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Feedback from Our Families

We had a fantastic response from our family feedback questionnaire in November of this school year, with many families letting us know what we are doing well and how we can improve.


  • We have always been impressed with the level of teaching that *** has received at New Moston but Mrs Toshkezi was just made to teach ❤️ *** absolutely loves her and we find her so approachable and kind. Nothing is ever too much trouble!
  • Absolutely amazing school cant fault in any way both my children have come out of there shell since starting and the teachers are amazing.
  • Fab job
  • Thanks for keeping my kids happy at school
  • Not at the moment
  • Mrs Khan and Miss Autoum are doing their upmost best to achieve the best results and always approachable. Thankyou ever soo much for everything you all do for my children and the rest of the school. It's much appreciated plus we got to meet Pippa for the 1st time too 😊
  • Each of my children’s teachers for each year have been wonderful since both starting from nursery, my children love coming to school
  • I'm really impressed with how well *** is doing in school this year. She's come on so well, we are trying to help her with her concentration and will continue to do so.
  • Thank you so much New Moston.
  • Following the recent parents evening, I would be grateful for regular check ins to monitor ***’s progress following the concerns raised. I think, as both myself and ***’s dad work full time it is hard for us to attend meetings that are set up, which means we miss out on certain pockets of information. I am not confident of which teacher is which, or the regular set up of ***’s day and what he learns so some dedicated time so we have this insight would be appreciated.
  • Great school my girls have enjoyed new moston
  • Good school
  • Love all the updates on Tapestry! The only thing I would like to know more about is dinnertime, whether he eats his dinner or not. There has been times he has come home and told me he hasn't eaten his dinner but nothing has been mentioned to me from the school. Apart from that we love the school and think the teachers are fab and supportive!
  • Thank you to Miss Aughton and ***'s other teachers for continuing to help and encourage *** on his school journey, his parents evening made me beam with pride tonight and that is partly down to you all with how well he is doing! so thank you so much 😊
  • Thank you for all the support from the teachers. We are very happy with the school.
  • Every teacher my sons had has been lovely caring and amazing really rate new moston
  • Really enjoyed this Parents evening. Being able to look through my daughter’s work books was really enjoyable! My daughter really enjoys coming to school & learning! One question I did forget to ask her teacher, *** has told me that she has to sit in alphabetic order for lunch, and she really misses sitting next to her friend. She was able to sit next to whoever previously, but in the recent weeks she’s mentioned that they aren’t allowed. Is there any particular reason for this? Really enjoyed it being in the hall, rather than a classroom. Opening the kitchen for a little taster was a lovely touch too!
  • Wonderful school and staff!
  • Thank you for all of your hard work - the school has improved over the last few years and this has been great to esee
  • *** has really settled well with Mr Howard. He is such a lovely addition to the school and we feel fortunate that *** gets to experience Year 3 with him. He seems to genuinely care for the children and he is always so approachable 🩵
  • Teachers all welcoming! Thankyou 🤎
  • We loved parents evening, both our children love school and we can't thank all Staff enough for supporting them and making their school experience the best!
  • My children are treated as individuals that their teachers have taken the time to get to know their personalities this makes my children feel safe and confident at school they enjoy every single day at new Moston
  • Excellent interventions put in place to help children catch up. Wonderful, dedicated teaching staff lead by a brilliant SLT.
  • Can’t give enough positive feedback about this school. The teaching staff and head are extremely personable, caring, thoughtful and actively promote positive outcomes for all. Inclusion is clear at this school and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants their child to flourish and build confidence. Huge Thanks


In addition to all of these amazing comments we also received some constructive feedback to make our school even better.  

  • In response to one of our families asking for more information about what children are learning we will ensure unit overviews are sent at the beginning of each half term.


An overview of the feedback received can be found below. 


Thank you to everyone who replied. If you would like to send us any additional feedback, please email

Feedback to Covid 19 School Response


Below is just some of our feedback from our family surveys in schools response to the C19 pandemic partial school closures.  Thank you to all of the families who gave us feedback to ensure our school offer was the best it could be heart


'Speaking to parents with children at other schools, you guys have by far made the best remote learning plan. Even nursery have a live lesson each day! It's super impressive and appreciated and has made remote learning so much easier than lockdown part 1. Thank you so, so, so much to you all!!!'


'Massive well done and thank you to all the teachers and staff who have worked really hard and continue to do so in these challenging times. Ensuring all the children at home have work to complete and have access to live lessons, as well as caring for the children that are still in school. Regular contact made by teachers who are reassuring stressed out, working from home parents, offering help and support when/where required. You are all super heroes.'



'Thank you for the effort and hard work the school is continuing to do for the children, we appreciate everything you're doing. 🙂'


'I would like to say that school have been excellent during these unprecedented times and the teachers are a credit to the school. Thank you very much for your loyalty and dedication 😀'


'I think the teachers and all staff are doing there utmost to do the best possible, in the current situation. We are very happy to see everyone from school, via Google classrooms, I feel it brings everyone together and gives an opportunity to parents to ask any questions! Keep up the good work and keep yourselves safe, we think you are all doing fabulous.... Thank you'


'The school has stepped up in encouraging and involving the children with school work and this is really important for the children’s development academically.'


'My children are both in school while I work -THANK YOU FOR HELPING US!!!..'


'Thank you to all the staff for working so hard in such a difficult time and ensuring there are many ways to communicate with staff if needed (phone calls, emails and Google classrooms).'