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Measuring in Maths

In 3D we have been getting practical with our measuring this week.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Making Music

3D have been putting their DT skills to the test by designing and making their own musical instruments. 

There was lots of ‘trial and error’, tweaking and perfecting needed to get our instruments working before we decorated them. We learnt a lot along the way and the results are fab.

Making our instruments:

Picture 1 Testing a guitar
Picture 2 Putting together a guitar
Picture 3 Putting the skin on a drum
Picture 4 Making adjustments to a guitar
Picture 5 Testing shakers
Picture 6 Testing a shaker
Picture 7 Making changes to a guitar

Our finished instruments:

Picture 1 The whole band
Picture 2 Shaker and guitar duo
Picture 3 A shaker
Picture 4 A guitar
Picture 5 A guitar
Picture 6 A drum set
Picture 7 A guitar
Picture 8 A shaker
Picture 9 A guitar
Picture 10 A drum

Party Time


3D filled their popcorn jar last week and so we had our class reward on Tuesday afternoon.

Picture 1 Full jar - well done 3D!

Take a look at the photos of us enjoying our reward afternoon....

Picture 1 Dancing
Picture 2 Dancing again
Picture 3 Yet more dancing!
Picture 4 The ‘cha cha’ in pjamas
Picture 5 A bit of colouring to rest from dancing
Picture 6 Time to chill with friends
Picture 7 Fun in pjs
Picture 8 Fun in pjs
Picture 9 Fun in pjs
Picture 10 Some exercising....
Picture 11 More exercising