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In the autumn term the children have worked really hard to prepare the ground and garden area within school to get it ready for the spring term to plant new seeds and bulbs to grow. They have removed weeds, cleared any dead leaves and twigs from the plants. When needed the plants have been watered and the children have even put some of the insects and bugs into our bug hotel to ensure they are getting enough food during the winter and to protect them against the cold weather. Well done team!  

Getting the ground ready for the spring term

Year 5/6 Gardening

This half term the children have done a great job weeding, watering and planting new bulbs and seeds in the school garden. They have enjoyed looking for bugs and putting them in our bug hotel which was kindly donated to us a few weeks ago. They have been looking after our fruit trees which we are going to plant in our forest school area next half term. As a treat for the children and to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee we had our own cream tea in the garden. Well done for all your hard work!

Summer Term Gardening