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We had some fantastic entries for the "Design your own egg" competition . 

The winning entry was by Libi Rutledge and the runner up prize went to Sophia O'Brien.

Great job!!

Design your own Easter egg.

Design your own Easter egg.  1
Design your own Easter egg.  2
Design your own Easter egg.  3
Design your own Easter egg.  4

Science Investigation

In our Science lessosn this week we designed and created our own investigation. Our aim was to land the egg safely without it cracking. We were very eggcited about this. We planned, designed, worked as a team and sucessfully carried completed our misson. Take a look at some of our pictures. We did an eggcellent job!!!!

Sciene Investigation

Sciene Investigation 1
Sciene Investigation 2
Sciene Investigation 3
Sciene Investigation 4
Sciene Investigation 5
Sciene Investigation 6
Sciene Investigation 7
Sciene Investigation 8
Sciene Investigation 9
Sciene Investigation 10
Sciene Investigation 11
Sciene Investigation 12
Sciene Investigation 13
Sciene Investigation 14
Sciene Investigation 15
Sciene Investigation 16
Sciene Investigation 17
Sciene Investigation 18
Sciene Investigation 19
Sciene Investigation 20
Sciene Investigation 21
Sciene Investigation 22

Science Circus

We had a great day learning all about Science for Science Week.


Science Circus

Science Circus  1
Science Circus  2
Science Circus  3
Science Circus  4
Science Circus  5
Science Circus  6
Science Circus  7
Science Circus  8
Science Circus  9
Science Circus  10
Science Circus  11
Science Circus  12
Science Circus  13
Science Circus  14
Science Circus  15
Science Circus  16
Science Circus  17
Science Circus  18
Science Circus  19
Science Circus  20
Science Circus  21
Science Circus  22
Science Circus  23
Science Circus  24
Science Circus  25
Science Circus  26
Science Circus  27



Here a few pictures of our visit to Spaceport. We enjoyed learning about Space and it was a great introduction to our new topic "Why doesn't the earth make me dizzy?"


Spaceport 1
Spaceport 2
Spaceport 3
Spaceport 4
Spaceport 5
Spaceport 6
Spaceport 7
Spaceport 8
Spaceport 9
Spaceport 10
Spaceport 11
Spaceport 12
Spaceport 13
Spaceport 14
Spaceport 15
Spaceport 16

Greek Theatre Masks


Here we are getting messy making our Greek Theatre Masks. 



Here we are starting to create our Greek Masks.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Our class debate!!!!


In Literacy we are developing our persuasion skills. Today we had a meeting with the governors and the Headteacher to persuade them not to make changes to our schools's behaviour policy. 

Here we are in action. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Animal man

On Monday we had a visit from Dylan; he brought into school lots of different animals.

We loved finding out about them and we enjoyed holding and touching the animals - well some of us did!!!

Here are a few of our pictures.