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Our Mission Statement and Aims

Mission Statement


New Moston is a happy, welcoming, and inclusive school where everyone is valued as an individual and given every opportunity to reach their full potential.


We learn in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment which provides challenging, fun and exciting learning experiences.


High standards and expectations foster pride and respect throughout the school community and beyond.






To create a happy, caring atmosphere and a secure environment where children can learn effectively. 


To provide a broad, balanced and continuous curriculum to enable each child to experience success and achievement in fulfilling their own potential.


To encourage co-operation and respect towards each other and to foster effective positive links with the wider community.


To recognise,  celebrate and value the diversity of the world we live in and to share and praise the achievements of all members of our school community.


To enable each child to develop a positive self image leading to high self esteem, self respect and a confident and responsible attitude.