of the parents who helped create our 'Learning Is Our Super Power' display on move up morning.  The buildings look fantastic and the children loved seeing themselves suited up and ready for action!


Other Displays

I have attached a picture of another one of our class displays.  This interactive display allows the children to move to 'above' and 'beyond' when their work/learning is amazing.  We've had a few children float up to the above cloud so far, can anyone reach beyond?


The final display I have attached is our times table pyramid display.  Throughout the course of the year the children move up the pyramid when they are secure with each times table.  Will anyone reach the top?

A Huge Welcome to the New Maple Class!


Hello and welcome to Year 2!

The children have had a busy first couple of weeks and have settled into their new year group really well. Over the course of the year I will upload pictures and videos of a variety of activities and things that we are doing on to this blog to keep you involved and updated!