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Important WB 09/11/20


Hi Rowan, 

I hope you are all safe and well. Remember home learning will be on Google Classrooms and you will have a Maths, English and Topic lesson everyday. Each morning I will write a message onto the 'stream' telling you what lessons you are to do that day and the time for the 20 minute live lesson.

If you need any help please email me on 



Miss Gibson x

Week Beginning  19th October 

Hi Year 6 - We hope you are all doing ok. Here is your learning for English, Maths and topic this week. 

We have broken it into 5 lessons/ days. 


Completed work should be sent to your class teacher through the class email address;


Keep safe and we hope to see you all very soon. 


Love Mrs Toshkezi, Mr Wilson and Miss Gibson. xxxx


Monday 19.10.20


Monkey Symphony  ( Summary) 

In a musical family two brothers are separated by musical differences.  At the beginning of the film we see a talented chimpanzee playing the piano wearing his overalls, he seems to be a cleaner with a hidden talent.  As he leaves the stage we see the maestro enter.  The two chimps share a look.   This look leads to a flashback and we see these two chimps as young boys having a piano lesson in a 'Parisien' apartment with a strict Madame.  One boy sticks to the rules and plays classically, resisting the urge to have fun and 'funk' it up whilst the other is reprimanded and forced to leave. 
Back in the present we see both Chimps on stage.  One behind the curtain and the other in front.  Their practise session becomes duelling pianos.  The Madame tries her best to stop them playing in the modern style,  while a friendly gorilla ensures that they enjoy themselves.  They bond over the music, the Madame leaves and the chimpanzees rekindle their friendship over a grand piano.




I would like you to watch the video using the link below. Watch it through a couple of times so that you know what is happening. The video is called Monkey Symphony.


When you have watched the video I would like you to write two  character descriptons. One for the teacher- Madame and one about  either of the gorillas. 


Think about a brief physical description as well as how they behave. What do their actions tell us about their personality? What about their facial expressions. Think back to the descriptions we have done in class around Dr Kalmenius and Karl. 




Topic – Monday

Anglo Saxon runes. To communicate, Anglo Saxons used runes. These would be carved into stone or wood to claim something, e.g. This belongs to Offa.
Have a look at the runes word mat, what do you notice about the runes? Why do you think there are not any curved lines in any of the runes?
Task 1 - Read through the PowerPoint to learn more about the runes and then decode the message using the word mat.
Task 2 - Can you create your own message for someone in your family to decode? This must be about something you have learnt already about the Anglo Saxons

Maths 19.10.20


Hi Year 6,


On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we are going to be focusing on word problems. Remember, read them carefully, work out the key pieces of information including any numbers you need to use and what method it is asking you to do.


1) One section of a library had 23 shelves. There were 24 books on each shelf. How many books were on the shelves altogether?


2) Bisma's sister earns £185 each month from working in the café at the weekends. She saved this money for 38 months. How much money did she save in total?


3) 180 children went to the theatre. They travelled in minibuses, which carried 15 children each. How many minibuses were needed to transport the children?


4) In a week, Scarlett picks 3150 strawberries. She divides the strawberries into tubs with 25 strawberries in each tub. How many tubs does she have?


5) There are 1250 letters in Post Box A and 2350 letters in Post Box B.

a)How many letters are there altogether?

b)The postman delivers 2640 letters. How many letters still need to be delivered?


6) Scarlett says, “The number 36 is a multiple of 5.” Is she correct? Explain your answer.


7) There are 4 shelves with 16 books on each shelf and 9 shelves with 20 books on each shelf. How many books are there altogether?


8) On Monday, Asha bought 6 chocolate bars costing £1.45 each. On Tuesday, she bought a toy costing £3.64. On Wednesday, she bought 9 sweets costing 65p each. How much did she spend altogether?


9) Scarlett's sister works in a café. She earns £47 on Saturday. On Sunday, she earns £25. She spends £12 on a DVD. How much of her wage does she have left?


10) Mr Taylor wins £9,423,603 on the lottery. Write this figure in words.

English- Tuesday 20.10.20


Watch the video again from yesterday to remind yourself about what happened.


Today I would like you to use the story board and and draw out the key events from the film.  Using the film, I would like you to draw out the different scenes and add in dialogue as it is missing in the film. 

What would the characters say? How might they say it? What actions might they do whilst speaking? Remember to add this at the beginning or end of the speech. 


Think about the learning we have done around punctuating speech. What are the rules?  

If you have forgotten click on the link below to remind yourself of the rules.

Topic – Tuesday

Anglo Saxon crime and punishments. During the Anglo Saxon period, crime and punishments were very different to what we know today. Read through the PowerPoint to learn more about how the Anglo Saxons treated different crimes and how they delt with them.
Task 1 – Write a paragraph about what you have learnt about the different crime and punishments. Do you agree with any and why?
Task 2 – Create a table to compare the justice system in the modern day to the system in the Anglo Saxon times.

Maths 20.10.20


1) Which number is larger: 1,852,446 or 1,825,464? By how many?


2) Miss Khan is saving up for a new car. She saves £1125 a month. She saves up for 17 months. How much money has she saved in total?


3) The car park in Sunnyville holds 787 cars. How many cars could 17 similar car parks hold?


4) A factory sold beads in boxes, with 1225 beads in each box. In one week, it sold 58 boxes of beads. How many beads were sold altogether?


5) William is trying to work out the answer to 572 ÷ 26. What should his answer be?


6) Use a formal written method of long division to solve two thousand, one hundred and fifty six divided by fourteen.


7) Asha has 250 marbles. She sorts them into bags, with 16 marbles in each bag. How many bags of 16 marbles can she make?


8) At the toy shop, each tray can display 54 toy cars. The shop owner has 672 cars to display. How many trays does he need?


9) There are 286 biscuits in a box in the staffroom. Twenty teachers share the biscuits equally. How many whole biscuits does each teacher get?


10) Mr Parker has £950 in the bank. He gets paid £1200 and puts this into the bank. He then books a holiday for £565. How much money does he have left in the bank?

English - Wednesday 21st October


Today I would like you to write  from the point of view of the big gorilla. I want you to think about how he is feeling. What does he think when he sees the Madame hit the gorilla playing the piano?Why does he jump back?  Why does he encourage the smaller gorilla to play and show him to the Madame?  Perhaps he is recounting the day he first heard the chimp play the piano. What might he write down? Why does he dance around in front of the Madame? What is he trying to do?  How does he feel at the end? 


Task: Write a diary entry as you are the big gorilla. Think about the purpose of a diary entry. What are the features? ( Past tense, first person, informal tone, describes feelings and thoughts, maybe give opinions, using time conjunctions) 


Topic – Wednesday

A big debate. Using your knowledge from yesterday, looking at crime and punishments during the Anglo Saxon period, read the case study below and plan a debate. You must include: 
-Points from an Anglo Saxon point of view

-Points from a Modern British point of view

-A conclusion containing your own opinion

You can either use bullet points for your ideas or create paragraphs. Remember to explain each point
e.g. Cutting off his hand is excessive, if the child doesn’t have a hand he can’t work in the future, therefore, won't be able to afford food.


Case Study
A child in the village snuck out of reading runes and went over to the farm. On closer inspection, he saw no one was watching the sheep. Cold and hungry, he stole the sheep thinking he could use its wool to keep warm and to sell for food.

What should we do? What is the best way to teach the boy a lesson to not do it again?

Anglo Saxons – The child should have his hand chopped off.
Modern Britain -  The child should be given a warning by the police not to do it again

Maths 21.1.20


1) Miss Young won £363.67, Mr Thomson won £860.65 and Ms Hall won £206.45. How much did they win altogether?


2) On Saturday, a group of 31 people go to the cinema. They each pay £4.42 for a ticket. What is the total cost of the tickets?


3) On a driving holiday, the Brown family travelled 362.05 km, 87.93 km and 564.94 km. How far did they travel in total?


4) Max writes down the calculation: 475 ÷ 13. How should he solve the calculation, using the formal written method of long division?


5) There are 393 colouring pencils in Class 6. Bisma divides them equally between the 29 children in her class.

a)How many colouring pencils does each child get?

b) How many pencils are left?


6) William is trying to work out the answer to 856 divided by 29. What should his answer be? What is the remainder as a fraction and a decimal?


7) The staple factory produces 1543 staples. 52 staples go in each box. How many boxes of staples can be filled?


8) A group of 23 friends share a £574 lottery win. The money does not divide equally and so the friends decide to give the remainder to charity. How much do they give to charity?


9) A restaurant uses 410 litres of sparkling water over 50 days. If the same amount was used every day, how many litres would have been used each day?


10) Sufyan has £22.54. He wants to buy some whistles to put into party bags. A whistle costs 20p. How many whistles could he buy? How much money would he have left over?

English- Thursday 22.10.20

Today  I would like you to do some sentence building learning. I want you to  think about using verb and adverb sentence starters. 

    e.g. Proudly, he walked onto stage...  ( adverb)
            Angrily, he bashed the keys of the piano... (adverb)
            Playing the piano was his first love...  (verb)
            Sweeping the floor was torture but... (verb)


I would like you to write me 7 sentences that begin with an adverb and 7 sentences that begin with a verb. I want you to use different words. Think about the vocabulary you can use in each sentence. I also would like you to make sure that your sentences reflect the characters thoughts and feelings. 




Topic - Thursday

Anglo Saxon food and drink. Anglo Saxons didn’t have supermarkets or fridges like we do today . Using the websites below, find out what they would eat and drink and plan your own Anglo Saxon meal. Thinking back to their houses (a fire in the middle of the room, only one room in the house), think carefully about how you would prepare it and present it on the table.,great%20goblets%20and%20drinking%20horns.


English - Friday 23rd October


As we always do a comprehension on Friday I didn't want to disappoint you. Please read the text and answer the questions. 


Topic - Friday

Being safe on the internet and being aware of the dangers is vitally important. Using these websites and your own knowledge/research, create an information poster/leaflet on the importance of being safe online and how we can continue to keep safe whilst enjoying being online. We look forward to seeing your amazing work!

w.c. 12.10.20


Good afternoon Year 6.


Underneath is a range of learning for you to complete at home. It ranges from long division and multiplication to describing settings and characters. If there is anything you are stuck on email your class teacher and we will send over some supporting prompts. There are also lots of prompts out there on the internet if you have a look as well.


Mr Wilson


Long division and long multiplication learning alongside factors, multiples and prime numbers

Can you write a settings description and character description. You can use the prompt sheets to generate vocab to write 2 paragraphs.